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Saturday, January 18, 2014


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" Think of your mistakes as a torch lighting up the path in front of you. They will show you what your weaknesses are, and what you need to work on. "

-Thanks, Simon, I'll always keep that in my mind!!!

Beautiful words! Thanks.

A very inspiring post! I like it. But the hardest thing in exam preparations is Sticking to the plan or time table! Personally I find it too tough!

Hi Simon,

I used keywords technique for reading test, and leave the 'which paragraph contains' section to the last. I've red all the instructions and suggestions on your block, for each components. And I've practiced 4 Cambridge exam books so far plus, other practice tests. Yet, I rarely get more than 34 correct answers in each test. I need to get 8 in individual component for point test system. I'm taking test continuously till I get 8, already enrolled. But I feel really lost, particularly for reading. And I'm working with an ielts teacher for writing. I do appreciate your suggestions, if you could suggest something. Thank you.

and, I forgot to say, I managed to get 8 (overall) on my last exam, with only 7 in writing. But that must have been luck, anyway.
Any suggestions would be so much appreciated.
thank you.

Hi Simon,
I took ielts(academic) today. I need 7 in each band. I started following your website since 8th January, it is very helpful but unfortunately I didn't have enough time to practice but still I managed to go through all the suggestions you posted from 2010. I also bought your ebook.
In today's exam 3rd reading passage was bit difficult(public view).
The task 1 question looked easy but when I came out and discussed with other people it was different from what i understood.The question was like this ' the chart gives information about spending on total health of 5 different countries in 2002'. The given data on the chart are private spending , public spending and total spending on health against the percentage GDP . Now I am confused is it public + private spend = total spending OR are they 3 different things to explain?.
Task 2 question is ' people can get credit cards easily. Leaving them in debts and causing stress.(I missed the wordings) Discuss the advantages of having credit card outweigh the disadvantages.
I am also interested to know about have you got any plans of taking one day training classes in London or surrounding areas (Essex) in near future.
Your website is much informative and helpful for all ielts takers specially who are preparing on their own. Thanks alot.

Hey Venkat. Had u taken ur test in london today ? Can you u share listening section answers ? In which center did u take?

Hey everybody,
Today (18.01.2014) I had my IELTS exam (Academic type) in Italy (Trieste). I remember it quite well. So here you go
1 about booking hot air baloon
2 about recreation on the island, places to visit
3 student talk about her preparation of presentation
4 about newspaper production process
1 drama in Great Britain (in different centuries)
2 a variety of parrots in Australia
3 taste and flavour, different researches
1 Bar chart compares health spending in 5 distinct countries in the year of 2005
2 Nowadays it is easy to apply for and be given a credit card. However, this may cause some problems, people may not be able to pay their debts back. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?
1 About town, why do I like to live in, which is advantages? Do I have plants at home? How do I look after them?
2 About website? Which is my favourite, why? Why do I enjoy it? So on
3 Do I agree that internet is the biggest achievement in 20th century? Can we trust any information that is posted in internet? How will people use internet in future?
I hope that this information will be useful for someone!
Thanks all

Hi Zoha ,
It was in Chelmsford , the answers are
Gary,125, 1800 , autumn , hat , stand,
Relax, sunset,friends .... in third secion next term, professor and last section .. Folded, jam, air, railway track.. That's all I recall

Hi venkat .. i gave the same exam in the uk ...
Unfortunately i put 3000 instead of 1800... and also put next semminar instead of next term :((

Hi everyone...
This is one of the most useful site I have ever come across while preparing for IELTS. I gave my paper today so I thought of sharing the speaking question...it was to speak for 1-2mins, on any positive experience u had as a teenager!! Later it was about the difference between the old age and young adults views about life basically about the generation gap!!

What a profound advice this is!

Hello Simon and everyone, I have been following this website for almost one month and I really find it helpful. I am planning to take the exam in latest two months, so I need a book to see my mistakes which illuminate my way through the best score in the exam :) I am thinking of buying the E-book but I am wondering whether I should support with an extra book or not and which book will be a good company with the Ebook. Pls give some tips.

Hi Sarah, 2nd part about positive experience as a teenager sounds quite difficult to me. If you don't mind plz can you tell me what you talked about

Hello,Venkat are you sure that there was Gary on 1 section?

and do you remember booked-online or not? Thanks in advance

Hi Mushfig,
Gary was the example s we also got online

Hi baggi...
I was confused for a second as to what to talk about positive teenage experience as I never came across this....but quickly thought of my science exhibition in 9th grade in which we made paper factory and won the first prize! I kept on talking about team work, teachers encouragement, responsibility etc etc.....I think speaking is all about your fluency and describing a true experience is much more easier than making up things!! I hope this helps...
Best of luck for your paper!!

‘Think of your mistakes as a torch lighting up the path in front of you. ’

I occasionally found this bolg and I believe it will definitely light up my path towards improvement as well O(∩_∩)O~

thank you~

Hi Sarah
I took the IELTS in 25, And my speaking questions was the similar what you took, but can you help me to remember the last question there is a word I did not understand. pleas.

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