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Wednesday, October 15, 2014


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Just got the email! thanks simon! watching you video now :D

how many minute does the video last for ?

How long is the vedio?


Simon you are great. Smart advice


The video is 15 minutes long, but I've condensed a full one-hour lesson into those 15 minutes. I recommend that you use the pause button if you're taking notes, because I go quite quickly through a lot of content.

Hi Simon.
Thanks for the video.
Is this one pay per view or we can watch it as many times we wish.

It seems that link does not work for me.Can I just enter your email address and transfer $8 on my paypa website?

hi simon
im from UK
how much this video costs in pounds?
can i buy directly?



You can watch it as many times as you want. You get 'lifetime access'.



I received your email, and we'll try to solve your payment problem.



$8 is about £5. Just fill in your payment details, and when you choose the UK as your country, the price will be converted into pounds automatically.

Hi Simon,

How many video courses in total are there going to be?

I'm not sure yet Ali.

Hi Simon,

May I know when the next lesson will be available?

I couldn't wait to see it.

Anyway, it's really helpful to improve the writing ability.

Hi Simon,

please help me

I have just finished my IELTS exam,here is the task2 topic: Some people believe that the most important things of life are free - they cannot be bought.Do you agree or disagree?

I agreed that free is important and stated there are also other important things like health,family and success.

But I have made a deadly mistake that I wrote my position at the introduction with the phrase"partly agree", now I understand it should be "disagree".

The question is,can I get a band 6 if I made a wrong position(I suppose there is no other errors)

Thanks very much and hope you have a nice weekend

I will purchase and learn it after finishing tomorrow's exam. I watched the first free version for writing Task2.
Two sentences introduction is excellent, which has been the exactly what I want! What I am struggling to learn is too complicated. So I feel hard to response to the different types of tasks in time.lol

aah embarrassing but my country is not listed :D

i paid 8 dollars. now what i can do?

Hi aygul,

You should have received an email with your password. This email might take a few minutes to arrive.

Sir ,
For each video should i pay $8 or is it for all ?

Hi Simon,
if I have got your ebook do I still need to buy this video ???

Dear Simon,

I have been visiting your blog since April and always enjoy watching your lessons.

I have also read others sources that help to prepare for IELTS.

Now I see both sides how to write introduction in Part 2 writing.

You gave the advice how to do it in your video lesson. I saw clearly that I should give my own opinion there. E.g. Discussion + opinion

Other source argued that I should not give my opinion there only stated arguments.

The book was written by Simone Braverman and called "Ace the IELTS.Essential tips for IELTS General Training Module" pages 42,43.

In my opinion there are two oposite views.

What do you think abouit it?

How it could affect on final results?

With best regards,


Hi Simon,

I could not purchase your videos, while my country has withdrawn from Paypal. How do I purchase your writing task videos? Can you please help me?

Best regards,


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