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Friday, March 14, 2014


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I will join IELTS tomorrow. Wish me luck please. I have followed you for three months.I'm sure that I have learnt plenty tricks from you. Thanks a lot.:)

hello Simon,
My exam was on 1/03/2014. I got my result today.
Overall Band 7.0
Listening 7.0
Reading 7.0
Writing 7.0
Speaking 7.0
I am so thankful to you. Now I can proceed with PLAB exam.Before I use to get only 6.5 for my writing and after practising and learning from your website I got 7 in writing.
thank you so much,

Hi Dr A
I am preparing to undertake IELTS exam. I am a medical doctor. I was wondering if you could give me some suggestions for PLAB test.
Best regards.

Nazanin Karimaghaei

Hi Nazanin,
If you are new and in London then you can go to this coaching centre. www.plabtrainer.co.uk
I have taken a class there and its really helpful as they give you the idea to approach the questions and how to study smartly.
there is another site which might be helpful www.rxpgonline.com
just register for free and get started. there you will see the posts regarding plab exams. and dont forget to read oxford handbook for medicine and surgery. all the best.

Hello Simon I want to buy your ebook. But I can't pay the money online. Is there any alternate way of paying for the book?
Waiting for your reply

hello Dr A
congratulation and all the best in your future career. I need 4(7) as well . last time I only struggled in writing I got 6 , do you think is there any chance of rescoring ?

Hello Dear Simon,

I'had preparing to take the IELTS exam for the first time. My friends were told me that examiners are very serious so answer the questions seriously. But i trust in your advice and i will be confident and very friendly with the examiner.

hai simon,
i just received my test score L:7.5, R:6.5,
W:7,S:6.I was expecting 7 for speaking and for my previous two attempt i got 7 each for my speaking.Now i am desperated and is there any point to go for a re correction because i am very confident in my speaking

Hi Dr A
Thank you very much indeed for giving that information.I hope that you can pass your PLAB test successfully.


Thanks dear simon your day to day advices build up my confidence.

hello nazanin,
i am glad that i could help. all the best.

hello hibba,
the only way to score 7 in writing and others is practise and follow SIMONs advice. It helped me and I am sure you will be through. good luck.

Body language - not important? My coaching center taught me a different thing. It said if you're speaking nicely, then body language is one thing that can take your score down. lack of eye contact, trembling, leaning towards one side of the chair, constantly rocking body are all signs of nervousness and lack of confidence I guess. Wouldn't it be Simon?

Hi Mark,

Speaking as an ex-examiner, I promise you that there is nothing in the mark scheme about body language. Although it's a good idea to practice good body language (for confidence reasons), remember that IELTS is a language test!

Hi guys ....
Iam looking for some body to practice some Ilets speaking with each other ... I've got 6.5 and wanna bring it up to band 7 ....

My skyPe Id : slloom2014

Hi, Simon,

I really don't know how to answer the question "What is the relationship between reading and computer?"

Should I say "we can read electronic text on computer", or from this point of view "computer game/reading do harm to paper reading"?

Thanks a lot.

Bushi Yang

It's very nice of you to give us lots of advice and materials about IELTS.These help me a lot.

I found that some columnns of BBC provide good phrases. However I do not know whether they are slang.

These columns are
‘Today's Phrase’
‘Authentic Real English'

Here are some phrases in them

Beat around the bush
The boot is on the other foot
Push the boat out
something is just the ticket

Could you please tell me whether I could use them in my academic writing or the speaking part.You advice will be very useful for me.

I've been following your website from last 3/4 months. It's amazing ! I'm looking for IELTS GT exam. So it will be helpful if you provide couple of tips on GT exam, Since you emphasize on Academic IELTS exam.
Please let me know also how can I collect practice material for GT exam.

Hi Simon,

I was introduced to your website by my friend who got an overall band 8.5 in his IELTS. Thanks for your useful and interesting posts. I found them useful too in my preparations.

I have attempted the IELTS 4 times to date. For migration purposes I need a Band 8 for all four areas. My latest results are :
Listening : 8.5
Reading : 9
Writing : 9
Speaking : 7.5

I scored 7.5 for my speaking in each of my past attempts as well, despite putting a lot of effort into improving the way I speak and answer questions. It is quite frustrating for me as my other areas have consistently been above 8. I'd just like to get your opinion if it is worth appealing my results as I am starting to lose faith in myself.

Thank you.

Hi Joy
Congratulation to you.I envy that you can score so high.I need four in each component.However, I feel frustrated when my writing always stay 6 or 6.5. Thus, I can relate to your feeling. Can you share your tips for score 7 on writing? Thank you.

hello Simon!
your advices are quite useful to me for education purpose in the near future, especially with regard to part 3 of speaking test. I am enjoy my practice every single day. Thank you so much.

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