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Sunday, May 08, 2016


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Hello Simon,

Your paraphrasing review really helps me a lot.

I can't wait to learn more paraphrases from

you. Thanks a lot.

That's very useful and easy to learn. Thank you so much.

Dear All,

The book 4 which I downloaded from the Internet doesn't contain essays as sample answers to the four tasks at the end of it, does the origin book from Cambridge contain them or not?

Thanks a lot.

@lana, I have the complete one, if u still need it, i can send it for u by email

I don't think: the rest of the world = worldwide = the world as a whole

Dear simon,

Did examiner reduce my mark if my paragraphs have no/quit gap each other.


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (introduction; xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx No gap coz i
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx after i finish
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx paragraph 2
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (paragraph 2)
(A gap is here coz i spend the space
to put an idea later. However, i dont have enough time to do that and the gap still there)

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (paragraph 3)


i mean that no gap between introduction and paragraph 2.It look like introduction and paragraph 2 is on one paragraph. Then, a big gap and space between paragraph 2 and paragraph 3.

Dear nxa,
As far as I understand that the world as a whole including all countries,while in this essay only 1 one country ( America ) excluding, thus in total, we can accept the rest of the world is approximately worldwide or even the world as a whole,

I think, the rest of the world is a bit confusing. Because in the beginning, we exclude 2 regions, and therefore i am not sure whether we can consider the rest of the world as worldwide. Can we?

@wiwik, thanks for your reply, I have downloaded another version, thanks for your help. Wish u the best

Worldwide = globally =the whole world = all over the world = the entire planet = the Mother Earth = the planet that we call home :) < the universe

Water usage = water consumption vs water withdrawal :(

For residential purpose = for housing puprspose = human habitation :)
Shelter for humans / home development

Thank you Simon , I like paraphrasing a lot but still I am not at advanced level especially when it comes to writing .Hopefully, I will improve with your lessons .


Remember that "paraphrasing" doesn't have to be perfect. We're just trying to express more or less the same idea, rather than trying to use exact synonyms. So, "rest of the world" and "worldwide" aren't exactly the same, but they express basically the same idea in this context (as Tuchiba noted above).



It's fine to put the introduction and overview together in one paragraph.

Thanks Mr.Simon

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