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Monday, February 10, 2014


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That's exactly what I am doing at the moments. Since I've seen you post some keyword tables on this website, I've tried to do it and amazingly,a lot of improvement! Thank you Sir! You're the best.

@ Lynn

Could you share your strategies in detail with me. This is my mailing id: arslan_saeed33@yahoo.com. I'd be eternally grateful to you. Thanks


I have improved my reading skill from 5.5 to 7 within 2 months by using this technique. Amazing, thanks so much Simon

This is 2 month that I get stock on 5.5 with 28 correct out of 40. Please share your experience with me over this matter.tnx
email: momenpour.amin@gmail.com

can you tell me how i can take note and find out keywords in long reading passages please ? i read a passage again and again but i cant find any keyword for my question :(

I found some altertive vocalbulary in Reading Test Cam 1 to Cam 9 in this site. Thanks you very much Simon.

Thank you)))))))

Hi Ausoek can you please explane to me
in detail how did you do to improve your scor
in reading from5.5to7 I need 7 but Istuck with
6 in my 4th attempted .

Iam not trying ielts reading skills before .so I need more help.

Hi Khairia,

I was stuck in 5.5 in 3 attempted. After 1.5 months I follow Simon's tip, I got 6.5. As I keep the same way to practice, I got 7 after 2 weeks. & now I've stayed at 7 in 4 exam without paying attention for reading practice(because I need 7 for each skill).

The books that I read, as in order:
- Cambridge 6789
- Recent test from 2010-2012 (6 test)
- IELTS practice test plus 123
- IELTS reading practice Peter May

I've practiced in few steps:
- Do the test as sitting in a real exam
- Check the answer to know the score and weakness
- Go back to the passage to work out the answers and make a keyword table. Make sure I understand why, where the answers are. Which keyword that help to find out the answers.
The final step is really important. I spent 1hr to do the reading test, but i spent 2-4hr for the final test. Remember what Simon said: YOU CANT IMPROVE IF YOU KEEP TESTING YOURSELF.
Keyword table is really useful for most of questions: headings, MCQ, T F NG, filling the gaps... As long as I made the table, I realized that how the questions are paraphrased from the passages. When I keep doing the real test, I could predicted the keyword when I read the question, from that I was easier and quicker to skim & scan which part may contain answers. After I locate the part may contain the answer, I read in detail & try to understand to find out the right answers.
My weakness is vocabulary, sometimes I could not understand the question, so I could not find out the keyword. Only way to improve is when I check the answer, I also use dictionaries & learn from keywords that I made.
For T F NG, try to do all the lesson from Simon & Cambridge, make sure I understand the difference. If i sill get confused, keep practicing and working out why that is NG or T or F.
I also have some tips to do reading test:
- Read all the suggest from Simon .
- Do headings and which paragraph contain which information last. Read the headings first, make sure i can summarize the idea & then go back to each part, read few first & last sentences. The whole idea is we must understand the main idea of each paragraph. However, for "which part contain which info" question, technique is quite different, my suggest is read information first, go back & read the passage. This means it doesnt require us summarize, more about details...
- Filling the gaps is quite easy, read the first 2 sentences, find out keywords, go back passage to scan where the keywords are, read in details to find answers
- The rest type of questions is all depend on whether I get the keywords or not.
However, those tips is not the main idea. As long as you can really understand the process of keyword, you will find your own tips . With below 6.5, it is ok to work out with tips (skim & scan without really understand) to do exam, but if you want to get above 7, it requires you really understand, skim & scan are only useful if you understand the question & know the keyword.
Hope this helps.

Do we need to indent each paragraph in both writing tasks?

Thank you so much @ismail

Dear Ausoek and other friends , please share your listening experience with me if you have... I desperately need listening practice but I dont exactly what resources I can benefit from...?

Dear Arslan,
In fact, I have no secrets of how to improve reading skill quickly.Honestly,I just follow some simple techniques and practice everyday. Firstly,I skim the reading passage, just slow enough to make sure I recognize the main idea of the passage. Then, I read and analyse questions thoroughly. Finally, I read it in details. I definitely agree with the idea that there are no tricks or secrets but practice which can make you improve. I try spend some times everyday to read some online materials such as http://www.newscientist.com/. It is really amazing.To tell the truth, My first attempt to complete a reading test. I just got 28/40. Now that I always get 32 out of 40 or more just in a few months of practice. Why don't you try using the technique that Mr. Simon offer and apply to yourself. This is my fb account www.facebook.com/than.linh.3.
Hope this helps :)

Hi everyone,
I took the test several times but i cant manage to score 7. My major problem is writing. I read a comment about assey correction , how can i do it?
Iam wondering if anyone can help me and give me cambridge7,8 and 9.Here is my email dalalaliah@yahoo.com
thank you

I have improved my listening from 5.5 to 6.5, writing from 6 to7.5 from simons technique in my 2nd attempt GT. But i can't improve my reading and i am stuck at 5, i need at least 6 in each band for immigration purpose. Any body please help me in this matter, how i should practice. Cam i am solving, i have problem in vocabulary and finding keyword. Thank you. Email: nasir108925@yahoo.com

Hi Ausoek
than you for your reply I will follow your advice
good luck .
thanks a lot

Dear Sir Simon
I have two tested and I get in the first test 4.5 in listening 4.0 reading 4.5 writting 3.5 speaking
and in the second exam 3.5 listening 4.0 reading 5.0 writting 4.5 speaking
please what can you advise me
my sir I have your ebook and I am reading now it is very fine book

Hi Simon,

I'm confident with my vocabulary for reading and paraphrasing is not quite a problem; however, it's still quite hard for me to get band score 8.5. My recent result for Cambridge books are 36 - 34 - 36 - 30 - 29. What can I do to utilize all of effort I've spent on learning new vocab. Actually, I'm dreaming of band score 9 in reading. Can anyone give me suggestions?

Hi Ausoek

Where can i get the mentioned material
- Recent test from 2010-2012 (6 test)
- IELTS practice test plus 123
- IELTS reading practice Peter May

Can you please send me the link??

A Ravi

Hi Simon

Your site is really helpful.I want to practice some real exam questions. Is there any resource where I can find them? for example from the question bank I would like to practice from 2013. In this site I saw people are giving hints of topic in listening and reading. How can I get the full question and answer of recent exams?

please , send me all of technical answer about reading and listening

i want at the moment only one step to start with to improve my reading

hi there
i need this tips in my reading and listening parts my previous score was 5.5
i tried again 14/march/2015 but it was difficult, am waiting the score but thinking to repeat.

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