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Monday, May 05, 2014


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yes sir- right sir- thank you sir.

Dear Simon,
Please let me know if dictation is important in listening section of General Training?
for example if the answer of the question is "Chinese" and we write "Chinise" in the answersheet, examiner will consider the answer as an correct one or not?


Can we do an example of that one plz

To answer Salman's question

"for example if the answer of the question is "Chinese" and we write "Chinise" in the answersheet, examiner will consider the answer as an correct one or not?"

the answer is no, you won't get any score for mispelling the correct word, even they look like similar.

and correct spelling is very important, singular or plural form of a word matters in the IELTS test as well.

Hi Simon,
I have got my speaking exam on 8th of may and LRW on 10th of may. Would you please tell me whether should I answer the speaking part2 questions in sequence or can I answer in anyway as far as all the points are covered?
Thank you.

I might offer everyone an example to explain what Simon said above.

here's the example from the cambridge IELTS examination papers 7, TEST2, reading passage one "why pagodas don't fall down".

after we read question 11,

Step1: we will note that the word "shinbashira" is the key word in the question because of its distinctiveness.

Step2: read the choices carefully, especially focus on the difference between verbs in each choice(NB:sometimes they can be switched to a synonym of their own)

Step3:make sure you can find where "shinbashira" showed the first time in the passage. Also you'll find how many times "shinbashira" showed in the passage.

Step4:make comparison, e.g.in paragraph 6, after "shinbashira" showed the second time in this paragraph, we find a sentence-"the shinbashira actually carries no load at all", which contradicts with the choice A(bears full weight of the building), so this is a choice we should eliminate from the correct list.

Step5: repeat step4, and finally you'll find your answer.


The 'questions' in Part 2 are simply there to give you ideas. They are not directly assessed so you can address them in any order you want, or even not at all. As long as you speak generally about the main topic you are fine. Examiners are assessing your fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary range and precision, and level of error, NOT your content.

Hi Sjm & Simon
I just had my speaking test.....i was asked about the item i brought from holidays....what was that, who you gave it to...how did you feel about that...my part 1 and part 3 went very well...but i got stuck in part 2 too much i could speak for only 1 min.....how much can i expect....looking forward to recieving your response....

Hi simon

Sorry, this question doesn't belong to this part, but please post ur answer.

how should we answer this type of reading questions ( complete the summary using the list of wrds A-I below ), i mean , shall we look at the passage or just words given in the table ?

Dear Simon,
I am a beginner at this site & it's really a wonderful site.Sorry for making a irrelevant question in this part.My question was:

According to the article, are these statements TRUE, FALSE or NOT GIVEN?

Will it make any harm in getting score if I write the answer like below at my answer sheet:

True, False, Not Given (not all the letters are in caps lock).

Waiting for your kind response.


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