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Wednesday, September 03, 2014


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It is no doubt true??
Isnt it should be either "it is no doubt that" or" it is ture that"?
I suppose it is an mistake, does anyone else have the same idea?

I agree with brian kim
And thanks to mr.Simon :)

The first sentence can be put up as, "there is absolutely no doubt that the majority of people would like to be happy".
Suggesting just an alternative :)

Thanks and regards

If a candidate is aiming for at least a 7, they definitely need to spend 1 paragraph for each question, otherwise they risk falling under the 6 category for task response, "some parts may be more fully covered than others."


i study your lessons everyday and i improved my writing marks from 5.5 to 7. i am confused about below question , please answer the below question.

Many languages are disappearing every year. Is this a bad thing, or could having fewer languages help bring people together?

how can we write introduction for that question?


i mean, should we answer just two questions (paragraph one: is that good or bad
paragraph two: can fewer languages bring people together?)


or should we write about advantages and disadvantages of languages disappearing

(paragraph one: some people think it is good and bring people united.
paragraph two: some people think it is bad and we will lose cultural diversity in the world.)

which one of above planning is correct?
is it correct to write about some people think, like i wrote in second planning?

everybody welcome to answer my question, especially dear simon...my hero.

"the majority of people" IS NOT grammatically correct as we still do not know which "majority "is previosly mentioned. Having several mistakes right at the beginnning of the post makes me feel that this post is not reliable.


There are no mistakes in this introduction guys!!

1. "It is no doubt true that..." is very common in English. Just Google it and you'll see over a million examples.

2. "The majority of people" IS CORRECT too! This is a normal general statement in English, meaning "most people would like to be happy" or "almost everyone would like to be happy". I'm writing about ALL people (everyone in the world), so we don't need to define the group before using "majority" in this case.

Trust me guys. I'm English and these are easy, everyday phrases for me.


Hi Nee,

I would treat that question as a "discuss both views and give your opinion" question. I'd answer it in more or less the same way as I did in the lesson linked below.


It's so ridiculous when non-native English speakers try to fix native English speakers, instead of learning from them.

agree with you @danny

Dear simon:


Agree danny.... questioning before knowing or investing is just baseless... friends try to learn from simon... Trusting your teacher is also necessary for success

People who r familiar with English newspapers and articles can understand simon's writing better... :-)... It's just excellent

Dear simon

I want to improve my Writing task.My writing score is 5.5. Specially non-argumentative essay. What can i do for?

Hi guys,

For s.o who doesn't understand why 'it is no doubt true that' is correct, 'no doubt' can be treated as an adverb, meaning 'certainly'. So there is nothing wrong here.

I think I understand what Mai Nguyen is trying to say. She is suggesting that the use of the article 'the' is invalid in this case since 'majority of people' is unclear, not specific. In my opinion, it may be better if we use 'A majority of people'.

I think the reason why people are asking questions is just because they want further explanation for things they don't know and those people should not be critised


Hi helicha,

I understood what Mai Nguyen was trying to say, and I understand why you doubt the validity of the word "the" in this case. But I must repeat that "the majority of" is not wrong. In fact, it's a very natural phrase for a native speaker to use in this case. "A majority of" is fine too, but it isn't any better or more correct.

Here's where I think the confusion comes from:

Students are taught to use "the" to refer to something specific that has already been mentioned. For example: "Yesterday I bought a new phone. I like the phone very much." In this sentence, we can only use "the" when which know which phone we are talking about.

However, here's the key point to understand:

"The majority of" is a fixed phrase with the same meaning as the word "most". We can say "The majority of people like animals", and it simply means "most people (in the world) like animals".

So, forget the normal grammar rules about the word "the", and learn "the majority of" as a set phrase.


PS. Can anyone point out the band 9 phrases in my introduction?

Hi teacher,
I really appreciate your work. Thank you so much helping us. God bless you.

I've been working for 5 days already, so I cannot learn very much because of my job. But hope, I will do it. Just need encouragement.

Here's the pharses I found in this introduction, but I am not sure if they are 9 band phrases or not.

The majority of people
Personal nature of happiness
To share with regard
To experience happiness
To achieve happiness

the majority of people
personal nature of happiness
to share with regard to
to experience happiness
some common needs
i hope im correct Simon...Thanks for the input

Thank you, Simon, for your explanation. It is clear for me now.

Band 9 phrases might be:

- it is no doubt true that
- personal nature of happiness
- there do seem to be
- common needs
- with regard to

Thank you so much Simon. I believe that your everyday lessons helps all students who prepare IELTS and It's great blessing because it is ALL FREE.

No doubt, this is a wonderful introduction to an essay, why would you guys argue and dont trust your captain in your boat?

@Simon: I think the band 9 phrases are:
- It is no doubt true that
- the majority of
- personal nature
- some common needs
- with regard to experiencing or achieving happiness.


Thanks guys. I don't have time to answer many comments these days, but I do still read them all, and I felt that I needed to clear up the confusion in some of the students' comments above. I hope my explanation helped.

Strangely enough, I thought the introduction in the lesson above was more 'advanced' than those that I usually write. I usually recommend writing fast, simple introductions (so that you can focus on the main body paragraphs), but this time I used phrases like "the personal nature of happiness makes it difficult to describe" and "some common needs that we all share with regard to experiencing or achieving happiness". These phrases are guaranteed to impress any examiner!

Hi Friends,

I found similar type of task-2 question in my recent IELTS. Here you go.

Some people have great ambitions in life, others don’t. Do you think ambition is important to succeed in life? Is it a positive or a negative quality to have?

Interestingly I've seen exactly the same topic along with the listening and writing shared by a sri lankan friend in this blog. Although the speaking part is different, it is very interesting to see the same question paper at different locations.

Hope this will broaden your horizons.


Thank you so much Simon for generously sharing your opinions and experiences about ielts specially on writing task1 and 2. I managed to achieve band 7 by following your advice and techniques.

Congratulations Tracy!

Hi Simon , I m really confused about writing " agree/disagree" type essay questions .. Kindly tell me exact format to solve them .. I mean what should be the paragraph strategy ?
I m sharing an essay writing over here & I need guidance whethere this approach is effective or not ..
Many thanks : )

Convenience foods will become increasingly prevalent and eventually replace traditional goods & traditional methods of food preparation.
To what extent do u agree or disagree with this opinion ?
Give reasons for your answer & include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience .

One of the most significant advances in civilisation is the development of modern methods of food production and preparation. Convenience foods have now become the norm in many societies. Although some people idealise traditional cooking practices and believe they will prevail indefinitely, demographic trends suggest that this is unlikely to be the case . In fact, there are a number of reasons for believing that convenience foods are likely to grow in popularity.

The first reason is the decline in family size and the increase in single-adult households. In more traditional societies, where families tended to be large , it made economic sense for one person to devote him/herself to time consuming domestic tasks such as growing and preparing food. Now a days, people tend to live in ever smaller family units. If each family were to spend large amounts of time growing and processing food, this would be a poor use of society's human resource.

Another reason convenience foods are likely to become more popular is the increase in number of adults, specially women with children who work in full-time employment. In the UK, for example, working mothers significantly outnumber stay-at-home mothers. There is evidence that consumption of convenience foods rises with number of hours worked. As modern life increasingly demands that people are economically active, this trend is likely to continue .

To recapitulate , many people still value traditional foods and methods of cooking, the trend towards smaller, dual-income households suggests that convenience foods are likely to continue to grow in popularity and may very well eventually replace traditional methods of food production and preparation.

Hi Simon and All,
This is the recent exam question held in Australia.
The major cities in the world are growing fast,as well as their problems what are the problems that young people living in the cities are facing with? Give solution to these problems.
Any ideas?

Thanks Simon. I like the "while" pattern you used for a two-question introduction: "While + 1st question, 2nd question". Efficient in an exam!

Hi Subby, your posted subject is interesting. Here is my short introduction :).

Things seem to be changing more rapidly in urban centers of the world in the early 21st century. While many young people have struggled with this fast pace of growth, there have been good example of success stories dealing with the new lifestyle.

Please anyone here who could give me remarks on this essay...

It is true that happiness is a prerequisite to people 's quality of life , although actual definition of happiness seems to be difficult to describe , there are various factors which considered to be crucial in acquiring happiness.

It is quite laborious to find out an actual definition for the term HAPPINESS. The reason for this is that happiness means different thing to different people. Most people may have at least one hobby or a treat which could help them to uplift their spirits instantly. While , For some people , it might be their job or a career which brings them a sense of fulfilment. At the same time, for others, personal belongings are the paramount of a serene life . To take an example of a web designer , Richard Jackson , who believe that the key element for a pleasurable life is a close relationship. In my case, happiness is when I am taking my time out of a hectic routine to spend a quality time along with my family .

There do seem to be some common needs that we all share in regards to experiencing or achieving pleasure. Firstly, investing in personal relationships can give a broad (long) way to boost up people,s level of happiness. For instance , spending even a fraction of time from a whole day with your children while doing some share activities , could help to built up an immense mutual understanding as well as an inner-satisfaction in them , which is a subtle precursor to bring in levelled happiness. Secondly, a prestigious line of work could help to raise people,s contentment by allowing them to have ample amount of wages. As a result, they can entertain themselves with all the basic necessities of life without worrying about any financial distress.

To sum up, due to a nature of happiness it is not that easy to describe it in one specific sentence. We can merely acknowledge several factors which are mandatory to some extent in seeking happiness.


A commendable effort!
You've produced organised stuff, however, there are some areas to be focused more.

we have to answer both question side by side . definition and factors are somehow same here in this essay

Sam perfect statement. I think you did good job in that writing.

Hi all. Ayesha your essay are well organised and wrote. I suppose for that type of essays you could get at least 7.

teacher, i would like to know the differences between argumentative essay and the one who require discussion. Futhermore, i have always been taught that in topic sentence i should give my opinion, however, i see that most of the people do that at the end? Can you explain, teacher?

Hi, dear Simon. How are you?

This is Humeyra. I have learnt lots of things from you about English. And i appriciated to you. I just wanted to say and greet you, from IStanbul, Tr (I dont expect you to know the city. But you can google it, very inspiring city). I would love to send you a gift after my date of ielts exam. Im preparing for Turkish airlines pilot academy. Also, I have psychology degree. But I noticed that it wont make me happy in the future. So ielts necessary on the way to go my dream :) I ll be a pilot soon hopefully. All i need is to pass ielts and some interview that must be done by aviation course.

Thank You! and I wish you the best things ever. Great DAy!

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