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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


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Hi Simon
Thank you for this useful skills. I believe it would help a lot since a vast amount of academic vocabulary required by the Ielts test.

It's a very "thoughtful advice" , and a practical approach to fix the spelling mistakes. I 'm sure many candidates like me can improve their scores by adhering to this advice. Many thanks ,Simon!

I've never thought of it..
good idea,thanks...

Hi Simon,
When will you start online IELTS preparation courses.I want to take online classes from you because I live in London..I need 7(4).

Hi Simon!
Why you always use phrase like "it is clear that" intead of "Overall" like this phrases in your Task 1?

Please, pay attention this question!

Dear Simon,
I have a question related to "agree/disagree" essay. Do you think it would hit a higher score if i add a concession paragraph? For instance,if I disagree with one topic,then the structure would be like:

-main body:whi i disagree 1
-main body:why i disagree 2
-concession:why others agree,but i think the argument is not strong enough to change my position.

Thank you for you answering.

Many students underestimate the efficiency of this self-correction technique (maybe because they are also lazy?), but it indeed works really well since I did something similar many years ago when I was preparing for the TOEFL and SAT... it truly was a nightmare at that moment, but it paid off!!!

Thanks simon it helps us a lot every bit of your advice is quite useful


Hi Zoha,

I'm afraid I've had to delay the live video lesson idea. Sorry about that.


Hi Jasur,

It's fine to use 'overall' too. I try to repeat the same phrases in my essays so that my method is clear to students.


Hi Wen,

I'd put the concession in my first main body paragraph. I advise people to stick to 2 main paragraphs - if you write more, you run the risk of 'diluting' the quality of each one. A concession is a nice idea by the way, and the examiner will like it.

Can you post reading answers for IDP IELTS exam conducted on 15th March 2014 in India- Kerala- Kochi

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