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Friday, May 30, 2014


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I want learning english more information about it in a few time...Please give me lesson everyday about maintenance language.

1-Yes of course,I admire learning languages as communication bridges that enrich interpersonal skills between people.

2- I learnt the languages I know mainly by integrating myself with various native speakers habits so that I can imitate their everyday life circumstances.

3- People learn more than one language for different resons. I believe they often need this to improve their current position in an occupation or an education .

4- I agree with the idea that children should learn foreign languages at school, even if their native language is one of the international languages like English.

Hello Simon!
I hope that you will give me your feedback!

I want to express my gratitude to you, Simon! On the 15th of March I failed on the writing component with band 5,5. Just 2 months later I received my result and I've got band 7. THANK YOU!

Simon’s five simple rules for Speaking Part 1:

1. Keep your answers short, then stop with confidence.
2. Answer the questions using full sentences.
3. Use words from the examiner's question in your answer.
4. If possible, give a reason for your answer.
5. Don't forget to say "yes" or "no" when necessary.


1. Do you like learning languages?

Yes, I do like learning languages. I like English as a second language more than my mother tongue and spend a lot of time practicing on it. I have also started to learn French recently.

2. How did you learn the languages that you know?

I think the most effective way to learn a language is to practice more with a native speaker. By doing this, you can improve both listening and oral skills simultaneously. Besides, I also do general readings in my spare time and keep a journal in English.

3. Why do people learn more than one language?

I think people learn as many languages as they can because language is a necessary tool to communicate with foreign people and learn their cultures. Understanding many languages helps us to open the door of many more opportunities in this world.

4. Do you think that all children should learn foreign languages at school?

Yes, I think that kids are better at learning a second or more foreign languages at school. They learn things fast at a young age, and I’m certain that a mastery of other languages pays well for kids when they go into the adult world in the future.

Dear simon,

I am anxious about my upcoming ielts exam. Speaking is a dreadful topic for me. I learn a lot from your website but as i am a non-native english speaker it always creates a problem to answer precisely. I need your suggestion to become a spontaneous speak seemingly a native english speaker. My exam is 21 june. Please help me to achieve it.

1-well, I really like learning languages because it helps me more flexible and learn many things from culture as well as people.
2-I spend about 30 minutes each day to learn English as well as French. From studying some new words, I hone many skills and usually practice it.
3-Personally I think people should learn more than one language because it helps us understand each other and more languages, which don't lose forever. Moreover, learning foreign languages helps us talk friendly.
4-Well, I think all children should learn foreign languages at school because it helps children more intelligent and flexible. Moreover, children have more chances deal with new cultures and enrich their knowledge about the world.

Dear Simon,

I wish to thank you for your wonderful website. Your compilation of resources are very well organized. Appreciate your advise for me to improve on my speaking test. My 1st IELTS speaking result was only band 6.0. I'll will be having my retake on this July 13, 2014.

1 - Yes, I really like learning language because as our knowledge in language expands, the better we can communicate with other people from different countries. With this it will open more opportunities for us to explore other countries with regards to learning their culture, personality and also we can use the language we've learned in applying job in different countries.

2 - I learned English language from my primary school till to my secondary school level. But after that I haven't been using this language in my everyday life until I've went and worked to other country at the age of 27.

3 - People tend to learn more than one language for them to be flexible in ways of communication and also for better understanding of different group of people talking in native language. Expanding our language will also be useful in the coming future, we won't know it until we have travel to other country.

4 - In my opinion, children should expand their knowledge in language while there are still keen and interested in exploring new things during their young age. Young age is the best time in learning since it is fun and fast for them to study with their classmates and friends in school.

1-Yes, I like learning languages because it is the best choice to mix and interact with different people around the world. It also opens certain doors for making friendship with people speaking other languages. Therefore, I have many Japanese speaking close friends.
2-I learned the languages I speak by watching wild life documentaris, art movies and by browsing different social networking sites. One of the best and effective ways for me was to listening talks on Teds.
3-People learn a wide range of languages because it open more avenues for getting a better job and even making a long lasting friendship. More over, Learning foreign languages help to choose the right path of career.
4-Yes, all children should be encouraged to learn foreign languages because this the time when they can adapt the interpersonal skills and abilities extremely quickly. My father always encourages me to learn multiple languages because it can be beneficial to tackle the harships ahead.

I hope Simon will post his version of answers soon.

Here are my answers. It would be helpful for me if anyone can provide the comments on my speaking.

1. Yes. Language is the important medium of communication to express your thoughts, feelings and ideas. Coming from India, which is a multi-lingual country, I like learning different languages to communicate with my friends from different states so that I can understand them better and also express myself better

2. Firstly, I use some books or apps to learn the basic words or sentences. Then, I practise talking with my friends who are native speakers of that language and correct my faults. Other interesting and fun way of learning is to watch movies, listen songs and read magazines in that language and increase my vocabulary day by day.

3. Well, People learn more languages for different reasons. One important reason is that it opens up various opportunities in your education, career and business. Also, it is helpful in making friends, socialise with people with different cultures and exploring the unknowns of the world.

4. Young age is the right time to learn multiple languages and it is fun and fast to learn at that age. World has become small and every child should learn a foreign language as it would be needed in their adult world in search of education or career.

1. Yes, I do like learning languages. This serves as a great communication tool in the globalized world.
2. I learned Sanskrit language in school, but have not used used it after as there is no communication in Sanskrit now a days. I learned English in school days & still using it in my professional life.
3. People do like to learn more than one language. In today's world, with language communication you can break many hurdles & expand your horizons.
4. Yes, I strongly feel that all children learn at least one foreign language at school. It is must in today's globalized community.

Dear Sir,

I am in Viet Nam and in my country recently, the IELTS Speaking topics around the negative things such as not to describe a film/ book/ holiday/... you like but those you don't like. As habit, we usually prepare the things that we love or pretend to love but it hard to do the reverse and think of it immediately when Iam in the practice nor the exam.

Looking for some instructions from you, teacher.

Many thanks.

dear simon,
my speaking test is on jun11th, can you please help me out in to prepare for it.


yes , i like learning languages since language is only thing which help us in interacting with people of different culture ,place etc.it also opens new opportunities for job and work.
2-Actually i haven`t learn any new language till now as i was punjabi so it was my mother tong , hindi is my national languages so it was compulsory subject and finally english too i studied in school as our school was english medium.
3- i think people learn more than one language firstly due to there personal interest in that language secondly for migrating to some new place i.e for study or work finally i think learning new language make person more flexible as he can interact with new people.
4-yes think new languages should be tought to the student but only those languages which could benifit him in future as english is globally being used so such languages should be tought.

Dear Simon,

If the cue card asks:
[ Talk about a "language" other than English, that you would like to learn. ]

Can I answer I want to learn my local "dialect" ( for avoiding the extinction) ?

Thank you.

1.Do you like learning languages?
I really love learning languages because it helps me to travel foreign countries, to make foreign friends.

2.How did you learn the languages that you know?
I found library is well programmed English conversation club, So I usually go to there to learn.
3.Why do people learn more than one language?
In my opinion, they want to go abroad foreign college, global company, oversea volunteer. Those activities are necessary to learn language.
4.Do you think that all children should learn foreign languages at school?
I definitely agree to learn foreign language at primary school because they should beloing with foreign friends, moreover they go abroad their career.

1. Yes I like to learn new languages because I come from india it is a multilingual country, we need to go any state for eduction purpose so it is important to me. So that we can easily communicate in local community by knowing their language.

2. I know telugu its my mother tongue I learned this language by imitating the people. I also know hindi and english I learned these by watching movies and speaking with my friends who knew good language.

1. Do you like learning languages?
Yes, I like learning languages because they help me to communicate with other people from foreign country.

2. How did you learn the languages that you know?
I learn at the school from my teacher and as well as i attend language course outside the school. moreover, i watch movies, listening to music and reading newspaper in English.

3. Why do people learn more than one language?
Because when we master a few languages we get many opportunities open for us. We can communicate with foreign people, chance to get scholarship wider, or may be we can work in abroad.

4.Do you think that all children should learn foreign languages?
Yes, i think kids have to learn one or more foreign languages at school. the younger them learn, the easier the can master those languages. Children would get benefit when they are adult, they have more opportunities to have a good future.

Is it okay to name an object using a foreign language? Take for example the chinese red packet known as Ang Pao. If a student says Ang Pao but explains what it is, are marks still deducted?

Yes you can, that's fine Tammy.

thank for useful share

Pls tell me some small topics in the toipc Language Learning.. because I am going to talk it in public, so I am so scared, pls help me to know.. Mr.Simon, tks so much !

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