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Saturday, February 22, 2014


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Yeah, it's definitely true.
After I took a writing class, I pushed myself to finish the assignment. Now I get used to writing essays, and find it an interesting learning process.

Hi Simon, I am a new reader of your blog but I don't understand from where I should start reading. please give me a instruction.

Dear Siomon sir, I have recently joined your website.I have found your lessons very helpful and powerful. This advice is specifically what I need to follow.But sir i have a question, i do not understand what is a conditional sentence. Please can you help me or give some examples.thank you very much.

I think we call it "Subconsciously or nature reflections", do we? :) And so funny, your idea is also a good exp for Writing task 2. I'll try it tomorrow and use your advise. thanks you for all things, Mr.Simon.

Hello Simon and all. I am a fan of your methods in terms of reading and writing. Having been inspired by your "keyword table" technique, I came up with an idea of learning collocations from reading passages.
Well, the idea is to master the skill of using vocabulary in academic contexts. The way students do this is that after practising, learning and creating a keyword table of a passage, they pick up some collocations from it.
Here is my sample collocation list from Cambridge 7, the 2nd passage of test#1.

1.Remote sources
2.An innovative layout of pipes
3.Population explosion
4.Artificial irrigation systems
5.People lack access to clean drinking water
6.Have adequate sanitation service
7.Free-flowing river
8.Reduce agricultural productivity
9.Environmental needs
10.Water-related illness
11.Rethinking their priorities for water use
12.Commercial output
13.Respecting ecological criteria

Here are my recommendations when creating this list so that one can avoid being overloaded and bored.

1. Pick up only the words you already know(the reason why is that we want to know academic usage of a word here, rather than learning a new one)
2. Set a word limit of 5/10 OR set a time limit of 5/10 min for each passage.

Dear Simon and learners, what are your thoughts on this?

Although you may think that the keyword table is really enough, there is still something to be said for this technique.

Thanks for considering.

Some people believe that unpaid community services should be a compulsory part of high school program. To what extent do u agree or disagree?

It is sometimes argued that high schools should include unpaid social services as a mandatory part of other study programs. I believe that students should participate in these services but it should not be compulsory program.
The students can learn an array of skills by taking part in community services. Firstly, they can develop their communication skills by sharing ideas with other people working in organization or charity. Secondly, they can utilize their time for serving community as well as studying, hence they will be able to manage time for different tasks. Finally, they learn how to co operate and work in a group that is essential part of future success. For instance, when someone teach the younger children to play sports, he/she behave them very politely and cooperatively in the team.

On the other hand, community services demand a lot of energy and time. The students have to spend their most of time in studying at school and doing homewok. They get tired and need a time for relaxation and enjoyment. If they will be forced to participate in social services, it will cause to pressurize their minds. Alsop these activities can deviate students mind away from education.

In my opinion, high school students should be encouraged to serve the community during vacations or any free time. So that they can learn life skills by involving themselves in community services without any greediness of money.

Sir please tellme that essay structure and use of firstly, secondly words is right or not.my test is on 1 march.

Hi simon,
just want to say a big thank you for the help and inspiration. Wrote my ielts today in London and waiting for my test report now. Writing task one was a diagram of layout for 1988 and a proposed one for 2015.
Task 2 was about how many people are spending without saving and you to give reasons why this so and if its a negative or positive situation.
Spesking part 2,, I was asked to talk about something special that I had to save money on my own to buy...

Hi Ad.

This is the sentence which Simon is talking about

If newspapers didn’t exist, I think the quality of news coverage would suffer because there would be fewer professional journalists.

Check about conditionals on the internet, there are several good sources to understand them. I attach an example.


Hi boburShox,

Just asking , are you an English tutor?


Hi boburShox,

I think that's a good idea - any habit that involves focusing on collocations is useful in my opinion. You could also try making your own sentences with those collocations.

Hi khoory,

In part, but this is not my choice of work.

Hi Simon,
Thanks for your comment. Making own sentences sounds quite good.

Thanks Juan.

Being PERSISTENT is perhaps the hardest thing to accomplish during IELTS preparation. Many students already know what to do to improve, but most of them don't do it regularly, or they simply do it in the very beginning.

Simon's website as well as other teachers are already giving all the tips you need, but you must put them in practice and follow/apply them on a regular basis (i.e., EVERY DAY!) if you want to improve your English skills in a short time.

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