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Friday, February 14, 2014


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- Yes, I think newspapers are important absolutely. Because they provide to keep in touch with around world issues. And newspapers ensure to learn newest significant inventions about environment, health and education.

- I don't think so. We use Internet years. The newspaper market is still increasing and there are many newspaper companies. On the other hand, especially some people want to touch paper when they read a newspaper.

- The most important negative consequence is unemployment I think. Many people work in a newspaper fabric to print. If newspapers disappear and Internet replaces them, workers will have to find a new job. Secondly, elder people feel to lack of newspaper more than us. Because old people get hard to use computer.

Ouch! I answered wrong to question 2 completely. Why? Because I'm working now. I have costumers. One minute for client, two minute for Simon. And that's the result. :)

Yes, In my opinion newspapers are very useful.Because it gives us lot of information about what happening throughout the world. And me, i use it not only to get information of the world but to improve my vocabulary and for reading.

No, absolutely not. We know presently lots of people use internet But that doesn't mean that newspaper will disappear. It is available in various languages. educated people can learn the English published papers, but we see that nowadays regional language papers are also available in rural cities, which are very useful for village people where internet usage is a problem, because they don't know how to handle the latest technology.

If newspaper disappeared,Lots of people will face unemployment such as reporters,printing press and even paperboys.and it is difficult to use internet for illiterate and rural areas people.Some of the important jobs such as govt organisations, gives the job notifications in newspaper only, so someone who follow newspaper will never find the right job. And for children Newspaper is a hard copy so they can use it to read as many numbers of times as possible and people often working on computers faces some medical problems such as back-pain and vision loss.

Hi Simon and all,

Please check my ideas and writing part also.
and correct me.


1. In my opinion, newspapers are definitely important in a civilized society. They're heling us stayed connected to the rest of the world. In fact, by simply reading a well written article, we can updated the information related to varied topics such as politics, business, cultures which are daily or weekly adjusted and updated. We can also rely on monthly or quarterly magazines for more valuable points of view.

2. While I agree that the Internet is providing information at a constant speed, I don't think it is going to replace good newspapers, at least in near future provided that newspapers still continue contribute qualified articles.

3. If newspapers were no longer published, our society would not benifit, but suffered from this phenomenon. There would be no home editor to censor trash information from mainstream. In some developing countries, authors haven't even received pay offs for what they have written down and newspapers are currently providing those incentives. If they disappeared, thousands of journalists, reporters would lose their incomes. In addition to it, reading culture would be downgraded.

Yes, I think newspapers are very important in our daily lives. These are collection of different types news from all around the world at low cost.we get knowledge about education, technology, medical and many other fields from this easy available source.also the job vacancies are classified in newspapers, that help to get job either in govt or private sector.

I don't think so, newspapers will stay available even though the use of internet is on increase day by day. Some people prefer newspapers rather than computer Due to easy portability of newspapers. They can read during traveling in bus or sitting in the yard enjoying sunny days.

As no. Of people are working in printing presses and for distribution of newspapers. If these will disappear, they will loss their jobs. It will increase unemployment.

1. Yes, of course, I think news papers are really important,BECAUSE, they play a vital role to keep people informed of various local, national and international matters.Not just this,but they also help to EDUCATE people as they provide articles related to science,medicine or other environmental issues.

2. Well, I do think that poularity of newspapers has certainly dropped because of the internet, BUT, I'm not sure whether in future the internet will replace them completely.. BECAUSE , there are several advantages of reading newspapers.FOR EXAMPLE, they are not expensive and easily available.One can enjoy reading a newspaper almost anywhere,without having to worry about the internet access.

3. If newspapers disappeared , the whole business of print media will collapse, and the people associated with this field will lose their jobs which will lead to unemployment that in turn will affect the country's economy.
FURTHERMORE, many people will miss that 'instant enjoyable reading experience 'that a newspaper offers, AND, people ,like the older generation ,who have a habit of reading a daily newspaper will be left only with the option to strain their eyes by using computers or digital devices.

Yes, newspapers are very important because people wants to find out the latest news in the current affairs locally and internationally.

In my opinion, I do not think that newspaper will disappear as a result of the internet for some reasons. Firstly, most of the people will rely on newspaper for the actual truth. Secondly, newspaper is convenient and very practical to own. Finally, newspaper is focusing on the real news.

There are disadvantages if newspapers disappeared such as many of the journalists will become unemployed as well as those people working and contributing on the articles. Those who lived in the remote area without electricity, cannot access on the latest news around the world.

Dear All,

Here are my sample answers:

1) Well, I think newspapers used to be very important because they were the only sources for domestic and international news. They were also the only resources for people looking for jobs. However, I think newspapers are no longer important because they are being quickly replaced by "online newspapers" and very few people still buy them nowadays. From what I know, things that you can expect in a newspaper can easily be found on the Internet.

2) Yes, definitely. I know that some older people still tend to choose the newspapers to read every day, but most of the younger generation are now opting for online news and information. Social media is also replacing the newspapers because it is so convenient and people can easily catch the latest news when checking their Facebook or Twitter accounts. In my case, I haven't read the news from a newspaper for years and I think it will continue this way, so I think newspapers will eventually disappear and everything will be Internet-based.

3) Mmm... I don't think there will be any negative consequences when newspapers disappear. In fact, I think the positive aspect is that we won't need to cut any trees anymore for printing newspapers and it will be a huge relief for the environment. Also, as I said, more and more people nowadays are relying on the Internet to read the news, so I don't think we will even notice it when the newspapers disappear.

@ maha

A good one, really improving day by day.

In my opinion, newspapers has become very essential part of any human being specially elderly people.It gives us the information throughout the world about spotrs, political news, events happened and it also make customers up to date.

Ohh,NO no no, Its impossible to happen. although, it is very true that newspapers cell are increasing after the flourish of internet these days. It is a little bit complex to first open a computer and find or read the logical newspaper on the screen rather than just pick it from the floor and read this.

If it disappear, obviously some problem comes gradually in our daily life like people can't get the latest news the very morning and some missed it when in needed.
we young people can have a little problem but can managed and elderly person got depressed then.

Thanks Arslan, it seems you are good at record keeping.

Hi, I just discovered this website 2 months ago and I always follow your posts almost everyday. I particularly like this topic given by Simon. I love this. Thanks Simon for this topic. I always find problems to speak long enough in this section. Now I know what to say in this section. Tks again.

Hi Simon. Here's my answers:

Yes, newspapers are very important because they play the role of spreading information to the public. People learn about politics, economics, social security, science as well as entertainment from newspapers. They provide local, domestic and international news.

No, I don't think so. Although the Internet development has brought us a very convenient life, newspapers still can't be replaced easily. Lots of people still rely on newspapers every day to gain the latest information because newspapers have some irreplaceable advantages. They are easy to access and affordable. You can just get one in a convenient store, without worrying about the Internet access.

If newspapers disappeared, the whole print media business would collapse. Many journalists or other people associated with this field would be unemployed and thus affect the entire economy. Also, people living in a distant area without Internet access or electricity would be hard to obtain the latest news. Many elders would also be affected since they grew up with reading newspapers to gain information. They would be forced to learn to use the Internet to read the news.

Hi guys ....
Iam looking for some body to practice some Ilets speaking with each other ... I've got 6.5 and wanna bring it up to band 7 ....

My skyPe Id : slloom2014

Yes, newspapers are very essential for information dissemination of what is happening around the world. People used to read this to learn and be aware of the daily news when it comes to politics, health, economy and even jobs.

I dont think newspapers will disappear and be replaced by internet because not all people have the knowledge of using computers especially the people in rural areas. Also people particularly the elders are used to hold papers in reading news. More and more people are still patronizing newspapers.

I think the major disadvantage that I see is if the productions of newspapers will stop their will be a great effect in the employment of people who work in the the companies of the papers the writers, publications, editors, and even the newspaper boys.

Newspaper are hard to replace even with the invent and booming of internet.
We have structured our routine to taking newspaper early in the morning with one hand and sipping coffee with another.
Newspaper supply all the information in a single booklet in comparison with internet where you have depend on the speed, select and click and then read.
The way newspaper has reached the masses deep down in the rural areas, internet has not travelled so much., though it is increasingly becoming popular
A combination of both the internet and newspaper readers would still be very much with their appopriate segment at any point.
While it is difficult to read thru mobile gadgets during commutation, newspapers score high in this area. the tabs are not safe to always browse thru, leave alone another risk of connectivity at various places
Conclusively each media has their own segment which will keep improving without actually replacing one another.

Q)In your opinion, are newspaper important?
:Definitely it is very important to know daily information via newspaper to the people. The information such as social, economy, politics and weather are so essential. All articles discuss about our real life, that's why I think most of people want to know what's going on the world which surrounded them.

Q)Do you think that newspaper will disappear as a result of the internet?
: No, not at all. I know when electronic books came out to the world, nobody said that real book still will be uesd by the public. This would be the same trend. Also already the Internet news is very popular, still newspaper stay with us nowadays. So that's why I do not agree with newspaper will disappear due to the Internet.

Q) What negative consequences might there be if newspapers did disappear?
Well if newspaper did disappear, ther internet news will be popularity. The biggest negative consequence would be that is very accessible to everyone. It certainly is one of the benefits of the Internet but, in other words, easy to access means we can not recognize what information is true exactly. Credibility play an important role in the news, Internet news certainly have lack of this function.

I read newspaper daily.when i woke up in the morning first thing i do read the newspaper.the newspaper that i have been reading from last 6-7 years is times of India .I read newspaper not only for gether information but also to improve my vocabulary.

This newspaper published in various languages beside of English language like punjabi, Hindi, Marathi so, it is easy for the people who can not under the other language except their native language.especially for the old people the usage of computer.

It also responsible for the employment of enormous people.The main purpose it offers a lot of information related to society , entertainment,sports and many more.basically it gives a lot of information what is happening around the world

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