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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


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Hi Simon, i followed all your post but i found no guide about "Cause and Effect" essays. For example:
"Many university graduates leave university facing uncertainty and unemployment. What are the causes and effects of this problem? Offer some solutions."
Should i just treat this like problems /solutions essay ?
Can you give me some ideas. Many thanks !!

Hi Bach,

Yes, I treat those as 'problem / solution' questions. The 'causes and effects' are the causes and effects of the problem.

Thanks a lot for your help, Simon.
so we have 2 paragraphs. One for "causes and effects", one for "solutions". Am i right ?

No problem Bach. Yes, that's what I'd do.

Hi simon are u accepting one on one tutorial? how much is your fee? thank you

It really helped me a lot! Keep up your good work.

Dear Simon,
thanks for your brilliant advices.

May I ask you another one?
I'm getting 6.5 in both writing tasks, but the problem is I'd like to get 7-7.5. What would it be your suggestion? Could you write a task 1 and 2 from 6.5 to 7.5 marked? Or with suggestions to improve it?

Thank you.

it is very useful for me ,thanks Simon.

dear simon,
i am new to your website and after navigating around the writing category, i have this idea.
With the two types of essay "to what extent do you agree or disagree" - argumentative essay and "discuss both views and state your opinion" - discussion essay, i see you follow the same pattern of organization like this (when you go balanced in Argumentative essay): 1. Introduction of two views and state yours,2. one view 3. another view (usually the view that you support)4. Conclusion.My question is: is my observation and understanding correct? is it possible to have the same organization for to different types of essay?
many thanks for your time

As Simon suggests, an introduction should be short and precise, with your opinion clearly stated. In other words, the introduction of an essay/report can help the reader know what to expect in the body paragraphs.


Hi Simon

I have a question. Which is one better to get my essay corrections? one is that native speakers who are not qualified in IELTS exam and the other is that teachers who are not native but IELTS examiner qualified?


To become an IELTS examiner if you are a non native speaker you need to achieve four 9s before you can even apply, so they are at native level.

I would say they are generally more effective giving you feedback than a native speaker who is not familiar with IELTS.

Be careful with getting feedback from non natives who are not at this level. It is very hard for them to accurately detect your errors or identify natural language such as collocations which are very important in the test.

Please give me comments for this essay.

Some people argue that old age people should take financial support from the government .While others believe that people should do something for themselves, rather than becoming encumbrance on the state. I refute this argument that senior citizen should not receive support from the state.
One reason for this as compared to government employees, who receive pension after retirement to the rest of their life, because they have worked for the government, as other people, who pay taxes regularly to the government during their working period. So they are also responsibility of the government, to give them returns at this stage.
In addition to this, people who are working in developing countries do not receive enough amount of money, which they can save for their retirement age. So again, it is state’s responsibility to help those, who are unable to do work because of infirmity.
Another reason is that, State not solely responsible for senior citizens, but NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) also have same responsibility, because they receive massive amount from developed countries for the benefit of aged people. These NGO’s only set up old age houses but do not provide them sufficient resources, due to this negligence; this money is mostly getting a victim of corruption.
To sum up, state must take proper steps for the future of aged people, because they do not have any support other than government. In my opinion, state must set up separate fund for the betterment for elder citizens, through which they can easily help to these people.

Dear Simon, Today, I got my IS result. Overall:6.0/L:6.0/R:6.0/W:4.5 and S:6.5. Even though I got the overall grade to attend university in Australia, I am not good enough at writing. I am planning to sit again in March. What should I suppose to do? Thanks.

Dear Simon, I have had my IELTS results today and I got 8 overall with 7,5 in writing..My writing has definitely improved a lot with your e-book and daily lessons on your website. Many thanks for your time and effort.

Hello sir,, give me some reading tips,, I am unable to expand my score in reading ???? and as well as speaking

Hi Simon
I know you don't have time to read each comments, anyway can anyone correct my essay. I impersonate heading from simon writing.

People have different views about whether or not government should support senior citizen. I completely disagree with the view that elderly people should not receive any support from the state.

Elderly people are the responsibility of the government as they are citizens of the country who contribute to the society and help to boost economic growth. If young people are paying tax to the government during their working life after that they deserve support from the state authority in the form of pension when they retire from their services. In addition, government should not leave old people starve to die, as this is the responsibility of the authority to look after senior citizens and provide them nursing, monetary and medical services in order to keep them financially independent and physically healthy.

In most of the countries, retire people eligible for pension according to their services and tax paid by them when they were working. On the other hand, young people should also have the habit of saving money for their old age. If the government will provide a pension benefit after their retirement, it may be possible that all young people will not bother about their old age financial urgency and spend money on trifling things which otherwise, can be avoided.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that government is responsible to compassion old age people and young people should also backing the authority as to contribute to pension and provident fund scheme which ultimately returned to them in a form of pension.

dear Simon
in the case of two views discussion essay
Do I need to make my point of view clear in the introduction or It's better to keep it in the body part.
please give me some advises.

People has different views, some say government should provide support to seniour citizens others say they must take care of themselves. I disagree with idea of getting help from state to older people.

dinon give feedback,fr tha intro..

Dear simon,

In questions like, to what extend do you agree or disagree. Do we have to take one side either agree or disagree, or we can say patial agree or disagree.
questions like discuss both the views, in this type, we have to explain both and give advantages and diadvantages...

plz give your comments guys, I am very confused.

Some people say older people should get support from state, others say they have to plan for their future. I disagree with the idea expressed, although I accept that we should save money for our future.

first of all, in many countries people are having well paid job, where in they get pension even after getting retired from their work, in that case people don't have to bother about their future. For instance, my father works for government,where he gets pension after retirement, as he served the state for almost of 40 years. Second of all, older people plays an important role for the economy of the country.

on other hand, in many developing countries people don't get pension, they get hardly any money to take care of themselves and family, in this situation government should help them by providing monthly expenses, where in they able to manage their medical expenses as well as food utilities.
in addition, i would like to say that, today i personally observed that, many senior citizens of our society don't get any help from state due to communication gap, what ever funds gets realased from government goes under corruption.
in conclusion, it is clear from the topic that older people should get help,from,state in all aspects, they are the prestige of our country.

Guys what can we write about this question..
television destroyed communication between family and friends?

share your ideas!!

Dear simon

I just wonder that model answer of writing in IELTS book (official examination paper)is equal to what band?

is this equal level to band9 ?

I would appreciate if you could gime me an answer.

Hi Simon,
I am practicing to link your ideas from your e-book. Should I state my position clearly if I write both views about animal testing? I wonder on how to drive a conclusion in this case!I do appreciate if you would comment ways to overcome! thank in advance

Dear simon! Is my introduction for this essay, is okey? Plz comment.

! Nowadays, people can work and study at home through the internet. However, the effects of long distance program can never be as good as face to face program. To what extent do you agree or disagree.?

for balanced!

different,people has different views. Although I accept that people work and study at home through internet, but I disagree with the idea that long distance programme never be as good as face to face education..

how to wirte one side strong opinion..?

Dear Simon,

Happy New Year!

I came across the following topic for writing task 2 of general training.

Some think fashion has become too important for young people that this has a negative impact on young people and society. To extent do you agree or disagree?

Unfortunately, my writing results did not appear to be good as expected. I am wondering where I made the mistakes. According to the topic, should I present the opinion on whether fashion has become too important to young people OR just focus on whether its impacts are negative or positive???

Thank you very much.

Modern children are suffering from the diseases that were once considered to be meant for adults only. Obesity is a major disease prevalent among children. What are its causes and what solutions can be offered?

Sample introduction: leave your comments

Today by the developments in Technology and changes in life styles, many disease which once just could affect adults can harm children too. A couple of causes bring about obesity, but its respective problems can be tackled by taking special actions by the states and individuals.

Dear Simon
Happy new year
Could you analyse difference between a both sides of "opinion" essay and a "dicuss both views and give opinion" essay?
everyone can help me?I'm confused by this.

dear Simon or please someone could please help me how too give balanced introduction and conclusion i m always getting stuck in balanced introduction please somebody could help me out
here is the question
Governments should not have to provide care or financial support for elderly people because it is the responsibility of each person to prepare for retirement and support him or herself.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?
for every penny saved every penny counts.most of us have a habit of saving so that when get retired from a job we could survive on that same income.Although most of the organization provide pension to its employees .Nevertheless , their are still substantial amount of people who are not fortunate to take benefit of this scheme.Consequently they have a very miserable life after job. Some people are of the opinion that no financial security should be provided to these elderly people .However in my perspective I partly agree with this view

Dear Mr. Simon.
I am Tri. I have just begun to learn IELTS for 2 months. and I'm so confused how to start, what i need to prepare, what i can do to improve my writing skill.
so I want you to show me efficient way to get high score in IELTS.
I am looking forward your response.


I'm afraid I no longer have time to answer everyone's questions individually. However, I do still read them all, and I try to use them as the basis for my lessons here on the site.

please help me Simon i m still stuck with the problem of balanced opinion i dont know exactly how to give

Hello Simon, could you comment on my essay? What do you think about it?

People have different views about whether or not governments should assist senior citizens. Although I accept that we all have a responsibility to save funds for retirement, I completely disagree with an idea that retired people should receive no support from the state.

Firstly, from my point of bitew it is a duty of every government to underpin its citizens. People pay obligatory money for retirement programmes to governments. In return they should get free medical assistance, personal care and guaranted pension after retirement. Since people are members of the society, they contribute to the country prosperity with their skills and talents, they should be rewarded for that. Additionally, people pay huge taxes to the governments, boosting the national economy and welfare. That is why I believe the governments should repay its contributors when they are no longer self-sufficient.

Secondly, to illustrate why governments should look for the health and welfare of its citizens, I would take civil servants as an example. In my country a significant percentage of the society work for the government, e.g. in the military services, police, legal courts, education sectror and national health services. Why those people should not be supportted by the government after they stop working? I assume they benefited the country and the society as a whole, therefore it would be understandable to remunerate for their services. The government is obliged to compensate for their effort and health that they put when working for the state. If otherwise, it would be called exploitation.

In conclusion, most governments force people to invest money to save for the retirement. That is the reason why people need to get all the support they require including financial when retired.

This has become a debating issue that whether or not government should support senior citizens. Although, this is a duty of elderly to save money for his retirement, I disagree with the idea that older persons should not receive any assistance from the authority.
There is no doubt that government passes through financial hardships due to diverse allocation of funds to the important sectors like health services, education, better infrastructure and creating opportunities. Apart from this, if government also have to provide financial support to older people then it might possible that some worse financial crisis could occur because this is not easy to allocate other big proportions of funds to senior citizens. In addition to it, this is a responsibility of individual to save money for his retirement, for example, there are various retirement insurance schemes that a person could join and during later stage of his disability, he can receive chunk of amount including high interest. This would also reduce burden on government and bring a good life for the elderly. Moreover, his family should also show interest to support him because during working life, he nurtures his family both financially and emotionally. Hence, this becomes a more responsibility of them than to seek government response.
However, sometimes, a person is not able to save money due to the fact that he supports his family and also pays tax. In such situation, this is not possible for him to do banking for himself. Apart from all, he pays tax to the system, so in his non-working stage, he has the authority to seek help from the government. Nevertheless, this should be intact to small amount of service than to wear whole expenses.
To recapitulate, this is often over-seen that government should engage actively and financially to each and every sector of the society. But the reality is that still there are sectors that could develop themselves or need just little support, financial assistance to elderly is one of these. Hence, senior citizens should be supported by themselves, family and in rare cases by government to have a good time during their disability stage of life.

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