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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


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Hi simon, my question is about bar and pie charts.

For example:


Can I use "the figure for" , If any chart shows percentages and proportions ?

As far as I understand from your tips and tricks, all charts show almost the same thing: number/proportions apart from diagrams.

Hi teacher,
This website is really amazing...Thank you soooo much...

Hi teacher and friends,
I want to learn difficult and essential words...Which book do you recommend ???

Hi Simon,
I really appreciate your work. Although I'm a beginner, I will try to follow the practice everyday. Thank you very much.

I found this website quite useful, you are great!

Thanks a lot ! :)

Last week, I made a mistake with spelling =)) the record said "w" but I heard "uu" .so sad T T

I really like your website. Thank you so much, Simon.

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