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Saturday, March 22, 2014


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Simon_ I suppose it's a way to say something politely..IS IT ??

Would Simon or any other English speaker please like to elaborate why do they find it hard to say " you should" or " you must" , I mean how would it sound to them, if they advised like that ?? Thank you

( just asking to know bit more about native speakers)

Hi Simon,

Well I think you mean I should not write conclusion in Task 1 but is this possibly if I move Overview section to Conclusion part?

Thank you so much.

hi simon , there has been a large increase in the number of diseases( among) children.(amongest)?

It's better when we write the overview in the introduction. I did it in the IELTS test and it's okie.

in the Emails from my boss, I always get :"you should ...!!!" and "That must be done by the end of...!!!"


Simon, Wanted to thank you for your blog. I got my results - over all 7.5, 7 in each, first time!

Hi Ashwin...

Could you please share your experience, hints and anything that you feel is helpful......

Thank you .....

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