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Thursday, February 06, 2014


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Thank you Simon!

Simon, I just want to say one more thing, that please you do not need to be sorry for repeating your lessons because there is already a "Great Collection "of your work, so it's absolutely fine even if you repeat your lessons every day ! Thank you for your all Great work !!

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your ideas, I am preparing for General Test and request you to include the Task 1 in your lessons per week.So that can help us better.
First time i gave the test on Dec 14th and My scores in R:6.5,W:6.5,L:6.5 and,S:6.0 which is not enough for me i have to score R:6.5,W:6.5,L:7.5 and S:6.5.

Now i need to put more efforts in scoring the required band.

A Ravi


Thanks Maha and Anas!


There will be a task 1 answer in this Sunday's lesson A Ravi.

Thank you so much, Simon,
It was my question that we need a paragraph as a conclusion in this kind of writings or not, you helped me how it is.
Thank you for your all Great help.

Hi Simon,

How have you been?

As I said many times, your blog is really useful for all the students around the world.

I've noticed you have divided your blog per sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking ,Writing 1 and 2. However, under writing 1 section, you have not divided the topics under subjects, but by date. What do you think if you organise these lessons by Topic. For example, under writing task 1, we would have a lesson related to table chart,one for pie charts, and so on.

Thanks in advance for what you have done to all of us .



Hello Simon!

I'm so grateful for sharing your talents and skills to us. It will really help me to score a band 7 in all sections of academic IELTS on February 15, 2014. I learned a lot from your examples. Thank you so much!

Is it video posted in youtube? What a shame for Chinese people! It is blocked.~~~

could any one tell me the 2014 january and til feb 8 th ielts writing task 1 questions.pls replyyyy..

Hi Russel Liang,

How are you?

It is a pity that you guys in China can not watch youtube videos. As a solution Simon has made some videos available on Vimeo.com.



Server refused connection.
any solution?

Hi Simon,
it seems like the video is not working. Could you please reupload it, or do you have any other solution?

Thank you for your work.


hi sir,
thanks a lot you have been so useful for us you even can't imagine.
i appreciate your hard working, god bless you.

Hi Simon,
Thank you so much
I took the test this month;
the test result are
Listening 7.5
Reading 7.5
Writing 6
Speaking 6.5
Overall 7
Thanks for your IELTS pages
really helpful and resourceful!

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