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Friday, July 29, 2016


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Thank you for the explanations.

Hi Simon,
My exam result for 16 July has being with held.Can you please give some guidance regarding that.

Hi Simon,

In the book Complete Ielts band 6.5 to 7.5 (Cambridge), it says that in speaking part 3 the examinee should talk about the subject in general, not in personal (not talk about yourself).

For example:
Question: How popular is art as a school subject?

The book advice me to say this:
-On the whole, i think most children enjoy art, although they do seem to go off it a bit when they get older. I guess that's to be expected

And i shouldn't say this:
-Well, in my primary school, children loved it-I loved making things, for example - and in my secondary scholl, students hated it - we couldn't see the point when we had so many other things to do.

Is it true that speaking part 3 i should talk in general? Can you explain this for me??

Thank you so much!!!

Hi Simon
I got the following email.Can you please guide me and explain what does it mean.thanks

Notification of Investigation of IELTS Test Result

We refer to your IELTS test of 16 July 2016.

Strict quality control procedures are in place to protect the integrity and security of the IELTS test. As part of these procedures, test results are routinely analysed by the IELTS Test Partners before they are issued to candidates.

As a result of these procedures, test scores for the 16 July 2016 have come under scrutiny and are being investigated. Your results are being withheld while this investigation is being conducted. Please note that all investigations are conducted without prejudice by the IELTS Test Partners.
The declaration on the IELTS application form that you agreed to includes the following statement: 'I understand that my results may not be issued 13 days after the test if any of the IELTS Test Partners deem it necessary to review any matter associated with my test'.
We will provide an update on your results as soon as the investigation is complete.

Kind Regards


Good question. I'll answer it in a blog lesson this weekend.



They double check scoring sometimes. This is not your fault - it's a way of controlling the quality of examiners who give the scores. You have simply been unlucky that they chose to check your paper. Remember, they are checking the examiner's scoring; they are not investigating you.

Hello , simon I am looking for your videos lesson for General training And listening tips.

Hi Kousar,

I'm planning to make one video for the listening test, and a couple of videos for GT task 1.

I'm busy with other work commitments at the moment, but I'll try to get those videos done as soon as I can. In the meantime, just use the free lessons on my blog. All of my best advice for listening and GT task 1 is on there.

Hi Simon,
Thanks for your guidance and kind advice.

Dear Simon,

I am preparing myself for an 8 in Writing Task.

I have watched the video, and practiced accordingly, but it seems that I might need to do more to get an 8.

I am wondering whether you are doing an training course for candidates like me, or is it possible for you to offer any study tips?

Thank you in advance for your precious time.

Wish you a lovely weekend.

Add to last comment:

I have issues with paraphrasing.

I learned a lot by analysing your essays, but when I wrote one, I did not have enough lexical resouces, such as "financial concessions" to replace "do not need to pay tax".

What method and resource would you recommend?

please help my exam next 5 hours ,recent exam
ielts General
my email :

thanks Simon in advance

What if I am capable of demostrating fluency with sentences with difficult grammar?

Thank you Simon to pick up my answer and simplify it. I got 6.5 in speaking even though I was confident about 7. May be I found the reason behind.

Regarding to this topic, i think the candidate wants to make impression with examiner so that why they use complex vocabulary. In my opinion, for daily communication we rarely use these words, and sometimes misunderstanding is unavoidable even with native speakers. So that is the reason why.
But my question is whether we will get lower mark when we use those complex sentence instead of using simplified structure? in both case everything are correct such as grammar and vocabulary.
Of course, using simple answers make me likely less expose to error rather long sentence. So i think there are nothing wrong if using complex sentence as long as we use it in right way. Please correct me.

Hello !

I took my ielts speaking test few days back .
My exam was in the morning but it took me ages to have the speaking year at 6 in the evening.
Being a native speaker , I never really thought I would have any trouble with this particular part but unfortunately I think I have messed it up !
The lady looked irritated and worn out ! she seemed knackered .
The first part was fine.
She asked me when was the first time I brought a flower and a magazine etc .i told her I have never been fond of gardening .
Anyhow , she seemed so uninterested and least concerned that it got me confused .
Her : do you believe in sharing ?
Me : no ! I don't really share my stuff with anyone . I am quite possessive .
Her : okay . How you promote sharing in children .
Me thinking omg :@ I have messed it up ..
I got confused :@
For part 2 , she asked have I ever shared something with someone ? When ? How was it etc etc ?
I said *my graduation day * and shared the memories and stuff about that particular day .
But she was like *say something more* ,
I didn't know what to say :/ I was like * what should I say ? I couldn't think of anything,.
I repeated few stuff .. She again said * can you speak more on this * Xx
God !! Part 3 went fine but now I'm super nervous and scared about my results ,.
She could tell I was born and brought up in here ,.
Another mistake * I said privacy in the American accent.while the rest of the conversation was all in British english* .
Please ! You think I'll cross the 7 mark.i am 100 percent fluent and positive about my grammar.x

p.s ; previously i have got an 8 in speaking twice.But the writing has made me suffer.

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