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Monday, May 30, 2016


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False, must is different from possilble

Not given.

It is always hard for me to choose false or not given but here I don't choose false because choosing false means the opposite meaning of question can be found in the passage. The opposite meaning of question is "Bus drivers give change so you must not have the correct money for a ticket". However, I cannot find it in the passage so I choose "not given" for this question.

Please correct me if you guys have another idea about it.


not given


I think the answer is False since the given statement from the passage is "correct money if possible". Therefore it does not completely say that the driver is not giving any change for the not exact payment for the ticket.

It's false because of that "you must have the correct money..." means there is no other choice. Meanwhile, the passage says "... if possible"

I think Not given

false --- possible is different from must


Task Two Query
Task Response is one of the four assessment criteria of IELTS Writing Essay. What if the candidate chooses to write any essay completely off topic or on another topic different from given in the test? Will he/she be scored for other three areas i.e. GRA, LR and C&C or not?
Will he be scored out of 75% or NO Score at all?
Could you demystify dear Simon? Kindly do reply. I look forward to your answer.
Many Thanks


in question: must have
in text: if possible
contradicts the text. So the answer is False

it is tricky.

I think it is FALSE. since passage says if possible and nothing mention about change.



because of "possible"

The answer might be false.
Because the statement contradicts the information from the passage.


The candidate receives a 1 for Task Response (answer is completely unrelated to the task). CC is affected because the answer is not coherent when compared to the question, and this would be a very low score, probably around 3 or 4, depending on how well the essay is organised. GR and LR scores are unaffected, and it is possible to achieve 9s. The maximum score a perfectly written, completely unrelated essay could achieve is something around a 5.5.

I've never seen or heard of this happening, but I understand that if an essay is 'perfect' in GR and LR, but completely off topic, then it may be declared 'a completely memorised response' and receive 0.

Dear Simon

Suppose, the passage line you written here is the question, and the question is the text of reading passage-then what would be answer-false/not given?

Question statement:
Buy your bus ticket from the bus driver, with the correct money if possible.

What the passage says:
Bus drivers do not give change so you must have the correct money for a ticket.

The answer is "not given" because in the passage, there is no information about change of money.


passage doesnt mention the infor about "drivers do not give change"

Not given .
There is nothing about if the bus drivers give change or not.




Because, passage doesn't say that bus drivers do not give change.


False The driver must give your change,so you do not need to have the correct money .



Change of money is not the point.
The point is question says that you must while the passage says if possible, which means you dont have to. So actually the passage means if you have no correct money, driver will give a change.

I use the Academic version of 11. So what's the right answer as I have no general book?

Not given.
Because the answer mentioned "the correct money" as the same in passage. But "don't give change" in not mentioned in passage.

False, of course


Hi H. A. Kader,

It's very interesting that the "comments" area changed from bold texts to italic style after your effort to highlight your answers. I personally suggest that you don't forget to place a conclusive code like or after your words. It would be much better for other people to have a pleasant view of this site.

Thanks :-)

I think it is true.
The reason is that the driver does not give change, but if you really want to take the bus without the right amount of money, you still take it and have to ignore your change. You must have the right amount of money, means you do not lose any. That makes 'possible'.

place a conclusive code like /b or /i (add <> outside them) after your words

These codes don't appear in my previous post.

I think the answer should be NOT GIVEN because there is no information in the passage indicating that you should buy tickets from the bus driver.


H. A. Kader,

James is right. You need to put /B between the brackets after a word in bold. You keep forgetting the /




because in the passage correct money is required and is a must, but in the question it says to have correct money if possible. I think there is a inconsistency between the two expressions.

Thank you James as you noticed the change.
Simon, thank you for the suggestion for appropriate texting. Sorry for inconvenience.



PS: please dont leave comments in bold guys

not given

I think False is correct


not given

Definately Not Given.

For False,
It should mention, bus driver is available to give change just in case..something like this.

Not Given. Why? Because there is no mention at all about the fact that the change is possible from a bus driver or not.

Why my comment is bold?

Not Given

If False the original sentence should mention about anything relates to the change and the ticket.

Hi Simon,
What is the correct of this question

Hi Simon
What is the correct answer?

Not Given.
WHY?Because it's not mentioned that the bus driver has no change.



The confusing thing is that nothing is mentioned about whether bus drivers give change.

However, the phrase "with the correct money if possible" contradicts the idea that you "must have the correct money". It is clear that having the correct money is NOT obligatory.

If you put 'not given' as the answer, I understand why, and I agree that the question is tricky.

It clearly says that bus drivers do not give change and u MUST have correct money . The tone of the language is certain . "If possible " gives you choice without certainty . "Not given " is for those information which is totally not mentioned , here the usage of correct money is given in the passage .

Not Given

The question reflect a causal effect relationship,the cause is that bus drivers don't give change,causing the effect that you must have the correct money for a ticket.

However,what we can know from the passage is just that if it is possible,please do so,or we can say it is better to do so,but we cannot know what the reason is.

So I think the answer is NG.

I believe that it is false as people also said there are two words "must and possible " which made it false but why it is not Ng ? I think it would be NG if there where not any information in the passage about: ticketing from bus driver with some money.

Please correct me if I'm wrong

Dear Simon

According to your post "nothing is mentioned about whether bus drivers give change" indicates "there is no information about this in the passage". So, the answer is obviously NOT GIVEN.

The answer given in the book is FALSE, so let's try to understand what the question writer was thinking:

First, part of the question is very clearly false: there is no obligation to have the correct change ("if possible" contradicts the word "must").

Second, if it is "possible" that people can pay without having the correct change, the implication is that drivers can give change if necessary.

I know we're making a small assumption in the second step above, but this is the only way to understand the answer given in the book.

Hello everyone,

The above question seems vague to me.

Can you please add me to practice speaking sections? It will be my pleasure if you can add me in the skype: sakib.kabir91 .

Thank you.

This is False. Because of the word 'must' in the question

Ahm.. just saw that Simon has already posted the correct answer.
I am glad I was right with mine.

I think it is NG, because the passage says " if possible"which means that it does not mention whether the drive will give you the change or not.

not given, it did not state that bus driver give change


Whoa... this is some serious logical thinking. I thought that the answer would be NOT GIVEN considering that there is no explicit mentioning of 'the driver giving changes'.

Another way to look at it is that 'if possible' could mean that if you don't have correct money, you 'possibly' wouldn't get the change back. Then, this logic makes the answer TRUE.

I strongly believe this type of question should not be in the real test.

In the question, it says : bus drivers do not give change while in the passage, there is a phrase "if possible", means bus drivers will give change, they just encourage/advise passengers try to prepare correct money for buying tickets.

My answer is False, because the passage just say 'with the correct money "if possible". so we can think in 2 directions. First is bus drivers do not give back change. second is may be at that time he don not have change, so i think the answer is false


in the text there is only advice to use the correct money whenever possible, he didn't mention anything about if drivers give change or not


i only want to know how to check the answer? and other answers??



NG :(

It must be False


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