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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


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I honestly don’t use the words “moreover” and “furthermore” when I compose my essays because I believe the content is more important.

I simply use your “firstly, secondly, and finally” technique or “another reason for this is…”

I allocate more time analyzing the question and thinking relevant ideas. I also learned from your sample essays that I can further explain my argument using the words “If…”, “This way…”, or “As a result…” which also add coherence to my paragraphs. Thanks Simon :D

Hello simon, can you explain this case for me..?
Students like watching TV after hard/tiring studying hours
- my teacher said that "hard studying hours"
- another teacher said that "tiring studying hours"
Finally, which is right..??


Neither sounds natural. Are these teachers native speakers?

You would have to say something like 'after studying for hours'.

I use furthermore instead of moreover.

Is that true that IELTS examiers don't like students to use 'moreover' at exam? Because I heared from my friend that 'moreover' is more likely affect one's score?

Yes it's true that the content of essay is more important than linking words in writing task2. We should read more as well as to learn more vocabularies, and to make our argument stronger.

Hello guys,may i know how are yours going to allocate IELTS study time per day? To feel i have less time to practice writing tasks since i am working in the hospital.

Hi Tian,

I understand where you’re coming from… And I know how difficult it is to juggle a full-time job and review. I also work in the hospital for 12 hours in a shifting schedule (OT not yet included). When I have work, I usually allot at least 1-2 hours to study. When this isn’t possible, while I am on my way to work, I listen to English podcasts like BBC and Ted or read online news [I see to it that everyday I am doing something valuable for the exam]. Then I devote my day-offs for review (more on practicing and collecting ideas for writing). There are also times when my mind doesn’t want to work so I give myself a break… I hope this will help you. Goodluck to us! :-)

Hi Jen,

Thank you so much for your valuable comments and advise!

working in the hospital environment is really cruel for every staff. i am working in OP depertment, thanks god that they didn't put me in IP department. one lucky thing for me is that i don't need to do split shifting, my duty timing is always be fixed with straight shift, but i still feel tired after working, because dealing with patient is not an easy job though.

My dream is to study Emirates Aviation College after taking IELTS exam. Because i worked in Emirates airline for four years before joining hospital. now i have regret for leaving Emirates airline job, although the salary is being paid better than EK, but this is not my dream to be in the future. I want to study business management for my career development later on.

It's so nice to meet you here and share our ideas, thoughts towards IELTS study, and life as well.

Good luck to us!

i would use furthermore in the same paragraph to explain the same point.

use moreover to bring in a new point of view in a different paragraph.

good luck to us.


Simon, can you please help me with your writing tricks?

Pls could you tell me tht if we dnt write your faithfully at the end of formal letter then what will happen? Actually i hv given test today but due to time i didnt write yours faithfully at the end. Pls tell me about this

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