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Friday, May 23, 2014


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Hello Simon,

I never got less than 7 in Australia in Speaking test but here, in Pakistan, my score in 6. It's simply pathetic and IElTS its just a money making business. Is there any way where I can registered my complaints?


its really helpful dear Simon
thanks for this kind of work

Dear Simon

Hi. It's Ayako from Japan and living in Australia at this moment. I just like to send my big appriciation to your great help through this website.

I took my second IELTS test on the other day and got my results back today, which is Listening 7.5, Writing 7.0, Reading 7.5, Speaking 7.5 and Overall 7.5. I needed 7.0 in each category to register as a nurse in this country and now I can!

Your daily practice is "short, sweet and concise". Tips and advices given were very helpful to my achievement.

Thank you very much again and I will definately recommend your website to anybody who is going to take IELTS.

I really need someone to practise speaking with me. Please leave a comment if you need so. Thanks

Hi Simon, I have received my IELTS result and I got Listening 7.0 Reading 7.0 Speaking 7.0 Writing 6.5. Unfortunately, I need 7 each.
Do you think I should ask for remarking for writing? I am a a little bit worried if I ask for remark again, they will decrease my mark in writing. Are they allowed to increase marks only or decrease also??

Hi Simon, I got a good results of my Ielts test!
L7 R6 W7 S6 O6.5. I spent a month to prepare the test and thanks for your website very much.

I focus on the W1 for 2 weeks and 1 week on W2.
I read all your lesson about the writing and some of the speaking.

Hi, Simon,
I'm from China and I'm a big fan of your daily lessons, but I'm a little confused by the rating in different countries. I hear that many students get generally higher score in speaking in Australia or England than in China. Do you think there's really a difference or is it because examiners are stricter in China?

Looking forward to your reply. Thanks!

Hi Ngan,
I am also.My skype name is swati.dani3

Additionally, students should expect questions in negative also e.g. Why don't we talk about your job?
Why don't you tell me what you do?

I need to practice speaking too.
onurkilic00 is my skype addresss

3.Use words from the examiner's question in your answer.

Are you saying that we should copy the EXACT words from the examiner's question or PARAPHRASE them?

Hi, I'm from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I'm likely to appear IELTS in 2/3 months. My speaking level is upper intermediate. If anyone wish to practice,can add me on skype. My skype ID is mhziko.


I am really confused with this techniques... after reading Mat Clark`s speaking book ...i thought giving longer answers are better in any part of IELTS speaking ...Give me some advice about that...

hi simon sir,im subhani from india,i wrote ielts 3 tmmes,but i have been getting only 5band ple advice me

hi simon sir,im subhani from india,i wrote ielts 3 times,but i have been getting only 5 band ple advice me to do better practice

anyone interested in speaking for practice

skype: man.buzz14

Hi Simon,
in this lesson you applied the third point 'use words from ...question in your answer' by saying'I like parks.But I remember my Ielts teacher said we'd better paraphrase the key words in the question rather than use the same expression.For example,change 'like parks ' to 'love it' or 'be fond of it'.Is that right?

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