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Sunday, August 10, 2014


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Simon I purchased your ebook. I have a question to you.

Do I have to memorise all of your sentences one by one, or just read them occasionally?

Hello everybody!

That's really excellent to learn words with all forms(verb,noun,adjective,adverb).
Memorizing a new word can be absolutely easy,but as also Mr Simon mentioned too using the words are rarely challenging even for those who are fluent in English.

My question is that is there any secret else to learn a word effectively and forever???
Guys please share your comments may they assist some of us.

thanks excessively .


As Simon mentioned, the best way to learn vocabularies/new language "effectively" and "forever" is to find and learn how that word works in real context! How? By reading books, looking examples or typing that word/phrase in google and you can learn it from there etc...
Remember learning new language/vocabularies is like a skill, if you dont use it you loose it!it needs lots of practice. The more you practise the better you get and it stays with you FOREVER;-)

PS. It is suggested that in English when you call someone's first name you dont put Mr before it ie you can call Mr. Corcoran or just Simon or Mr. Simon Corcoran ;-) (is that right Simon? Please confirm) ...we are in the same boat and we are here to learn, hope you don't mind

Thank you for advice, teacher...

By the way, I try to learn new words within sentences and also I look at their synonyms, so that it is easy to remember them. If I forget word, synonyms help me to remind them.

Hi guys!
Thanks for sharing your ideas. One of the most efficient way , i guess, of memorizing unkown words is to read similar topics frequently within certain times.I dont know, i dont write down words to notebook but i memorise in this way which shows at least for me the more english reading the more learning english. And i do not believe any magical way in the context of improving language.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your guidance and help, I have entered the Academic test in Addis Ababa Ethiopia in 19th of July 2014. I got the overall result 5.5 band and it was my first time to enter such kind of professional English test and I'm trying to enter again on October 2014. and following is the results I have obtained in each section:

Listening: 5.5
Reading: 4.0
Writing: 5.5
Speaking: 6.0
Overall: 5.5

So, my question is that, Am I look fine to have that band in my first test?


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