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Sunday, October 18, 2015


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anyone of us are interesting study the Ebook , cambridge grammar together, and practice the complex, compound sentences

Absolutely agree with you about that matter, we need to know how to appoarch the part of the test, from listening, you should concentrate when you listening, realising some words which are designed to trick you, the key words in the multiple choices question, for reading test, you are advised to answer all questions and considering the time factor for three passages as well as participating with some methods to answer them, ranking from y/n/ ng questions to heading question,
With regard to writing test, perhaps, most people agree that this is the most difficult part m, from paraphrasing the questions with overall topic mention the key feature in task 1 to how to write the introduction, body and conclusion in task 2
Finally, regarding speaking test, you need to prepare this task carefully, especially with some mock questions and how to appoarch the part 2 in this task

Hello All,

To improve my listening skills, I listen to the radio and I watch movies as much a I can. I mean, when I travel, at home, at work (if I dont have to pay attention to others).

Reading.. I read BBC news and some news from other sources. When I feel bored of reading , I look for information about one my hobbies to try to focus again. Besides that, I make a list with good phrases to remember and compare them.

Speaking: I plan my day in English, I have a speaking partner, a skype group to speak, I record myself to improve my speech and I prepare all the common topics several times. I make my own phrases list.

Writing: I follow the simon page (the most important part to get more than 7 is preparing an essay plan).

After that, I practice using the Cambridge books.


Doing that, and after a lot of patience and a remark, I finally passed the exam:

L: 7.5 R: 8 S: 7 W:7


[i]Some people think that there are things individuals can do to help prevent global climate change. Others believe that action by individuals is useless and irrelevant and that it is only governments and large businesses which can make a difference.

Discuss both these views and your opinion.[/i]

[b]My Intro:[/b]

[i]It is believed by some idividuals that people can take preventative measures of world climate change. However, others think that the act of individuals is worthless and that can be more effected by governments and entrepreneurs. In my view, both people and governments are able to influence on it.[/i]

what are the methods ?

Good question Meghdad!

There are lots of lessons here on the blog about the methods that I suggest, but I'll try to summarise them in a lesson later this week.

thanks Simon for your worthy site....ALSO THANKS JMIELTS for your tips but i want to ask how can i find a group to improve my speaking means in which place in skype and how can i reach that?....thank for all your efforts..Somow

I have difficult for listening and speakingplease give me a advice

hai simon.. i took my academic ielts test last week..i was really dissapointed with my writing part 2. for me, the topic was tough and i dont have much idea to elaborate the topic.
would you help to discuss this topic?

Which is better IDP or BC?

Today I sat for IELTS GT module test.
Some of Listening answers I remember:
140,natural,225,light,glass,drawer, Regalla,HE254EU,Next Year,Garage.
vocational courses,skills,vacancies,hours telephone the center,B,D,E, 10am to 04pm,New Year.
signup,upper level,modern language,multimedia resources. 26 to 30 forget.
A,B,A,C,A,depth,08 months,fear,text,migration.
Doubt for answer #34 (C)

thanks God u remind me the importance of methods.... I will try to practice more to find out which techniques works for me best while answering different question types .....Now I start the one month trial and error session ...wish me good luck everybody :)

hi simon, I would like to know how to improve writing skills?

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