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Thursday, July 23, 2015


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Hi Simon, I have finished an IELTS test. Below is my essay for Writing task 1. And how many score will I be given for this ? Thanks a lot
The two maps show the comparison in terms of a common room between now and five years ago.
It is clear that there is a higher number of microwaves now in comparison with five years ago. The number of tables now is two, which is two less than five years ago. While there used to be inadequate media facilities before, four laptops are now established in the new common room. In the new room, a book-self is substituted by a television. There is also a bigger table on the left corner of the new common room.

Dear Mr Simon,

I am very happy to tell you that I have finally achieved my goal by scoring band 7 in each module and overall band 7, thanks to your precious advices especially when you said that if you get stuck in band 6.5 in writing, don't change your way or the overall structure of the letter or the essay because you are almost there. Instead, just enhance your vocabulary and write (add) more complicated sentences than you usually do to impress the examiner. And guess what, I followed your advice because this was exactly my problem for months, and eventually I got my goal score!!
Your valuable writing video lessons have put me on the right track. So sir I would like to thank you alot from the bottom of my heart, God bless you.

Good luck for all.


congratulations, Gh
more specific, can you tell us this time what was complicated sentences you were writing on an essay

thanks in advanced


HI all,
Could you guys advise me about writing task 2 especially, both view discuss and provide your opinion. Should I give my opinion at the beginning which means introduction. Otherwise, should I put in conclusion. Please answer me thank you.

Just want to say thank you

Congratulations Gh!

Dear Mr.Simon,
May I ask why there is a comma before "while" when it is in the middle of the sentence? Is it possible to omit this comma? I have this question in mind because "while" is a subordinator, and according to grammar books, we do not put a comma before a subordinator when it is in the middle of a sentence.
Thank you.

Hello simon,I like your advise but I need help concerning my task 1 and 2,am always getting 6.5 although, this is my first time of seen this site,but how can you help me.

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