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Sunday, June 08, 2014


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It seems to me best 7 thoughts for learning a new foreign language and very impressive vocabulary such as in sentence NO 6.
Thanks Mr Simon.

thanks simooooon ^^

Hi, Neha
I'm also prepareing for GT from India.Will we make speaking practise?Let me know on swatidani2010@gmail.com.

Thanks for the Easy Sentences SIMON .
😳😳 😊 :)))))

Dear Mr.Simon
I think the more complicated your speaking is, the higher score your result will be. I mean if I can show my skill in speaking, the judge will plus score. So, why do we have to make it too simple?

Hi simon,
Thanks for you suggestion. I would like to ask a small question about no.1
Why using "they" as pronouns of "learning languages" instead of "it"?

Hi Diep,

The problem with trying to be complicated is that you might make mistakes or say things that sound strange.

Compare my sentences above with the original sentences written by students (see the link below). The students' sentences either contain mistakes or they seem 'unnatural' in English. My simple sentences are correct and natural, and this would impress the examiner more.



Hi Daisy,

I used "they" to refer only to the word "languages", not "learning languages". The languages (they) help me to communicate.

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