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Friday, February 21, 2014


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A good example and a very useful feedback, Thank you. I hope we will keep getting advice and feedback from our Dear Teacher/ Teachers like that.

thank you....really helpful way for part 3 questions....

Hi Simon, can the same method be used on writing task 2? I find they are quite similar in the way they compose, am I right? Thanks.

Hi Simon,

Thank you for another terrific lesson!

I have a question for you regarding to adding more details to the answer.

Are we allowed to say things like " if the newspaper didnt exist, we wouldnt have.."? I thought we had to stick to the point.

So, the more I try to show off or extend my conversation adding different grammar structures, the higher the chance to score a better score?



Hey Braulio,
The sentence: "If the newspaper didn't exist, we wuouldn't have..." is the type 2 condition.

Dear Simon
I'm studying your idea of items topics. There is an expression 'Some children are used to getting whatever they want'.
Is it correct? Shall we say 'used to do' or 'used to doing'?

Thank you,it is a very useful feedback.

Newpapers are very important to be read in daily basis because it update you about what is going on around the world. Although if you go onto the internet you can still catch some news and ideas around the globe, the information been given by newspaper are more realistic and sensible.


1. There is no score in the speaking test for 'sticking to the point'. Candidates who do this usually limit their expressions and language and therefore often do worse.

2. Even if you did have to 'stick to the point' then a conditional like Simon used would be entirely relevant

thaks simpon for providing informative tips for speaking

I had exam.got trough.but last time speaking was tougher than previous.now they put some uncommon topics.i had to speak a competition I would like to participate.how I would prepare it and how I face it.
Also 3rd section I was asked to talk public recognition.what are the factors which helps, who would recognise by public etc..


Thank you for your comment. In say that, so to jump from a 7.5 level to a 9.0 level under the grammar criteria, I should try to extend my conversation as much as possible? What's your personal advice to not start talking unnecessary things?

Hi Hang,

Thank you for point that out. I totally agree with you.



Dear Simon
This is Sean who have followed your blog for 2 years. Often I left some questions under your daily post but hardly get any respond. Therefore I decide to write to you today for some urgent questions.

1.is Latin terms such as ‘post hoc’ ’status quo’ ‘etc’ etc ok in academic IELTS writing?

2.is mixing different accents(pronunciations of words between countries) ok in speaking?

hope to hear you soon

Sincerely Yours

hey friends,

I will be sitting an IELTS exam in this May.

do you all like to practice speaking on skype?
if yes, please add my skype "evening.star2504"

thank you and look forward to meeting you all there.


The speaking test is about quality of language (vocabulary and grammar) and quality of delivery (fluency and pronunciation). It is not about being relevant except in extreme cases. The examiner will stop you if they want to redirect you. If you want to achieve a 9 under the grammar criteria then you will have to make no errors in the entire test, and use natural structures (that means using varying sentence lengths like a native). This is highly unlikely.

thank you, simon

Hi Simon

I have some problems with my tongue. I want to know that how it will influence my speaking score?

Thanks in advance

Hi guys ....
Iam looking for some body to practice some Ilets speaking with each other ... I've got 6.5 and wanna bring it up to band 7 ....

My skyPe Id : slloom2014

thanks simon your tips are really helpful

Hi Sjm,

Thanks again for another great feedback.

In my opinion, is highly unlikely that us (ielts candidates) wont make any grammar errors during the speaking test. But, native speakers also break the 'grammar rules' when they speak their languages, dont you think? I remember one of Simon's lessons (not sure which one though) , he states even committing little grammar mistakes, the candidate would still be able to achieve a band 9.0.

Anyway, Do you give private lessons? I'm looking for someone who could tell me what I have to improve to get to that 9.0 level.

All the best,


hi slloom, i want to practice speaking too , i got 6.5 in the last exam. my skype ID tuticork ,you can add me.

Anyone interested in IELTS preparation add skype piyush.patel2005.


I m going to take ielts exam next april 5th if anyone want to practise speaking with me you can add me on skype. My skype id is ataursyl

This is Afrid Prodhan. Recently I am going to attend IELTS exam. That's why I am looking for someone to practice IELTS speaking with each other.
If anyone interested to speak with me just send me a request in my skype id.

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Hi, this is selina
I want to find a partner to practice speaking.
Connecting with me if u want to be my partner.
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Hi Simon
It's so good advise .Please give more advise

My answer:

Absolutely yes. In my opinion, newspapers are very important because they get us updated on daily events.they cover more of what's happening and do so in greater detail. If newspapers didn't exist, as I see it, people wouldn't have chances to read those in-depth report which exclusively appear in newspaper sections. For example, TV newscast are always filed with news with good visual effect while newspapers can cover stories which are likely to be ignored by TV news.

My problem: always spend some time(about 10 minutes) to finalize my final answers(sometimes I have to search the reasons since I cannot figure them out by myself). Painful. and I am easily getting panic when taking speaking exam, facing the examiner.

hi examine this
Newspapers are very important, it keep you in touch with last events that happened in all over the world, every newspaper have staff of reporters in many part of the word that they pass information a lot of information in many life events, beside that it considered as a hobby that some people enjoy it.
Reading newspaper give you feeling of knowledge as a result of reading different essay such as scientific, historical and reality, this make you feel refreshment and give you many information that you many never get and some time it re correct some false information.
Low pries is one of the motivation that make newspaper very public between different part of community.

Dear simon,I really want to get i6.5, could you add my skype : thinhtien6484. thanks for your feedback.

I had a speaking test last week. i was asked few questions about friends , family and driving . The weird thing that i noticed was that the examiner did really let me expand my answer ,as i was uttering 2 to three sentences ,she was quickly moving on to the next question. so i am bit worried about why she was in rush.can you please tell me is it a good thing or a bad.i will be grateful for your reply.

I need a my favourite journalists essay with example I try to much ever where but I can't find so please help me for this topic and give write answer.


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