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Sunday, March 23, 2014


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Hi Simon and everyone
Thank you for your advice so much. I will take Ielts exam within 10 days, so I am very nervous about speaking test because I need to think to slow to tell a sentence. I know many words but I can't remember them when speaking. I am preparing some core vocabulary for familiar topics and learn them by heart. Do you think it's effective ?
I hope you will share me some piece of advices for this problem. Thank you so much

Hi Simon,

I want to say "Hi" to my great teacher.
I was your student at the University of Manchester in 2009. I really enjoyed studying with you, and I have had all my homework that you marked them and gave me some advices to improve my score.


Hi Simon,

I am afraid that Grammar is extremely important in English, but as you said forget it. I mean something contradict between you and me. Hope your reply. Thank you.


Hi Simon,

What I find most difficult in IELTS is retrieving huge information and keeping concentrated during exam. I get disconcentrated
easily and despite the fact I practise hard I cannot pass the exam with proper results. Guys anyone has suggestions? Any medicine there to take to not lose my concentration?


Hi Pharrell,

I think that both suggestions are important , keep grammatically and do not mistake and stop to speaking if you forgot correct grammer , i suppose that simon would like to advice when you forget grammer at that time don't panic for it , be relax and keep going as if you are speaking to your friends, this is better than the other case can not be able to speak. I got message like this from Simon.


It is not possible to speak communicatively and at the same time 'concentrate' on being grammatically correct, without negatively affecting fluency, pronunciation and coherence. Grammatical accuracy is developed through practice and willingness to receive feedback and change, and all of this is before the test. On test day, don't worry at all about grammar - it's too late, and also, it will certainly affect the other areas of the test.

Hi Thomson,

Recognition of the problem is Half of its medicine, and you are already aware of your problem. Just try to Gather your Forces - if you can( it's not easy though.)

Hi Marwan, nice to hear from you!



Please read sjm's comment. Sjm says exactly what I would have said!

Hi simon,

l need to know how to improve my reading score , i got 5.5 three times . each time i study hard and i got every exam the same results ,i need score 6 .


Hi Simon...

In writing Task 2 ( opinion+ disscution)question such as DISCUSS BOTH VIEWS AND GIVE YOUR OPINION, do I need to give my opinion in the introduction or just in the conclusion, and can you write an example of this type of essay because I couldn't find like it in this website.


I'm a student from China,who always pay a visit on your web.You helped me a lot in IELTS,and luckly I got 7 overall,but just 6.5 in writing,could you give me some specific advice that I can make my writing to 7 or higher? Thanks a lot!

Best wishes

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