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Thursday, January 16, 2014


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Thanks for Golden advises, Simon!


Thanks for this lovely essay. I just have 1 question in my mind, if we do not write conclusion on paragraph 1. Will we get exemption?


Hi simon
Is there any way for solving T,F,NOT , if did not find the answers
Also with multiple chooses please please help me I'm stock on it

Hi Simon,
Firstly thanks for your helpful website, then it is very difficult for me when I face a chart or graph which are classiefied by age group, I appreciate if you advice me.

Sir give me some suggestion

In listening test the answer of question is 'distortion' and i wrote 'degree of distortion'

and examiner asked WRITE ONLY ONE WORD
then its consider wrong?

and what if, the answer is "EFFECTS" and i wrote
"EFFECTS" then its also consider wrong?

Hi Simon,

Is it wrong if we create such stories in exam?

Dear Simon

Firstly, congratulation on an extremely helpful site.

May I ask why you advice it best to always use two paragraphs to write about the specific details of the charts?

In these charts is logical and natural but in other charts seems unnecessary to split the main information into two paragraphs.

Also, is there any reason why you write the summarise paragraph immediately after the introduction? Will I be penalised if I write it last?

Thank you very much



Addition to previously post:

If there are three pie charts is it wrong to be use one paragraph to compare the amounts in each years?

Thankyou very much for your time

this is one heck of a hard essay

May i know how many paragraphs we have to write in task 1 and task 2? What if there are 3 pie charts in task 1?
Please give me an advice ...

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