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Friday, June 13, 2014


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Yes, I think its necessary to go on a vacaction atleast once a year.

Firstly, you get to enjoy your much needed rest. Everyone gets tired of their job at some point. Just getting away from your usual routine can put a smile on your face, thus making you more productive as soon as you come back to work.

Secondly, you can spend more quality time with your family. It is the perfect time to go to the beach. My family loves the sun, sand and water. Long walks on the shoreline, banana boat rides and watching the sunset, are the few activites that we love to do.

Finally, breaking from your usual routine is a great mental exercise. If you are used to doing the same things over and over again, some of the things you do becomes voluntary. You don't let your brain to work anymore. Getting a holiday once in awhile is very benefecial for our own happinnes and our health as well.

question 1:
Yes, I really think that it's important for people to go on holiday. firstly, holiday is the time that people are away from work or their normal lives and they tend to go to whenever they want to go for relaxing and for rejuvenating themselves after a tiring period time at work, so they will get back to work with full of energy and creative as well.
Secondly holiday bring families together. Most people want to go on holiday with their family members, they spend time and having fun together that they sometimes can not do in their busy lives
question 2:
In my opinion, there are some reasons that some people prefer not to go abroad on holiday.
I think, language barrier is important reason. It limits experience of people in a foreign country. Clearly, they don't want to get lost and have no idea how to get back their hotel without understanding foreign language and things like that. Secondly, some people choose to go on a domestic trip on their holiday because it is cheaper than having a trip abroad. Finally some people who never used to go abroad are afraid of hassle paper work like getting a visa or something like that

Yes, i think it's very important and necessary for people to go on holiday.
Firstly, after long periods of time studying and working hard, you'd be tired and feel stressfull. thus, you need to relax and refulfill your energy. we can't keep on working day by day. as a student, i don't have any time to go far. but i try to spend a day at weekend to visit my friends and relatives. it makes me feel relaxed and more comfortable.
Secondly, when we go on a holiday, we have a chance to communicate with other people at places we visit. it helps us to meet more interesting person, discover newer and interesting things, and perhaps broaden our knowledge.
Finally, after having a holiday, we can start our work again more happily and therefor, our results will be higher.

Question 1: Do you think that it's important for people to go on holiday?
Answer 1: I think this depends on many factors such as ages, hobby, opportunity and some things like that. For example:
Many the old people seem to like relaxing or enjoying with their descendants at home more than going far from home, therefore, it is not important for them to go on holiday.
However, for the youth or for people who like to discover new things, they consider some days for holiday would be valuable time for them to go away home. Even, only on the vacation time, some people have opportunity to travel to other cities or countries.

Question 2: Why do you think some people prefer not to go abroad on holiday?
Answer 2: In my opinion, there are possible some reasons for this.
Firstly, the fights to abroad are often overloaded on holiday occasions, therefore, the problems relating to travel would become more difficult than other usual days.
Secondly, you know the price for traveling or the cost for many things on holiday are frequently more expensive than the rest time in year, including in domestic touring locations or any places out of the country.
Moreover, some people, especially the old tend to enjoy relaxing at home more than going far from home. So being at one place would be prior their choice than travelling on holiday occasions, particularly moving oversea.

question 2: Generally, many people choose not to have a holiday oversea because of some reasons.
firstly, I want to mention the price of the holiday. It would be costly due to the ticket prices or other services in a tour. It could double for going abroad in a holiday.
Next, traveling in some domestic landscapes would save a lot of time for transport. besides, some people sometimes get troubles in paper work such as visa, personal information and so on.
furthermore, accidents can be happened any time in a tour. we can't know in advance to avoid. therefore, it is the most important barrier. In a foreign country, robbery and misunderstanding are two of the common problems.

Simon, could you explain what it is the process you follow for the "firstly, secondly, finally" please?? Do you give three reasons and then one only example to support the final reason? Don't you should give an example for each reason?
Hope you can clarify this, thanks.

Hi Simon,
Can you please choose the best answers out of our responds for question 1 and 2, and please explain why.
We learn from your analysis.

Yes I totally agree that people should go on the holiday once a year. Firstly,I feel that a person should have a break from his stressful work routine and usual house chores.For example,if a person works 9 to 5 daily throughout the week and on the weekend there is much to do at home.He get fed up so a break in a year from all this routine is a must.

Secondly,if a person takes a break he can relax,he has some time to spend with his family.He can enjoy the colours of life and a change is must.When he comes back after a holiday he is more energetic and he
can perform his job more efficiently.
Finally,if you take a break from your usual routine it is also great for your mental health as well.

In my opinion,most of the people do not prefer to go abroad on a holiday.There are many reasons not to travel to foreign a country.
Firstly,during holidays the fare prices are really high.For example,during May and June any Air line would charge around 400 pounds if you travel to US.But in August the prices get double.So if someone is travelling with his family he has to pay the double price and that's really expensive.
Secondly,I think travelling abroad is also tiring as well.You have to travel for longer hours so if you plan the holiday in your own country you could have more time to relax and enjoy rather to waste in travelling for long hours.

Do you think that it's important for people to go on holiday?

It is very important to go on holiday at least once in a year. There are couple of reasons.
Firstly, holidays will give you relieve form stress, working 5 days a week or sometime longer hours make people stress, secondly, it is crucial to spend time with family and friends. During holidays it is best time to be with family and friends. Finally, Studies has shown that employee work better if they have balanced time for leisure activities and work.

Why do you think some people prefer not to go abroad on holiday?

Some people do not want to go abroad for their holiday. There are certain reasons.

To start with, it is very expensive to travel by plane now a days. Due to the financial pressure of cost of living it looks difficult to go abroad. Secondly, holidays season is very short and it would not be feasible to plan holidays abroad. For instance average people have 2 weeks holidays and it is very short time to travel long distance and then facing jet lag. Finally, people had lot of plan ahead of time which keep pending due to busy schedules.

I think it might be important to go on holidays when you are a teenager and and want to explore the world. But beyond that age I always wonder why people enjoy going on holidays.. (When i hear people telling STORIES about their holiday trips it makes me think either it's something wrong with them or wrong with me). I do go on holidays with my family and enjoy doing different things but overall I feel ' this holiday concept' is a bit absurd ( and tiring) and I feel it has become like a compulsion. ....if examiner would ask me about this topic, I would have to make up lies, lies and lies ... Cos if I told the truth i m afraid it will make him/ her scream.
(Sorry to all those who love going on holidays)

Do you think that it's important for people to go on holiday?

Yes, I think it’s important for people to go on holiday. Relaxing after a long working period, finding new ideas, enjoy your life are the reasons that I believe holiday make essential role in our life. Nowadays people work for their needs too hard, so after that the rest time in a couple of day is very necessary. In addition, many experts concerned that human resources in creative industries could find out new ideas in their holiday. A software company in our country, for example, usually offers their employees a short holiday in foreign countries at the end of the year. According to them, that program will refresh people’s mind and obtain new things. The other reason is enjoy your life, as a famous saying “life is short, life you dream and wear you passion”, I suppose that every single day is a gift, travel often by going on holiday that is one of the ways you should do in your life.

Yes, I think it is important as people are leading stressful lifestyle.also, to beak the monotony of daily life it become quite vital that they should spend some time on holidays. Apart from all this, holidays are meant for recreation which make is full of joy and rejuvenate ourselves.

1-Yes, I think that it,s important for people to take break off. To take a break from work atleast once a year helps me to relax from unhappy feelings and from work place stress. Taking vacation not only helps our immune system, but it also boost the cognitive skills. For instance, I always gather on weekend to have fun with my family friends and relatives. For me this is the best way to get rid of bad feelings.

Here I wii delate word that. it,s is mistake.
Yes, I think it's really important for people to take break off. To take a break from work atleast once a year helps me to relax from unhappy feelings and from work place stress. Taking vacation not only helps our immune system, but it also boost the cognitive skills. For instance, I always gather on weekend to have fun with my family friends and relatives. For me this is the best way to get rid of bad feelings.

yes , I think it is very important for people to go out on holidays as we know that life has became so hectic now a days that people did not have time neither for them self nor for there family and following the same pattern without any enjoyment may lead them to irritation and dull life .Holidays play a role of refreshment of mind where a person can release his stress and give time to his personal life and family. so, i think it`s very important for a person to take a break off.

Do you think that it's important for people to go on holiday?

I believe it is very important to take holiday at least once a year and can spend quality time with family members away from work and home.

Also, taking long holiday will help people to get rejuvenate themselves from a busy work schedule and can start with enthusiasm after they restart the work again.

Finally, a long holiday not only helps to spend quality time with family members and revitalize themselves but also helps in moving forward in their challenging work life.

Why do you think some people prefer not to go abroad on holiday?

There are many people who likes to go on a holiday within the country rather than going abroad.

Firstly, For holiday trips outside the country requires a lot of planning like choosing holiday location, place to stay and transportation. Choosing a location is easy but the getting a lodging and transportation can be difficult in foreign country.

Secondly, the cost involved for the journey is other major factor considered for not choosing an abroad holiday as the transportation and accommodation charges are very high compared to holiday within the country.

Finally, choosing a holiday within the country can help in reducing planning efforts and also the cost for the entire tour which is why most people prefer not to go on a overseas holiday.

Yes, I going to suggest that everyone need to take a break from their regular work routine and spend some time doing vacation at least once a year.
Firstly, by taking the break one would get the time to relax and enjoy. So that, once they go back to the work after their vacation they would be more energized and can focus more on the work.
Secondly, people usually don’t get the enough time to spend with the family every day because of their Jobs. At times, this could often lead to poor relationships. So it is necessary to spend the quality time with the family and enjoy the most.
Finally, Mostly people likes to go on vacation in their native country rather than foreign countries. It could be due to multiple problems that they might face if they need to plan for abroad trip such as Language problem, High cost, getting the visas and so on.

Do you think that it's important for people to go on holiday?

Yes I do feel so!. Going on holiday could be beneficial in many ways for our own selves as well for our family members.

Firstly, it's a great opportunity to get physical and mental relaxation. For example last year when I was on one month holiday from my job, I used to play tennis almost daily with my best friend.We used to chat a lot , sharing good memories and exchanging ideas about recent challenges we were facing at that time in our career life. It was like 'taking a fresh breath' after hectic job routine.

Secondly, one can spend even more time with your beloved family members who always take care about you and sometimes you fail to spare that much time which you would love to have for them. For example, this year I shall be on holiday for three weeks and I am planning to visit my parents in my home town, with my husband.I believe I would certainly return fully recharged to get back at work with new energy.

So all in all, I believe holidays are necessary to juvenile oneself and to go for a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Do you think that it's important for people to go on holiday?

Yes, it is pretty important.. in my opinion, going on holiday is a must and we have to take a holiday several times a year when we have a leisure time.
First of all, going on holiday would make you relieve from stress and daily activities such as schools and working. This is not only confined to get rid of our routine but it also create a benefit for your health, for instance brain and body relaxation.

Secondly, holiday is always a fun thing, you may enjoy your vacation either with your relatives or friends, and through this opportunity, you can hang out together with them which you'll rarely find this occasion.

Thirdly, going to more places may expand your thought and network. Take as many chances as possible to go to more places, because it'd be memorable experience and enhance your knowledge about one's custom, language and cultures. It's simply a different thing for example I went to Singapore for several times, and days in Singapore made me keen to explore more places in the world, now I am more familiar with Singaporean culture and their habit, and it's simply unique for me. I love a diversity.

There are 2 important reasons I think why people do not choose going on holiday abroad, the most crucial reason is enjoy a vacation abroad usually more costly than in home country, the preparation from getting visa until take off would consume longer time and more hassle than home country. Language barrier is other major factor people reject overseas vacation and commonly, some people prefer stay and enjoy the goodness in home with family to go on foreign countries, the may don't get used to travel in long journey.

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