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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


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In Baku, Azerbaijan Cabrdige IELTS 11 has not been brought yet. If there is a downloadable link of this book, pls post here.

Thanks in advance

Question : I just did a listening test and whilst my answer was 'barcode',the answer in the recording script was 'bar code'.Do i lose any marks for this?Is it safier to use a hyphen?

Hi simon, thank you for your daily tips. However, I am confused about writing dates. For example, 28th November or 28 November? Which one is true? I wrote 28th November but 28 November is correct answer in Book 8 test 2.(question 3) Are both of them acceptable?
Thank you..

Hi Simon,
Thanks for your great work and help that encouraged many students like me all around the world.

Hi Ezgu,

Both forms are acceptable. But I would give more attention to the "spelling" of January and February which I've always made mistakes.

Dear Simon

The presence of compound noun in the listening test is noticeable, and sometimes Iconfuse with them. Being in dilemma, mistakes are happen because whether to write them as a single word or as two word. One word, for example, iceberg, schoolteacher, headteacher, schoolgirl et certera.

However, as a two word, I can cite example of ice cream, ice cap.

Could you please help us in this regard.

Dear Simon,

Thank you so much for your generously shared resources, they took me so far that I obtained a band score of 7.5 (S7/R8/L8/W6). My writing is still underachieved amongst all four sections, however, I am confident to progress further since the result sheerly let me know that it pays to work hard.

In the meantime, I feel honored and pleasant to share your site out, along with the importance that to choose a right path, and practice hard:)

IELTS result FAQ..
Do they count the Best score or the latest score ?

Hi Jing

can you please share your experience in both
reading and listening to get this fantastic score
me too I need score 7.5 and I find it hard to get more
than 6 in each .Good luck and I am sure you will get the score next
exam .

Hi Jing,

Congratulations! Could you please tell us how can we do better in Listening MCQ and Matching.

Hi Ezgu
Generally in my experience, I think that there are several correct ways about date writing, you can write it as 28th November, 28 November, November 28 or simply 28/10; 10/28. all of which are acceptable

Thank Simon!!

This ís really great advice and I am sometime forgot about that

thank,i need more books to practice listening except cambridge.actually in a short moment i would like to be avid on more ielts related exam book not to be with regular movie like hindi seriul.woul you like to give advice collecting those books.

Dear H. A. Kader and khairia:

Thank you!!

And as for Listening MCQ and Matching, my approach is to pay much attention to paraphrasing, and have the keywords highlighted prior to listening( subjects, action words for example). This mechanism too applies to my reading, and it enables me to locate question words in paragraphs quickly.

The method worths more pages to tell, ultimately all I can say is: Practice matters! The more you practice, the more you will intend to form your unique system, and finally connect the dots.

Mind you, time management is crucial, don't stress too much in an otherwise tense context, because anxiety kills. Plan your revision, work dead hard and relax on the examine day, you will get the best out of what you deserve.

Hope above helps to some degree.

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