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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


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but the plurals are quite stressful as it is not ease to get s when u are nervous. i summarise one method that no exact article a/n, we can write all nouns with plurals.is it workable?

Hi Simon,
In terms of spelling, I often found it is hard to distinguish whether that is a word or two words. For example, the answer in the Cambrige book is CLUBHOUSE, but I wrote CLUB HOUSE, I marked myself wrong...
So how could i know whether to seperate the word or not? Will I be marked down ?

Hi Simon,
I actually have the same concern as Jena, and one more thing is that I am often confused by whether to use "-" to connect words to combined a long word. For example. "door-to-door", will I lose score if I just write down as "door to door"?


No, don't do that. Just try your best to get the right answer.


Jena and Grubby,

Don't worry about either of those issues. In both cases, both ways would be accepted.

Dear Simon

I've been advised by many Ielts teachers that capital letters are very important in listening test. Even some of them suggested to write all word with capital letters to avoid loosing mark.

I'm confused !!!

hello IRAN,
As I checked in Simon successful formula book, she has mentioned there you can write in either capital or lowercase(small letter) all answers in answers. Then, you don't lose marks.
If you get confused, just write all in capital or in small letter your answers.

Dear Simon,

I still confused, if I write small letter in proper noun, Are examiner marks it wrong? or we can write small letter in any answer except proper noun must use capital letter such as Karap Road if it write Karap road or karat road. Are they wrong?

another thing is about dash, I found in Cambridge IELTS book that key answer is tax-driver but if I write taxi driver. Am I lose mark?

Thank you

Dear Simon,

Hope you are well in health and mind.
I know you are so busy and your time is valuable.But, my humble request , today I saw in ielts listening part of your pages that you said we can write our answer either all capital or all small letter and it does not affect on scores. I knew all capital won't any problem for score but confused about all small letter because some people says that all name and some specific things must have to write with first letter capital and so on. For example, person's name or street name like King street.....

could you pls pls pls help by clear this issues , if I write all in small letters, is it alright? like we do all capital letter because you know that if we can write all in small letters then it saves our time. thanks for your help

Dear Simon,
I am looking forward for your comments on all above questions related whether to write one single word or to be separated by -


Hi Simon,

I have given IELTS 5 time and each time I am not able to get 7 band in each section. In listening I am able to get 6 band every time. However I feel I do spelling mistake. Kindly advice me how can I improve my spelling.

Thanks for your help

Dear Simon,
I would like to ask about how to write answers in listening when they ask for date, because sometimes in cambridge books I write for example 25th November and when I check i find out that in the key answer is 25 November. Is my answer wrong if I write 25th November? you can find it in Cambridge 9, listening test 3 question 30
Thanks in advance

Please correct me.. I wrote summarise and organization in my listening test.I am confused with the spelling. Is it summarise or summarize? Organisation or organization? which is right??

Dear Simon,

My question is related to Proper Names in writing task 2. Can we give examples by naming some famous people to support our ideas. something like this; Can I say that Michael Angelo did this and that in order to provide an example for my paragraph?


Dear Simon,
I wrote as e-mails instead of emails. Is it wrong? and do I loose mark for this?

Dear Simon,

I had IELTS, speaking on 6th at mumbai, India.

My part 1 of speaking was good. In cue card I spoke a little bit faster so i completed my cue card with in 1 to 1.25 minutes. Then my examiner signed me to continue and I did the same but i could not link it properly with previous session. and my 3rd part was ok with 3-4 grammetical mistakes.

So, how much can I get in speaking?


Dear Simon,

In the listening section of the IELTS test I took on 11 October, I had to fill in the word "behavior", but instead I spelled it the american way, as "behavior". Is that considered to be a mistake or not???


Dear Simon,

In the listening section of the IELTS test I took on 11 October, I had to fill in the word "behaviour", but instead I spelled it the american way, as "behavior". Is that considered to be a mistake or not???


2 days before i gave the ielts exam.i hav one question that in reading or listening i wrote all answer in small but started with capital.even fill in the blanks also i started in capital letter and rest was smaller..so i have dought that for doing this they will cut my marks or not..i am very worried 4 this..plz clear my dought soon

Hi Simon,
I am confused about punctuation, are there is big difference in writing , instead of ; or .
I mean is my score is affected much by these mistakes.

Don't worry too much about this type of punctuation Emad. Just make sure that you use full stops correctly at the end of each sentence. Commas and semi colons won't really affect your score.

Dear Sir,

I want to know something about exam.
I wrote first letter in capital for every answer of listening and reading

Ex: Cycling

So I want to know that will examiner consider that my answer is incorrect answer.I'm so worry about that.
Please reply me as soon as possible

I have the same question as Dilusha!
Starting words with capital letters are ok or not? Like Fishing

can we write two similar answers in reading and listening? e.g. (forming) human chains, or another e.g. wrinkle free/pressed?

Hi Simon
I am big time confused how to be sure in listening questions like ...in which the answer is sometimes 3-4 days or 3 to 4 days.. how to differentiate? Kindly Guide..


Dear simmon if we are write answer of Listening in capital letter is it necessary to write reading answer also in capital letter?

* we write

dear Simon
i have a big problem in writing numbers and letters of names which are spelt out in listening section 1 so i got lost how to solve this problem and tried to do download the phonemic chart and programs
please, save me

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