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Thursday, February 13, 2014


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In 2012, 95%of people use text message to communicate with others and 52% by email.

the percentage should be describing people rather than text or email.

In 2012 more than half (52%) of people used email whereas almost all of them (95%) used text messsage to communicate each other.

In 2012, the percentages of people who use message to communicate each other was 95%, while the percentage of people who use email was just 52%.

In 2012, we can see the usage of mobile communication has been increased enormously, whereas the communication with E-mail was almost half of the text messages. It clearly shows how the people are addicted to use the mobile phones.

It is clearly seen that.The first form of communication in 2012 , it recorded the high percentage about ninety five.Incontast ,the used Email for communication , it was slightly over than fifty percent .

I am waiting your comment Mr Simon

In 2012,text message was used significantly by 85% of people,while the usage of email was only 52 percent of persons.

Text massage was used by 95 percent of people so as to communicate while 52 percent of people had interest to use email as a means of communication in 2012.

In 2012, most of the people used text message as a prefer communication comapred to the only 5 in 10 people used email.

It is noticeable that text message was dominantly used by people in exchanging information with an average of 95 percent in 2012. Almost half percent was interested in using email as a means of communication .

The given sentence lacks the basic stucture i.e no subject or verb is used , so it fails to denote, what the percentages, 95% and 52% are actually used for.

In 2012, 95% of people used text messaging , and just over half (52%) of the population used e-mail as a means of communication.

In 2012, 95% of people used text messages to communicate to each other while only 52% relied on email as there first way of communication.

In 2012,text messaging was the most popular form of comunication with 95 per cent of people using it , while just 52 per cent of people used e-mail.

In 2012,95%of people communicate through text message,while 52% relied on email.

In this report I will describe a table that shows the types of communication used by people in 2012.Looking at the table we can see that the highest proportion of people preferred moblie text messaging as the most effective means of communication(95%), while more than half of the population relied on email(52%) for contacting each other.
This ends my report.

hello everyone
im going to have my exam next sat. in Birmingham who else have ??
I need the magic 4 (7) , im so anxious at the moment and I feel so confused .

This table chart demonstrates the differences between the percentage of text messaging and sending emails. The former got the highest rate of 95% while the latter acquired only 52%.

I forgot to include 2012... :( My IELTS examination on saturday Feb.15..

In 2012, the majority of people were using text message. Whereas, just over half used email.

what about mine ???

In 2012, 95% of people kept in touch with other friends and family by text messaging, while only 52% by Email.

The table shows how people in the year of 2012 communicate with one another. It can clearly be said that text message was more popular than email. People prefer text message to email facilities. 95% people used text message to communicate whereas 52% of the people used email.

In 2012, 95% of people communicated through text message and only 52% of them used email as way of communication.

In 2012, the figures for no. Of people who used text message to communicate were 95% and those for email users were only 52%.

In 2012, 95% of people used text messaging as a way for communication. This figure for using email was only 56%.

In 2012, 95% of people communicated with others through text message, while the percentage of people using email was just over half (52%).

The table clearly illustrate that the rate of people who perefer to communicate to each other via text message was showed %95 while using email was just %50 in 2012.

In 2006, 95% of people prefer text message as part of their communication, while the figure for e-mail user was only 56%.


The table clearly illustrates that the rate of people who perefer to communicate to each other via text message was showed %95 while using email was just %52 in 2012.

The table shows the percentages of people using two types of communication method in the year 2012.

As we can see, the number of people using text messages significantly outweigh the figure for those considered emails as their main communicating mean, which is 95% and 52% respectively.

in 2012, the overwhelming majority of people using test message to communicate with each other was occupied by 95%, while the figure of those keeping in touch via email was only 55%

The percentage of Text messages experienced a more dramatic increase than the percentage of emails accounting for 95 and 54 percent respectively.


Here's the problem:

You can't say "text message was 95%".

"Text message" wasn't anything! The figure "95%" is a percentage of PEOPLE who communicated BY text message.

Be careful with this. Many IELTS candidates write things like "the USA was 95%" when the information refers to the percentage of PEOPLE in the USA.

So here's my correct sentence for the lesson above:

In 2012, 95% of people communicated by text message, while only 52% of people sent or received emails.

Let me add:

1. Many people have a tense issue in task I. If the information is about a past date use simple past and no other tense. Do not mix past and present.

2. Most of the examples above are too complicated, unnatural and full of errors. Keep it simple.

3. Consider not putting numbers in brackets: (52%). It often looks like you are avoiding a preposition because you are not comfortable with them

4. I don't know what a text massage is but I'd like to try one!

Hello Simon and everybody,

I'v been studying for one month and half for my Ielts test on the 22nd of Feb.

any tips and advices for the final week, please?

In 2012, it is clearly that the percentage of people who used the text messaging as a way of communication was almost as twice as that of mail use,at 95% and 52% respectively.

In 2012, the rate of people who used the text message was 95%, while the figure of email was only 52%.

Text message is the most popular means of communicatin, with 95% compared to just 52% of using email in 2012.

In 2012, 95% of people used text message for communication, while only 52% of people used email.

Hi Simon and SJM,

I have a question regarding to the structure sentence. The answer provided by Simon is:

'In 2012, 95% of people communicated by text message, while only 52% of people sent or received emails.'

When I looked at the table, I thought

"this percentage could be written as proportion, than my proposed sentence would be

'In 2012, the proportion of text message used as form of communication was 95%, while it was 52% for email.

Also, I'm not sure if the use of "it" in this sentence is correct. I've tried to refer to "form of communication".

Thank you,


Hello Simon,
Could you introduce more way to describe the percentage of XXX,
in the task 1, i always struggle with repeating the same form in my article. PLZ...

Hi Maha,
Id be grateful if you email me:


In 2012,there were about 95% of people use text message to communicate ,and about 52% of people use emails.

In year 2012,a wast majority of people used text message for cammunication,this figure account 95 percent whereas,just over than half people relyed on emails for communication.

I will write this semtence as given below.
In 2012, 95% of people send text message to communicate,while only 52% of people communicated by email.

Hi M,
Thanks for sending your email ID.I will cotact you soon.


1. I don't usually recommend using 'proportion' for 'percentage' too much. It's not particularly natural. Maybe in the introduction if you want to avoid repeating too many words from the question.

2. You have changed the meaning of the sentence. Simon's looked at the percentage of 'people', while your sentence means something like '95% of the communication between people was done using text messages, and 52% of the communication used email'. This is very different. Also, yes, your use of 'it' here is confusing, as you could be referring back to several things.

3. If you wanted to keep your structure and keep the meaning correct, you would have to write something like:

In 2012, the proportion of people who used text messages to communicate was 95%, while that of email users was 52%.

This is a good example of what I referred to before as 'overcomplex'. It is highly unlikely that non-natives (and even many natives!) would be able to produce something like that accurately, and honestly, it doesn't really increase your IELTS score anyway. Remember, IELTS rewards accuracy of expression through simplicity more than complicated expression with errors.

Hi Simon and all,

I have a query regards to the writing task 1 in Cambridge9 test 4. To be brief, The question mentioned that the graph was based on a report in 2008. while the graph provides information on predicted figures too, should we assume the historical data were up to 2008? And following are projections? However, the sample given in the book takes historical period to 2013 which is the current year.

Will that be considered wrong if I treat 2009 and onwards as the future?

Thank heaps in advance for answering my question!


Great advice SJM. Thanks again for your help!


Mei, don't worry about that too much. In the real exam, the question will be up-to-date, so it will be very clear if they want you to write about the future (e.g. they will use the year 2020 or 2030).

If you did get a question about a past report with future projections, you would need to write something like "the number of x WAS predicted to rise" (i.e. the prediction was made in the past). NB. I've never seen a real exam question like that - questions are usually up-to-date.

My question: There is a lack of "the number of" / "the figure for", etc.

In 2012,95% of the people used text massage for communicate.On the other hand 52% of the people used email for communicate other people.At the same year maximum people used text massage.


Thank you so much for your feedback.

Honestly, I did not try to over complicate the question. Actually, I was just trying to paraphrase it, by looking for similar words,but unfortunately I ended up changing the idea as you said.

In 2012, 95% of people chose text message as their form of communication, whereas only 52% chose email.

In 2012, 95% of people communicate with others by text message, whie only 52% of people use email.

In 2012, the percentage of people who used text message as a form of communication was high at 95%, while the relevant figure of email was only 52%.

In 2012, Most of the people use text message (95%) as a form of communication as compare to use of emails, which was only 52%.

in 2012, most of people using text message to communicate to the others (here I always confused "others"&"the others"), at the rate of 95%; in contrast, only about half of people communicate with others by email, at approximate 52%.

The number of text message users accounted for 95%, while that of those using email was 52%.

Hi Simon, SJM and all,

Please do some necessary corrections for my interpretation if you do have time:

In the year 2012, 95 percent of people used text messaging as a form of communication, while, only 52 percent of the people preferred communicating through the use email.


In 2012, texting message constituted 95% of the total population whereas approximately a half(52%) people used emails for communication.

Dear simon and sjm,
thanks a lot

Ver2.0 after the lesson
In 2012, the propotion of people using text for communication was 95% while that of email users accounted for 52%

In the year 2012, the usage of text message as a means of communication by the people was 95% while that of email received was 52%.

In 2012, 95% of the population tend to use text messages as a form of communication compare to 52% using emails where they find the former is much easier than the latter.

sir simon please tell me ,can we fill reading and listening answer sheet by capital letter only ...

This table describe two category of communication text message and e-mail 2012.
From the table its clear that the percentage of text message reached to 95% ,while e mail was 52%, it mean that user of text message double that e-mail users.

It is evident from the table that in 2012 the figures of text messaging was by far the highest than email, in which just above 9 out of ten people used this service, whereas only 5% more than half of this can be seen in the case of email
(please correct me if I'm wrong)

It is apparent that almost all people prefer to communicate through text messages than sending emails with only more than a half in 2012.

In 2012,text message was most popular among the people which stood 95 percent,at the same time only more than half percentage used email.

In 2012,95 percent people communicate through text messages with each other,while only 52 percent send or receive email.

In 2012, approximately a full of people communicated by text message, while just over a half of people sent or received email

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