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Friday, February 07, 2014


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Got my result....extremly happy.... L-7, R-6, w- 5.5, s-5.5 Overall 6... I needed 5 in each...its unexpctd... Thnx to simon sir...it is jst bcoz of him......love tht site.....beautiful journey wid it.... Thnks a lot sir...


Thank you so much for this useful topic

thank you so much,....

This is very good. Tnx mr simon

Hello Simon,

Im Evz from Philippines. Im so poor when it comes to English Speaking, but they said Im good in Writing. And I dont have any problem with reading and listening. Im scared when it comes to Speaking. My mind will go mental block. What do you think is my problem? Can you give me some tips to improve it? What to do? Thank you!


I need help. Anyone having strong command on 'Matching Headings' task. I need supervision and guidance. I would be eternally grateful to him/her. Thanks in anticipation.

Arslan Saeed

Hello Evz,

I'm not Simon but maybe my experience could be helpful for you. When it comes to speaking English I forget nearly everything I learned about English. In the Internet I found websites where you can talk to other people to get more practice in Speaking English. For example, I'm German and I'm searching for people who want to learn German. In exchange they help me with my English. For me it's also a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world and sometimes making new friends :-) Here are two Links: http://www.language-exchanges.org/

Hope this helps.


We can help each other, if you are good in reading. I'll help in improving your speaking skills. But if you are good in reading. Thanks


Thanks, Simon.

Thanks,Simon . This is good .

Hi Simon,
I should say thank you
I have got my result in academic l.6 r.7 .wr.6 s.6.5 overall.6.5 that was enough for my education thanks alot
I will continue with your site till I can achieve 7 for general in each band

Hi Simon,
I would say that I really like the way you dal with IELTS. You are really smart guy,although never want to show this in your answers.

Would you please tell me whether it is correct A few basic in this sentence?

If all children knew how to cook A FEW BASIC, healthy meals


Hi Simon !
I am from Poland but I am living in Netherlands because I am going to study in Rotterdam.Today I received my academic IELTS results : L-5 R-7 W-6,5 S-7 overall-6,5. Do you think the result of this is enough to be able to enroll in college even though I got only 5 from listening module ? Does the overall result is the most important ?
PS: Your website helped me a lot.Your method of teaching is the best and I would recommend it to anyone who intends to sign up for this exam
You are doing very good job !!!

Thank you very much ... But I need a little help from you .... I am from Syria so I haven't use English in life ever and I am having the exam next month so.. I am looking for someone to speak with him !!!!
Please send me an email on abdullahyousef.2013 @hotmail.com
Thanks again

i have exam next month ,March,please help me about speaking i need some one who is power in speaking my email is srostamy1382@gmail.com

Dear IELTS test takers,

If anyone wants to swap strategies, tips, techniques or methods of your preparation with me, you're welcome. In addition to that, if you're incurring any kind of difficulty in any task, you can ask for it. Also, it's my request to those who are very good in reading module, do share your experience. Therefore, feel free to share and ask. Thanks

Arslan Saeed

@Arslan Saeed
Do you have difficulties in general reading or academic? I think the key success factor for general reading is vocabulary. You can record every new word in your desktop or smart phone.
For me, I am worry about my speaking and writing parts.

Hello Sir Simon,

I got L7.5 R7.5 W7 S7.5
I had only 1 1/2 month for preparation but I strictly followed your strategies and guidance especially in speaking and writing. So I got such a wonderful result. Thank you so much for your support Sir :)
Wish everybody can get ur expected band scores!!!

I will never forget your gratitude and thanks again Sir.
I highly recommend this site to everyone

congratulation Dawn
Can you please share your ielts experience
I need 7 in part and I took ielts exam 4times and I only got 6.5
with R6 L6 W6.5 S6.5 pleas can you tell me how to prepare for your
exam and whic books you studied from.

Brain storms for speaking:

A famous person you would like to visit:
- Name : Ali Dai /Age and place of bith:42/Ardabil city/Iran
- Occupation/profession: soccer player and businessman
- Appearance: tall/black hair/a bit chubby
- Personality: honest/serious/frank
- Education: master in engineering
- Marital status: married/one kid
- Social status: rich/tycoon
- Reasons for success+ being famous

Last book you read:

- Book name: Author/publisher/language
- Who introduced/internet/bought :price
- Hardcover:200 pages and cover design
- Story of the book
- Points/things you learned from

Your favourite foreign city:

- London
- General information: location/capital/10 million population/4 international airports
- Language/culture
- Weather/season
- Foods and drinks: restaurants/cafes/coffee shops/street markets
- Transportation: metro/cab/bus
- Reasons you love this city: people/universities
- Tourist attractions: church/shopping centres/monuments
- Cost of living: high/ currency//safety

I need someone who is good at speaking and wants to practise with me.

Skype ID: burcu.ayaz_1

Hello Khairia,
Thank you so much!!!
For reading and listening, I practised with Cambridge, test plus ,action plan, and also all the books that is available as ebooks. You can freely download them from gmatclub. For writing, I tried to remember useful vocabs and phrases from this website and read at least 5-6 example writings.
Speaking is my weakest portion so I gave much time on it. I printed out all the speaking answers given by sir simon and practised them thoroughly and prepared to cover all the topics. As Sir Simon suggests, I tried to use my ideas from old topics in a new one.
It is just a piece of advice but I hope it is useful for you.
Wish you get your desirable band score soon :)

Hi, Simon,

I would like to ask you give some hint in speaking a part2 topic: describe a film you dislike. you should say : what it was,where you watched this film,why you choose to watch this file,and explain why you disliked this film

Dear All,

I've been quite busy lately, but here are my sample answers to these questions:

1. I like cooking only if it's for myself. Cooking for others gives me too much pressure, so I prefer to take my time to prepare a meal with the ingredients I like.

2. My mom did most of the cooking when I was a kid. But once in a while, one of my elder sisters would help out and prepare a quick meal for us.

3. No, I don't think it's important to know how to actually cook well. To me, the taste or presentation of a meal is not that significant. What I would care most is the healthy ingredients I add to make it a complete meal.

4. Yes, definitely. Learning the basics of cooking should be part of any kid's growth. I think learning how to cook is one of the steps to be a mature and independent person!

Hi guys ....
Iam looking for some body to practice some Ilets speaking with each other ... I've got 6.5 and wanna bring it up to band 7 ....

My skyPe Id : slloom2014

Hi, Please comment on my answer.

1. I don't just like cooking, I actually love it because it is one way of expressing myself.

2. As I can remember my father is a great cook and he do all the cooking when I was a child. He was also the one who taught me how to cook well.

3.Definitely, for a mother like me it is very important to cook well to prepare healthy and nutritious foods for the family.

4. Yes I think learning to cook should be included in the curriculum of the students in the school because it is important that children knows the basic in cooking . It is for them to have this basic knowledge that they can use especially when they are alone by them selves. Things that they can use when they grow up.

1. Do you like cooking? Why / why not?

I love cooking, because it is adventure for me, I want to cook different dishes from different cultures and then want to compare the taste. I like different taste.

2. Who did the cooking in your family when you were a child?

My mom used to cook for me and for all family. I remember when I was just 13 years of age I spent some time with my mom in helping cooking. This was the turning point where I got interest in cooking. My mom is very good cook.

3. Do you think that it's important to know how to cook well?

I strongly believe cooking is very good skill to have to be successful in daily life. For example while travelling to different countries and moving to place where food is bad quality you can cook for your self and enjoy rather eating untasty food.

4. Do you think that children should be taught cookery at school?

Children must have comprehensive program for cooking. I remember when I was child my sister used to have cooking classes in school and she used to made lot of dishes just as experiments and we love to eat. I suggest this cooking should be for both gender.

Ohh sir Simon speaking part is tuff for me,hve to get practice well,help with some tips.

salut simon
I am your fan now, I preparing the ielts for 6 months. but the overall only 5.5 .
I am disappoinment with it . and lost my faith,
last month I found your web is very useful to me.
I took the tips form this web. and practiced speaking with partner who also study exam.


please help me as soon as possible...i ma really week in speaking & writing module ...any one which are like to help me ... my skype id is muddassirzulifqar.....& my paper was held on next month plzzzz help me...

Dear Sir,
I have been trying for last one year.But i have got only 5.5,i am really disappointed.I am really weak at speaking and writing.Please tell me how can i improve myself?

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