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Monday, February 24, 2014


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Haven't tried yet but it sounds very exciting. You always have some or the other trick up your sleeve and i'm thankful for that.

have anybody remembered academic reading answers of 15th feb,2014

very handy advice. I used to do something similar to this when it comes to listening.
Here are the things I did:
1. listen to the recordings without looking at questions.
2. write words:
- numbers, dates, names some words etc. for section 1
- some phrases, words or even ideas that are highly likely to be the key in answering the question.
3. look at the questions and answers if I were right.

Surprisingly, about 50-60% of my guess would be right or at least quite similar to those of real ones.

I think this is the way you kind of 'control' the test which increases self-assurance.

Thank you.

The problem is that if you are qualified to paraphrasing :)

Hi, Simon,

i have a question on preparing the writing tasks.

To save time, i'd prefer to prepare ideas in keywords but not in your way which prepares several sentences. For me, i can expand my idea from the words, but it might take me more time as composing the main body, even though it can save time for preparing ideas.

Do you have any suggestion on this?

Thank you very much

Hi Simon,

Can you please Help me with this ;

Competitiveness is considered to be a positive quality among people.
How does competitiveness affect individuals?
Is competitiveness a positive or negative quality?

1. Is there any DIFFERENCE BETWEEN " How does competitiveness affect individuals / What aspect does it bring???

2. What should we write in the introduction?

3. How should we respond to this,for e.g 2nd Paragraph should be discussing its Effects OR what does it BRING.. and the 3rd Para should be discussing the NEGATIVES AND POSITIVES ( if a balanced opinion) OR NEGATIVES OR POSITIVES ( if strong opinion).

I do have an opinion and Content in my head, BUT I'm really CONFUSED how should I RESPOND TO THE TASK ???
Really Looking forward to your Help !!

My teacher just told me to extract information from newspaper and he attempts us to make our questions into IELTS Reading question. I don't really know where to start.

Simon can you suggest me any advices to cope with it?

Have a look on my essay, it may help you....

Competitiveness is considered to be a positive quality among people.
How does competitiveness affect individuals?
Is competitiveness a positive or negative quality?
It is true that the sense of competition among people is considered to be a good aspect of their personality. In fact, many people tend to be more competitive in order to improve their life. Thus, I feel that being competitive is a positive quality.
There is no doubt that individuals can be affected by the sense of competition in many ways. Firstly, people are often being competitive when they need to complete tasks that seem difficult or unachievable. Take school students as an example. They are encouraged to be competitive in order to make schools’ curriculum more interesting and enjoyable instead of being bored and demanding. This can make students studying for many hours and score higher marks. Secondly, it is believed that competitiveness gives individuals the ability to work harder in order to achieve their targets in either personal or career life. For instance, many companies prefer employees who tend to compete because they would meet and exceed the company’s goals.
Some people argue that competitiveness is a negative quality because it may raise the tension among individuals. They claim that members of society should help each other instead of compete. However, I am more convinced with the fact that competitiveness is a huge source of motivation which makes people keen to improve their life. Moreover, competitiveness enhances the creativity of individuals, so they can be more effective in their society.
To conclude, competitiveness is a highly remarkable quality among people because it makes their life easier and more interesting. Although, competitiveness could enhance the tension between individuals, this is true but in only few cases. Therefore, I believe that competitiveness is not only a positive quality, but also an essential element in advanced society.

Hi Mohamad Casha,
Thank you for sharing your essay. It's quite good actually, and it seems you follow Simon's instructions very well.
I have prepared an essay, have a look at my essay please and any feedback is welcome. I'm Worried about my Task Response.

Competitiveness is regarded as a good trait in one's personality.In my opinion, it is destructive in nature and it causes more harm than any good.

Competing against each other might help to keep us motivated in certain situations,like in sports,education or business.It forces us to work hard. But soon this competitiveness turns into jealousy and rivalry. A competitive culture leads the idea that it is not enough to be good, but we must triumph over others.Competitiveness is a recipe for hostility. It gives the message to regard others as obstacles in our own success. By competing against each other ,we are less able to take the perspective of others, for example a study demonstrated conclusively that competitive children were less empathetic and less generous than others.

Encouraging competition is actually counterproductive. Firstly, there is a good evidence that productivity in the workplace suffers as a result of competition. Secondly, several studies have concluded that children do not learn better when they are compelled to compete against each other in education. Trying to be number one distracts them from what they are supposed to be learning. It makes them anxious and that interferes with concentration. Finally, it also prevents the individuals share their talents and resources with others in the community.

To conclude, trying to outdo one another has far more serious implications for individuals living in a society. It promotes hatred and does not permit harmonious relationships with others.

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