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Friday, April 04, 2014


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Dear Simon, it is really useful lesson...

Thank you Sir.. I'll follow your Advice..

Thank you - Teacher.

Hi simon
From 4 April 2014 onwards,all Australian Test Centres changed the order of the test. we will take then writing first, then the reading,and finally the listening.
My frd took the exam tday,she said reading n listening become more difficult and it's hard to focus listening since she felt tired
I am starting to worry abt my exam which is on 26 April.... :((

Hi! Everyone
I would like to practice speaking English with someone who are also preparing for IELTS . Here is my skype ID: yen.tinhvu
Thank you!

i wanna my test in april 26 i too much worry about my ielts test please help me nd this is my skype id tasidali1

Very helpful. I will appy this on my exam on april 10


Wow! That's a great news. I always WISHED that ielts examination should be in this order with the writing first, followed by reading and then listening.I hope the centers in other countries would follow it soon.

Jena, I would say, no need to be worried as the reading stays in the middle anyway, and listening is a sort of passive thing that we get along with automatically ( thats how I feel). Wish you Good luck

I took a test today (05th of April), and the order was still same as before.

I also took the test today! I just want to ask regarding the reading test did it asked for a yes or no answer? Overall, how did u find the tests?

I having the exams on the 26 th of april... Goosebumps!! Addme up on skype theodecker10
I want to practice speaking. :)

Hi Christian Visda,
I took the test in Australia and passage 1 & 2 were F/T/NG questions but passage 3 was Y/N/NG questions.

Hi naina,
Thank you so much for ur advice,I will practice in this order,hope I may reach my target in such a short period of time :))

Jena, that wasn't any advice by the way. I was just trying to share what i think if the order in the examination changes. Hope u reach ur target, Best of luck

hello everyone,
i need to practice for my ielts exam.Could you help me someone pls?
I need to increase from 5,5 to 6.5 , is it possible in two weeks?

Thank you in advance

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Its a very thoughtful advice actually! :)

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I have a problem that l cannot elaborate my ideas approtiatly when l give speaking .how l can elaborate my ideas

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