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Friday, June 06, 2014


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Hello Simon,

I took your course last May 14th and sat for ielts on the 24th, I got my results this morning and I would like to say thank you for tips specifically for the writing task!

Writing 7.0
Listening 9.0
Reading 7.0
Speaking 7.5

Again, thank you!!

Hi Simon,

Thanks for all the useful information on this website. I wouldn't have got the results (L 8.5/R 7.5/ L 7.5/S 7.5, overall 8) without all the tips you've offered to share in here. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!


Hi simon, many thanks for this valuable help to face IELTS. I've not obtained the needed mark yet but I'm sure I'll get it soon.

One month ago I got: L:7,5 R:7,5 W:7,5 S:6,0
and two week ago I obtained: L:8,5 R:8,0 W:6,5 S:8,0.

Since I did both times similar writing and speaking. Do you (or anybody) think that there is an intention to drop the marks in writing or speaking to earn more money?

Thanks and all the best to everybody!

They make money by not giving you above 7 in each

1.I enjoy learning languages as it it help to grow the communication skills.
2-I like to go through different kind of reading materials in my spare time.
3-3.Moreover, learning foreign languages help us to express ideas in more friendly context.
4-4.It opens more avenues for planning a career.
5-5.Early age is the peak time to learn multiple languages.
6. Learning a language can help to eliminate hardships ahead in our society and expand horizons in working context.

7.If the wealth of knowledge heightens for language learning, it will enhance the communication.

1- I like to learn second language to communicate better with others in different culture.
2- I usually read different material in my spare time.
3- Moreover, learning foreign language helps us to make more friends !!!!
4- It provides/gives us the opportunity for a better job.
5- The best time for learning a second language is in young age. OR when you are young.
6- You easily can pass any difficulties and widen your horizon.
7- The more you learn the better you communicate.

1.I would like to learn languages to communicate with other nations.
2.I also read generally in my free time.
3.Indeed, learning foreign languages help us to find more friends.
4.It open the door to better job opportunities.
5.The best time for learning multiple languages is young age
6.you can easily overcome any obstacles and widen your horizon.
7.The more you learn languages, the better you can communicate.

1. I enjoy to learn different languages as a medium of communication.
2. I also read different books in my leisure time.
3. Moreover, learning foreign languages helps us to talk in a more friendly way.
4. It paves the ways for getting better jobs.
5. People should learn multiple languages when they are young.
6. You can easily overcome difficulties and increase your opportunities in life.
7. The more our knowledge in languages increases, the better we communicate.

1. I like to learn languages because it can be an important communication skill with people from different country.
2. I also do a lot of readings when I am free.
3. What's more, learning foriegn laguages helps us talk friendly.
4. It give us more opportunities for getting a better job.
5. It is the best timing to learn different languages when childrens are young.
6. You can overcome the obstacles and broaden your horizons.
7. When we know more languages, we can communicate better.

1. I enjoy learning languages because it helps me communicate with people from other countries.
2. In my free time, I usually practise on general reading.
3. moreover, learning foreign languages help me to talk more confidently and friendly to others.
4. It also gives us more opportunities to get a better job.
5. people should learn many languages when they are young.
6. you can overcome the challenges and upgrade yourself.
7. the more our knowledge in languages broadens, the better we communicate.

1. I would to learn new languages which help me to talk with people from many countries.
2. Besides, I enjoy reading books when I have some free time.
3. Leaning foreign languages also help us become more friendly in communication.
4. It gives us many opportunities to getting a better job.
5. It is easy to learn new languages when you are young.
6. You can break many barriers and expand your knowledge.
7. The more you learn about a language, the better you are able to communicate.

Simon... The more I read regarding the ruling about ( my all time favorite) THE , the more confused I get.

1- For example -It states that we don not use THE when we are talking about something in general, plurals and uncountable nouns.
But I wonder when can or can not we use THE before weather( as I spotted it in one of your tasks 1) ? & " public" is something general so as per rule we souldn't use THE before it but I have noticed it many times ..?

2-Which plural nouns...do we not use THE with? ( figures, sales, tables, chairs) is it OK if I use THE before them, would you please clarify it for me..I would be GRATEFUL for your help.
Thank you

Dear Simon,

I recently took the exam and my speaking and writing skills were only 7. Would you mind giving some advice that I can improve those skills (I need 8.5)? Thank you so much.

1. This is a good way to improve communication though know other’s language.
2. I also enjoy causal reading in my free time.
3. Moreover, we can express our opinions in more friendly way though foreign languages if we know more about it.
4. It helps increase the probability to get a better job.
5. The critical moment for leaning multiple languages is when you are young.
6. You can increase your view by cross through crisis.
7. Level of Language is affecting the quality of communication on knowledge.

1. Learning languages helps to communicate more effectively
2. I often read a lot of stuff if I have free time.
3. Besides learning languages can help us make more friends with people around the world.
4. Language is an useful way to improve your career as you get more opportunities to have well-paid jobs.
5. Learning a language is easier when people start to do that at an early age.
6. When it comes to learn a language, you definitely can gain more knowledge.
7. The better you are at a particular language, the more effectively you can communicate.

1. Learning languages seems to be wonderful communication means for me.
2. I really like having some general reding in free time.
3. Interestingly, learning many languages is such a friendly way to make friends oversea.
4. Moreover, as its benefits, we received better opportunities in job promotion.
5. we should study languages as soon as possible because it is easier.
6. When it comes to learn a language, you certainly can erase any gap and open your mind.
7. The more expanding knowledge you are, the better communicate you will

Hello, guys I got a 8 in IELTS. I have collected all my academic writing essays and put them here if anyone is interested.
also if need help contact at katrinasmith987@gmail.com

1. I would love to learn languages as it bridges the communication gaps
2. I read some general topics during my spare time.
3. Moreover, learning foreign languages help us to communicate with our friends better.
4. It opens up more opportunities for a better job
5. Childhood is the right time to learn multiple languages
6. You can overcome the hurdles and expand your horizons.
7. As our knowledge on the language expands, we can communicate with more fluency.

Hi simon and all ..
please ,how can I improve my grammar skills ?

really I need to your help because my exam on ielts is close

My regards

1. Learning languages considered as communication bridges.
2. General readings are my choice in spare time.
3. Moreover, learning foreign languages help us talk friendly.
4. It give us more chances to get a good job.
5. Youth is the right time to learn multiple languages.
6. You can break many barriers and expand your ways.
7. As our knowledge in EL expands, we can communicate better.

hi Maha
my exam on 28 at Aston University, when is yours?

Hello Hibba
My exam in July at British Council in Arbil/Iraq

good luck

Hi Simon, i have had these questions for my speaking. I found it really hard to answer these question, can u plz suggest some ideas ( that i m afraid u won't because i understand that you are too busy)

Describe a (very very very)strange person,Why do u think he/ she is strange.why ....
Do u like this strangeness or feel annoyed
Why some people r never direct, are they scared of something?? or they do not trust people?? How does this behavior creates confusions / problems for others
Can a lack of trust or openness put our friends off
is sometimes straightforwardness more helpful.Do u think in this modern world we should never trust anyone

Secondly Simon plz suggest something for people who 'are 'and always 'were ' weak in grammar. How can they overcome this problem.

Hello, Ielts takers.
Here is a good news for those interested in some good books for IELTS. If anyone interested, please contact me at my email address. It costs only $60 us dollor.
My Email Address-


I'll put my suggestions for the sentences in the lesson above in tomorrow's lesson (Sunday 8th June).

hello Simon. i try to rewrite

1. To make relationship with other people, i love study languanges
2. I very like reading general topics in my free time
3. In the other hand, we can communicate each other friendly by studyng the second languages.
4. it gives more opportunity to take a good job.
5. Learning many languages when teenagers is the best time.
6. you can overcome many problems and get many knowledges.
7. When our skill in language more increase, communication is the good way

1. I like learning languages as it enables us to communicate with people from different civilizations.
2. I also enjoy reading books, magazines, and different articles in newspapers.
3. Learning other languages can help us to make friends.
4. It increases the opportunities to find a better job.
5. Young age is the best time to learn different languages.
6. We can break many barriers and it increases our vision or perception about the world we live in!!

1. Learning new languages brakes communication barriers.
2. I devote my spare time to reading the IELTS general mode written texts.
3. Learning a second language could improve our communication behavior.
4. It could increase your chances of finding a better job.
5. The best time to start learning a new language is early childhood.
6. You can communicate more and have a wider understanding of the world.
7. If our understanding of the new language progresses, so will the communication.

1. I learn other languages to communicate with foreign friends.
2. I read when I am free.
3. Moreover, to learn a foreign languages enables us to talk effectively.
4. It creates more job opportunities.
5. It’s good to learn many languages at an early age.
6. You will improve yourself and know more things.
7. The more we know of a language, the better we can use it to communicate with others.

@Maha, you've re-written those sentences in almost error-free manner. It seems your grammar is also good. Still if you think that you're lacking somewhere, you can ask for it.


Hello Simone,

I need your help in IELTS prepation.My english not good.My exam in 19th july in India.I am giving IELTS General.I need 7 in each IELTS.
My writing,reading,speaking is very poor.When i wrote eassy,i do lot of spell & grammer mistakes.please suggest me how did i improve my writing.I have lot of tension.In speaking whenever i speak i afraid that anybody is not laughing on me or i speak wrong.please please suggest me how did i improve my self.

hello Maha
im Iraqi and l live in the uk. I need 4 (7)
have you tried the exam before?

Hi simon
I took ielts exam several times.i am not able to get my required band. It was 6.5 but last time i got 5? Please help me out and tell me ways how to improve my writing thanks

Thanks Arsalan, you r right actually, i don't have any major problem with Grammar, it always came to me naturally and without much effort ( n that led me to take it fore-granted) but there r some minor issues which add up to create a problem when done repeatedly. Thank you for your email ID , I note it down.

Dear Hibba,
Yes I have taken the ielts many times, in fact it has become a hobby now ( just kidding)
Well, from my personal experience three factors are required in order to get through this exam, 1. Good luck 2. Performance on the day 3. A really good practice .
I think Only those candidates struggle who do not do a good practice and expect some quick- fix solution. ( this exam is a real punishment for "lazybones" ohhhhh)

could I know how many times have you done the exam and what is your required scores?

For your ease I would say it's an infinite number HIBBA. I require > 4 -7s
Hope it helps.

Hello Hibba ...
I did not try the exam not once
I need 4(5.5) as a condition for scholarship(in UK also) but the university required 4(6.5)

I need to get only 4(5.5) now , and later i can enter a pre-sessional course at the university to equivalent the score .

Hello Hibba ...
I did not try the exam not once
I need 4(5.5) as a condition for scholarship(in UK also) but the university required 4(6.5)

I need to get only 4(5.5) now , and later i can enter a pre-sessional course at the university to equivalent the score .

note : there are (2 maha) here :\
and some of comment above not to me

hello Waqas
congratulation and all the best in your life. im aiming for 4(7) as well but im still struggling to get them.

Dear Simon,

I recently took the exam and my speaking and writing skills were 5.5. Would you mind giving some advice that I can improve those skills (I need 7.5)? Thank you so much.

1. Learning languages help communication easier in the world.
2. In my spare time I also do homework.
3. Moreover, learning foreign languages help us understand others who differ languages with us.
4. It give more opportunities for getting a better job.

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