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Monday, July 28, 2014


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Hi simon

I want to read your ebook ASAP. I paid it last night.

I've just sent it Tolga. I hope you received it ok. Best of luck!

I got it, appreciated.

I will study and most probably ask some questions to you.

Hello sir or friends,
Can we write down word in capital letters in both listening and reading like if answer is Future, can we write down FUTURE. As I heard this better to use. Plz reply me, I would be grateful to u for this. Thanx

Hi Sir Simon,
well, someone tell me. I should not read these tables before practice Cambridge book 1-9 because it might affect my score. I just should read it after do all these test. How do you think, Simon ? I need your advice :) So, i should reading these table before practicing or after practicing

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