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Sunday, February 02, 2014


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I just had a general Ielts test yesterday, 1th of Feb. Reading was very hard! My general reading is usually 7 or 7.5 but that reading was so tricky! I stuck on the task one which is usually the easiet! Although my weakness was always writing, I did it very good! I wish I could perfome well on reading as well! I need 7777

• a real family heirloom
• it's like part of the family
• for several generations.
• a collector's item
• wide of the mark
• less concerned about economics
• language learning
• over a period
• It is certainly true
• Extremely useful
• Essential tool
• In all areas
• Replace teachers completely
• grown up with it
• grandfather clock
• 2 meters tall
• Passed down=handed down
• Might have been
• A decorative feature
• Functional
• modern society
• t seems to be too materialistic
• . is a victim of consumer culture.
• bombarded with advertising
• perfectly functional.
• even an addiction

• dominated the contest .
• were notable exceptions to the trend .almost double the amount that any previous winner had eaten.
• Contestant.
• reigned as hot dog eating champion
• took hot dog eating to new heights .
• in the allotted 15 minutes.

Hey, simon when will you start online IELTS preparation classes ? Because I live in London so I can not take face to face class in Manchester. Please inform me as soon as possible because just I saw your previous post in which you had mentioned about online classes will be started in February .

Hi elnaz,
if you don't mind please contact me, I'd like to ask you some questions.


- a large wooden cabinet which houses the machinery of the clock
- chimes on the hours

-the proportion of the population

- what constitutes the good life?
- merely to acquire greater wealth
-the financial system crashed
-takes such questions head-on
-as he envisioned
-our wants have seemingly gone unsatisfied
-was mistaken
-arguing from the premise
- economics is a moral science
- from Aristotle to the present
-strayed from the ideal
- a call to think anew

- undiscovered material
- however romantic it may seem


Hi simon,

Please can you tell me what's the difference in scoring 6 and 6.5 in writing!? I was reading through your old posts....and I came across one in which you mentioned that if you are scoring 6.5 in writing....u know the format you just have to avoid small mistakes ....so what if you are scoring 6 in writing :/!?

Hi. I just read the first comment and eagerly want to join your online classes. Plz. update us when you goint to start classes. Hope it will help a lot of students.


Hi Simon. My question is regarding the last speaking lesson in which u didn't use much specific topic related vocabulary. However u use much pharasal words. Plz tell us how important phrasal words as compared to topic vocabulary.


Great lists Khoory and Maha. Good work!


Hi Zoha and Bikram,

Hopefully later this month. I'll put news here on the site as soon as I can.


Hi Sarah,

Again, it's a small difference. I'd advise you to try to develop your ideas in the main body paragraphs of task 2 a bit more. This could give you a higher 'task response' and 'vocabulary' score.


Hi Uzi,

Phrasal verbs can also be considered 'topic vocabulary' if they relate to the topic. For example, when I said that the grandfather clock had been 'passed down' or 'handed down', those phrasal verbs are also good examples of topic vocabulary.

Dear Simon,
Heaps of thanks for the precious tips you share everyday.Here is a list of some words which, I thought ,can be useful.

Verbs and phrases:

To win a contest
To dominate the contest
To have notable exceptions
To double the amount
To take something to the new heights
To reign
To criticize someone/something
To focus too much on something
To agree with something to some extent
To progress smoothly
To unravel a mystery

Passive forms:

To be held by
To be kept on a lead
To be persuaded to / may be persuaded to purchase
To be bombarded with advertising
To be seen as a / This could be seen as a demonstration that


Eating Contest=competition
Possessions= items=things
An addiction

Some adverbs:



Noticeable point
Functional device
Applicable way
Obsessive consumers
Novel ideas

Hi Simon,
I interest to join your IELTS class but I live in Indonesia. Have you any plan to make online IELTS class as you do in Manchester? I think it will useful for other students outside Manchester.

Hi Mr. Simon,,,
Thanks a lot for your efforts for helping IELTS candidates through this website.
I did the exam in 18th of January and I got the following marks:
1. Listening 4
2. Reading 4.5 (I couldn't complete the last passage)
3. Writing 4.5 (I answered the task 1 completely, but I couldn't complete the task 2, I only wrote about 50 words)
4. Speaking 6
and overall 5.
I need your advice that enable me repeat the exam and achieve at least 6 in overall, because its important requirement to join to MBA Course.
Do you think that I can repeat the exam within one month only?

Hi Megaa,

I'm hoping to do my first "live" online class later this month. I just need to get the technology setup right! Look out for news here on the site soon.


Hi Moustafa,

It will be difficult to improve by a whole band in only one month, but it's not impossible. Work hard, do lots of practice, and try your best!

Hi Mr.Simon,
Thankx a lot for your great website, especially in academic writing task 1 and 2 you helped me tremendously, I can't thank you enough... I received my results l.9 r.7 w.7 s.8 overall 8.

A humble advice from me: Cambridge Vocabulary and Grammar books are great sources as well and try to listen everyday a podcast/video from BBC 6 min English and TED.com.

Warm regards from Turkey.

hi, i want to improve vocabulary for reading section .plz help me

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