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Friday, May 27, 2016


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3) To be frank, I usually don't do that. I think it's a waste of time. I mean what's the point in spending time taking pictures or choosing the right postcards to buy when you can let all the enchanting landscapes be engraved on your memory naturally.

4) Honestly, I find it awkward to take selfies even by myself let alone having other people take photos of me. I don't get what's so appealing about it. Maybe because I'm rather an odd person.

2. I don't take pics so there is no photos to deal with :)

3. Hell no . I have problems with this incessant picture-taking behavior. It take ages fumbling around with my device, looking for the best angle and filter, snapping the picture, viewing the picture, and then often retaking the shot in an effort to get the “right” photo, I’m missing the actual moment. My desire to capture the moment actually ruins the moment:( and also I wanna use the free of charge memory capacity of my brain instead of spending my hard-earned money on those artificial postcards . They don't look real at all...( don't worry I speak very fast so guess this is not too much :)

4. It really annoys me . my self image is I am fun , kind and attractive but monocular view point of stupid cameras can't capture those deep elements in me . I m one of those unfortunate unphotogenic sensitive girls who always ask " why I look way more beautiful in the mirror but so ugly in photos? Science prove it plzzzz :)

Wow answering in negative is more exciting .lol

2/ I put the best photos into an album. Sometimes I do watch them with my mom.

3/ i take photos, sort them out and give their name.

4/ I don't. I'm not confident about my look.

2, Well to be honest I rarely take photos so I don't have to spend time thinking about what I should deal with them. I just store them on my cell phone as some memories.

3, Well when coming to some famous places I often enjoy the natural beauties of these sites rather than taking photos or buying postcards which I think I can find load of them on the Internet.
4, Well I don't want anyone to take piture of me because I think it is a kind of unnecessay. I would feel reluctant to be a model.

Well, With Simon's answer, I think it difficult to achieve a score of 7.

"What type of photos do you like taking?

Well, I don't usually take photos to be honest. I prefer to enjoy whatever I'm doing, rather than stop to take a photograph."

2) What do you do with photos you take?
Well, i often don't take photo. Because when you busy with your camera or cellphone you will lose a lot of time and effort to try to take a looking good picture which i feel that my energy can't afford it.
3) When you visit other places, do you take photos or buy postcards?
Instead of taking photos, i prefer to experience the sight of view with my own eyes. You know the best view can only see with you naked eyes and the evironment surrouding around you.
4) Do you like people taking photos of you?
I don't like people taking photos of me, they will just make fun of me by the photos because of the bad anlge and weird expression i made when i unnoticed

Hi Simon,

I have started surfing your website a few days ago because I am going to take my 2nd IELTS in a few weeks.

I just want to say thank you for your dedication. You post a blog everyday and answer lots of questions from students all over the world, students like me who cannot afford to have a tutor for face-to face lessons.

I am very grateful that I found your website, as your opinion as an examiner is very useful and I feel more and more hopeful to get a 7.0 on all papers and get to study in Australia (I am from Hong Kong). Please keep up your good work, I am sure many students who are sincere about learning appreciate your time and effort!!

Thank you very much and I hope you all the best!

2.To be honest,I rarely take photos therefore I am not the right person to answer this question positively.I am simply not the kind of person who is running around using a camera all the time.

3.Generally I don't take pictures nor buy postcards during a visit of nice sights and places.It's more important for me to embrace the whole atmosphere with all my senses while beeing at interesting spots.

3.Honestly speaking,I really dislike it.They can do it with other people.There are many who are keen to see their faces on every photo,but it's simply not my style.


You can't get a high score from part 1. You need to see this part of the test as an easy warm-up.

Also, the main thing in part 1 is to demonstrate fluency i.e. try to answer without stopping to think. Try to answer with the first idea that comes into your head. Keep you answers short, simple, direct and natural. Don't worry about vocabulary at this stage - you have plenty of time to impress the examiner in parts 2 and 3.

i love to visit other places like sea-beach,empty places,some kind of place look like forest,zoo.i try to visit this places on festival leave mainly and sometimes in the winter season and i love to take pictures whenever i go to a beautifull and peace type of place.

I wonder if it's ok to disagree with examiner in part 3.

In a recent test, he asked me that some body still drove cars even if they knew it's the major resource of air pollution. I started by doubting this argument and said it may not be the major resource. But before I tried to answer the rest part, he argued with me that was from a government report.

Is it going to affect the score and am I so stupid to doubt the question?

Hello Simon,

First of all Thank you so much for your guidance in IELTS.

I want your support to deal with proper material for IELTS General.
I finding it hard to get the proper material.
I booked my slot for this June 25th. Please throw some clues on this.
I have to get 7 bands in each for my PR.
Please help me.

1) I am not fond of taking photos, I like to read books in my spare time.

2) I like to enjoy every bit of my visit, however I consider that if i stop by for taking photos or buying postcards then i will miss the fun.

3) Well, I don't like it when people take my photos, i am not fond of photography.

2. After taking pictures, Ii usually post them on facebook. Because I can share my moments to my friends and my family.

3. No, I dont. Because I would like to enjoy my trip rather than take photos.

4. No, I dont. Because I see it not necessary.

2.i usually framed my photos when i visit some beautiful places ,and some photos taken with celebrities.3.No,i dont like to takes photos during my visit to beautiful places because its seems to me a disturbance in enjoyment of that place.4. to be saying heartily,i dont like people to take my p

1) I usually don't enjoy taking photos of myself or others because I find it too embarrassing and that's not my cup of tea.
2) Usually I do nothing with the photos because I don't facebook or instagram, but if there are some pictures I really don't want to lose, then I usually upload them to my google drive so taht I can't lose them and have them within reach from any electronic devices.
3) I usually take photos because I'm not such a big fan of postcards. Postcards look amazing, but unrealistic to me, so I prefer taking pictures if I see something interesting or nice places, which I think is more meaningful.

4) I'd turn it down because it is a bit embarrassng and uncomfortable.

Is it possible to give negative answers in part 3?

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