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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


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i think my essay can get band 7 because i follow simon's suggestion.

Technology has led to significant improvements in people’s life, do u agree or not?

Over the last two decades, people have witnessed some tremendous improvements in the area of information technology. While this change has led our work and life more convenient than before, I believe it also brings us several negative impacts.

It is true that recent technology developments have made our life become more convenient. This is because people can use their mobile phone to perform multi tasks, which cannot be imagined in the past. For example, having a smart phone these days allow users to check emails, pay bills and conduct a video conference through internet at anytime and anywhere. Therefore, it certainly makes individuals become more productive as they do not need to physically attend to complete these tasks.

Nevertheless, these technologies also create problems to people’s life. The major one is that it reduces the level of individual’s wellbeing. Thanks to the modern technology, adults are less active as jobs have shifted towards sedentary office work instead of manual labour. If they are getting used to this sedentary lifestyle, it is more likely for them to enjoy sedentary activities rather than outdoor activities. Consequently, they may suffer some chronic diseases at early age.

Anotrher dire effect of developments in technology is lack of family bonding. This is because people’s behavior has been changed by modern technology. For example, in recent years the younger generation tends to enjoy their time on their online life such as checking facebook rather than interact with their families at their free time. If they expose to this situation for long time, they may only live in their own virtual world. As a result, it will not only decrease their communication skills, but also limit their social opportunities with people from outside.

In conclusion, although technology has led to several improvements in many ways, I do believe that the problems brought by technology outweigh its benefits.

TED Radio Hour: NPR . I highly recommend it. It is awesome and you can download the mp3 for free.

BBC podcast:I find it so helpful.

I always have this website from Radio Australia: http://www.abc.net.au/radio/
with numerous linked programs, during the day on my computer and I listen continuously while I am working. I realized that even passive listening helps you correct your pronunciation and learn more "language chunks".

http://www.gresham.ac.uk/ http://www.lbc.co.uk/listen-live-3578
http://fora.tv/ and TED talks are the best

i am listening CNN from the past one month i could find a little bit difference.


A radio channel that i found very useful LBC 97.3, it have very good conversations all time, those are really helpful i think, so i highly recommend you this.

thank you

Do anyone have essay template, if yes can you share

Here are YouTube links about the cities of Taipei and Kaohsiung:

These are from the Mega Cities series by the National Geographic.
Try searching for your own city or for others that you have visited before; I'm sure this will help you to increase your vocabulary range!

Also, you should search on YouTube or other websites about your favorites; this can help you learn the different ways to describe what/who you like most.

P.S.: DESCRIBE = Speaking Part2!!!

songs of "native deen" team it is very Entertained and useful :D


I listen the radio from advance magazine, BBC website, CNN student news and Voice of American. I could provide the website here but everyone can search these news on Google.

Here is a you tube link that can help you the listening skills a lot.

► 2:41 www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pY_7q7ZP5o

Thanks for sharing!

Thankssss for the useful link mahaaa , I will try to listen to it to soon to keep me Entertained :)))

Well, I enjoy listening to various english programs not just because of the ielts , but i find them quite interesting and sometimes very thought provoking. I especially like listening to bbc radio 4 (93.7 or 94.4) whilst I'm driving.
'Occasionally' i choose some interesting bbc podcast of 28 to 29 mints duration, get on my exercise bike,would enjoy my exercise till the podcast is finished. ( to kill two birds with one stone)
My husband loves listening to channel 4 news ( but sometimes that gets too much for me)

Among a huge number of online sources for listening, I strongly recommend the following website, which is quite useful with different levels for you to listen.

These are selected non-commercial radio stations from America, New Zealand, Canada, Australia.
Hope it help.

Many people are in "FIFA mode" these days, so I would say that even watching the World Cup matches in English can help improve your listening skills!

Thank you all posted I love to hear !

BBC 6 minutes English is awesome


6 minute english on BBC

Presentations on Ted.com
The Allen Show
BBC News and BBC 6 minutes English
CNN is also a good one

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