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Friday, April 11, 2014


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That' s very clear description. I am sure it will help may students to alleviate the confusion. Thank you so very much

Thank you very much. God bless.

thank you so much

Hi Simon,

Is it possible to get >7 if we need help in part 3? or will we lose mark if we ask for help (part 3)?

Also, If we understand the question (part 3) but we really have no idea for the answer, what should we do?

I got the speaking exam last week, & the question was "what kind of jobs that may be stopped when changing season, eg: summer to winter?" & I had no idea because I never experienced winter season before.

Hi Simon,

I have asked this question before but haven't got an answer.

Is it OK to have a mixed pronunciation, American and British? Particularly, I dont use the flap T for words like better, party, etc. and dont pronounce the R sound either. Nonetheless, I tend to pronounce words such as 'caught', 'bought', 'thought' more like 'cot', 'bot'...

Moreover, does length in vowels matter? Because when I hear native speakers talk, even British ones, I find that there is virtually no difference between long and short vowels, except when the person intend to speak slowly.

Hi Ausoek and helicha,

I'll try to answer the above questions in tomorrow's lesson (Sunday 13th April).

Hi Simon,
If the cue card is uncommon to me like if it's so difficult like Novel prize or scientific research related Is that allowed to change my Cue card???? If i change it what will happen in my grade???Pl give us clear concept regarding it.

Hi Simon,

I've just taken the IELTS test. My Speaking part 3 questions were very difficult. It was something about education and people's mobility. I understood all the words but were unable to make the connection and fully understood the meaning of the questions. What a shame! I think I screwed up, urgh.

Hi simon how be having my specking test on the 22nd of april,how can u help me with reading or what the quickest ways to finish fast?

Hey I'm looking for a speaking partner, i think i can get band 6.5 now, but still i want a better score. So anyone would interested please contact me at Skype: scott.zhu7

My speaking target is 7.0, if any body want to practice speaking, please add my Skype account: danhpt

Hi , it is nice to be able to share our experiences on this site. i will take the IELTS exam (Academic)on the 7th of June... if we can match our time periods, i want to practice on skype. ( thytronic )

can i say could you clarify your question please?

Hi Simon, may I be honest in the speaking session and tell the examiner that I hate something? He asked me what was the last museum you went to last time? I have no idea what's good about a museum and in fact I have only been to a museum when I was 7 years old. I made something up and I found it was very difficult since I have nothing to talk about something I hate. I rather tell him my pet hates is museum. What is the consequence of saying such things involved in a topic is what i hate? Thank you.

Hi Nash,

Yes, it's fine to give a negative answer in part 1 or part 3 of the test. In part 2 (the 2-minute description), it's best to invent something.

Hi Simon,

I find your online tutorials are simple, natural and most efficient among many. I am also surprised that I got a reply - which completely encouraged me(I am not confident to tell negative opinions which made me in such a bad situation last time). I am ready for the exam this Saturday and thank you very much.

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