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Sunday, July 10, 2016


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I am highly appreciated your tips,It enhances capable of looking for a particular subject

really appreciated,thanks

This is a good idea. I used to use the search bar on your blog all the time, but the google search is, as you say, very comprehensive and it is also 'user-friendly'.

Thank you so much.

Thank you sir Simon. Your lessons and valuable tips helped a lot.

Always nice.

Hi, everyone!
In the Bing Search Engine(http://www.bing.com) you can use this command to search site:ielts-simon.com something you want to search(do not forget the space after '.com')
Because some areas still do not have access to use Google.

Thank a lot Sir !

Can someone evaluate this essay and let me know what band it could get?

Some people think it is more important to spend public money on promoting healthy lifestyle in order to prevent illness than to spend it on the treatment for people who are already ill. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Effective utilization of public money is of paramount importance given the growing demands of today’s society. Government resources are limited and this is evident from the fact that most governments run a deficit on their fiscal books. One such question is about whether government money should be spent on promoting a healthy lifestyle or on the treatment for people who are already ill. In this essay I will discuss both sides of the question and provide my opinion.

Whilst it is desirable to allocate the money to where it’s needed the most e.g. public health, education, etc. governments today employ creative methods with an aim to experiment and discover areas that could prove worthwhile in the long term. It is encouraging to see spending in the areas like advertising campaign on the ill-effects of smoking or getting certain tests done at the sight of first symptoms of TB for example, or on the need for better sanitation and what help people can get from their local body corporation or may be alerting people of the dangers of consuming food from street-side vendors. All of this enables people to make informed decisions and governments should certainly allocate a portion of the resources to this.

Having said this, the need of the hour is to ensure people who are ill and who do not have adequate resources at their disposal should get the required help from the government money. One may argue that this should be the responsibility of the individual but some studies have shown that not individuals may be able to save enough by the time they retire. In fact the very purpose of taxes is for governments to be able to fund some of these social security measures. Additionally we must not forget the pivotal role that the NGOs play to support social causes, collecting donations from individuals and corporation alike and in a way fulfilling the objective of giving back to the society.

In conclusion therefore I would like to go with spending money on the treatment of ill people as this is the only way for a progressive and a healthy society.

Nowadays overeating become a serious problem for the wealthy nations, a problem that is even greater than hunger to others. Why is this happening? What can be the solution

I am in China, so we couldn't use GOOGLE currently.It's a problem, so how could I search this website without using google?


There must be a way to search individual sites using other search engines. See if you can find any advice on the search engine that you use.


If I have some questions about IELTS writing Task2, how could I ask you on this web, because I haven't yet find any channel or platform which can leave a message or for us to ask questions?



Hi every body.I am an Iranian student for ielts course.Does anybody want to talk to me to improve my speaking skills?
My name is Afrooz,I am married and I prefer to speak to a female.
My skype name is: Afrooz.Ashiri1362

hello Simon
I think for Chinese it is a problem.I have tried Baidu(the biggest search engine), bing and another, it turns out that we can still find your website, but there isn`t any search bar...
Best wishes

Well I think I know how to solve it now.
I have tried to type in "ielts simon capital letters listening" directly in the general search bar and have found it.




Thank you so much. I highly appreciate your useful tips.

In China, you may use VPN to change your IP address, then use google.

write a letter to friend that you have sent important documents in foreign language and you need it translated quickly

Need this letter urgent now
Please help
Please please please

Hi, Im on new on the blog, somehow I dont get search in google bar, when I type ielts-simon.com it goes straight to the website itself, could someone help me please, thank u


You need to go to Google and put "IELTS Simon" (with a space between the words, and without .com). Then you'll see the search results. My website should be the first search result, and it will give you the special search bar below it.

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