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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


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hello Mr.simon.. i just wanted to ask that is listening news nd TV in english improve speaking as well?

Dear Simon,
When I practice with Cambridge IELTS 9, listening test 4, section 3, question 26, 27.
As I know, I just write down what I listened, so my answers are:
26: in small groups
27: every second day

However, in the answer of the book, they are:

26: groups
27: every 2 days (also, in the script, "day", not "days")

Please notice that "write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER".

I am so confusing that my answers are right or wrong?

Is it a good idea to listen football commentary from TV? commentators speak fast.so is there any tactics to follow the commentators for speedy understanding? I mean regarding the words they generally use and the words they usually pronounce.

Hi Simon,

You suggested that we should listen to some radio channels but I see there is no subtitle for it. Then, how can we know if we are listening right or wrong and how can we make and see progress?

Besides, there are a lot of listening souces on the internet and that makes me confused. So can you recommend 2-3 sites to practice general listening skill?

Hi ST,

Your answers would be correct too. The meaning is the same.


Hi sam, pachu and helicha,

What I'm really saying is that ANY listening practice is good. Even if you don't understand everything, your 'ear' is improving without you realising it - your brain just needs to be exposed to the language that you're learning (this is my opinion anyway!).

I can't recommend sites that will be useful for everyone - I believe you should listen to whatever you are interested in. For football fans, my suggestion above might be fun. But if you don't like football, you definitely shouldn't listen to it! Start with ted.com and YouTube, and search for whatever topic interests you most.

I don't have enough words to say 'THANKYOU'. I hardly used anything other than this site to prepare for my IELTS exam and the results were better than my own expectation.

My suggestions:-
- While going thru difference categories, go from their oldest post to the latest post. There are many key advices given du tring the initial posts that might help you getting started.
- It is OK if you miss some questions during the listening task. As Simon pointed out many a times, forget about those and concentrate on the next ones. It is easy said than done. If possible one should try such situation during their practice sessions to be ready for same. I couldn't follow this advice during my test and hence suffered.
- Nothing can beat the Simon's ebook for writing part. You will never regret the money spent on this ebook. Rather as per me, if anything can prepare you for the writing part, it is ONLY that ebook.

My Result:-
Listening: 7.5
Reading: 9
Writing: 8.5
Speaking: 8

Overall: 8.5

Good luck to the students and thanks a ton to Simon for the wonderful site and ebook.

Hi amit, did u pass ur ielts in first time??

Dear Simon,

Actually i am able to use several phrases as well as vocabularies,but I am not able to execute them in term of speaking.

can you please give me some helpful tips?

i do need to score 7 or 6.5 at least in order to get approval of my VISAs.

i am going to take exam on August 16th 2014.

Thank you simon sir for reply.I thought that I can not get the answer of my question from simon sir because you have no much time to respond to everyone.

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