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Wednesday, December 04, 2013


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this paragraph doesn't have the topic sentence.. is it possible to do that? i'm afraid my bandscore will go down because of this

Iwant to get more information about IELTS test and how ready myself and improve to get IELTS

Hi ducnghia,

There's no rule saying that each paragraph MUST have a topic sentence. However, if you usually write a topic sentence, it's a good habit, so keep doing it!

thank you so much, Simon..

I really liked the paragraph

When can I write a paragraph like this! T T

Hi Simon,

Do we need a final thought in the conclusion?

Local visitors should pay less than international visitors who visit cultural and historical attractions. I totally disagree.

These attractions are belonged to a mankind .International people have spent a considerable amount of money to be able to access these valuable places in terms of travelling accommodation and food. So it is irrational to put additional payment for these people. If we did so , the improvement and prosperity of tourist industry would be shaken.
It is going to raise a kind of racist and discriminative impact on these tourists when we treat them differently .In addition Some of them are students or pensioners and may could not be able to afford the tickets for all the tourist areas. So it better to be very flexible with these people and promoting them to access the attractive venues.
To conclude, it is essential to inspire international visitors by promoting them ,do not impose any extra financial burden to them. This lead to improve the image of the country and attract more visitors in long term.

Hi Simon,
I know it would be inappropriate to write a comment which isn't about this lesson, but I want to thank you so much for your helps through your website.
I took the IELTS test on the 21st of November; I just got the result yesterday and it was 7.5 overall. I was really happy about this grade :)
I've read all of your articles in Writing2 + Speaking during my studies, and I find them really useful. They provided me many new words as well as hints, tips, tricks... And I've improved my skills significantly.
Again, thank you so much :) :) :)

Hi, Simon
I have this essay question:
Some people think they have right to use as much fresh water as they want, others believe governments should tightly control the use of fresh water as it is limited. Discuss.

I think government should educate people in water resource conservation instead of settin limitation on water usage. But if I approach the essay this way, is it off-topic?
Could you please provide a basic stucture for this question, thank you.

Hi simon,

Thank you for such a useful website, it really have helped me a lot. I was wondering if it is possible to tell me which band score should be my essay that I wrote about that topic:

It is on debate whether the cost of cultural and historical attractions should be more expensive for abroad tourist than locals. In my opinion both groups should pay the same and in this essay I explain my reasons.

Firstly, if we put on the foreign tourist's point of view, he/she probably wouldn't be happy to pay more to see the history of a city which is supposed to be the interest of the city to be known. In other words, this person may have travelled from a very distant country to learn about the city's culture, so why its inhabitants would like to make it more difficult?

Maybe there are those that argument that foreign tourist usually litter on museums or historical places and, therefore, they should pay more in order to clean their mess. Moreover, some visitor may even don't respect historic monuments and litter just right there. However, this problem should be address in more effective ways. For example, the local council could create some advertisement about the importance of city' cultural heritage to make clear that it is not a dump. They also can hire people to clean or just fine the visitors with this kind of behavior.

From my point of view, local people should encourage to foreign visitors to get to know their culture and history. Being the case, they shouldn't advocate for rising the price of the entrance to museums or galleries. This is because it is in their own interest that more tourist go there and learn about their traditions. In that way, there would be more interested visitors, which also benefits the economy of that city.

Thank you!!

Hi Simon,
I have taken IELTS academic on 16th November. I got my results last week and my overall band was 7.5,Reading 8.0,writing 7.5,speaking 7.0 and listening 7.0. I was expecting >8.0 in listening , but I am not sure where I lost my marks. During my preparation I have gone through ur e-book, read all ur ideas for task2 writing. I would go through ur website everyday and learn new ideas, vocabulary etc etc. Thank u very much

To obtain a 7 or more in CC, each paragraph must have a 'clear central topic'. While native level writers can communicate a central topic well without a topic sentence, I strongly advise everyone at the 5 to 8 level to use simple, clear and short topic sentences. This directly communicates the topic to the examiner, and also reminds the candidate to focus on the topic.

Hassan - you do not need a 'final thought' in the conclusion, unless of course you have not reached 250 words. Just re-state your opinion.

Local visitors should pay less than international visitors who visit cultural and historical attractions.I am agree with your opinion.

Reason #1. Local visitor know how much he/she need to spent of special place visit. Local people can calculate accurately about the money.
Other hand International traveler's have no proper idea about that.

Reason #2. Local visitor always use economy class travel but International's are use everything's are luxurious.foreigner spent money to enjoy host counties culture and food.

In conclude foreign visitor spent money more than locals.

It is important for every human being to protect and respect local culture and tradition when visiting somewhere. Therefore, I completely disagree that foreigner tourists should pay more than local ones for cultural historical attractions.

Firstly, culture is belong to everyone no matter the person is a native or outsider.Everybody could learn and research culture by their willingness.Through this way, I believe historical civilization could be inherited and more creative.What's more, people from different areas could get deeper communication and better understanding with each other when they are able to provide knowledge.
Secondly, foreigner visitors could boost local economy due to large consumption on foods, souvenirs and accommodation,etc.as a result, local government should protect them instead of asking them to paying more. For native, they need to advocate the original of their historical heritage.
In conclusion, I suggest that local governments could raise money to protect historical heritages and bring in more visitors.

Dear Simon,
can we use personal experience's using vocab like I, Me and My...or we should use they or them....

I am taking the exam tomorrow, do you thing this will be the question of tomorrow exam?

I disagree with the idea that foriegn visitors shoul be charged more than that of local people. I beleive that justice should be present in dealing both local and foriegn visitors.

It is argued that the people who come from abroad to spend their holidays and leisure time in different countries, they should have to pay more money for enterainment to see cultural attraction . Because they might think that all attractions of any country is being subsidised by the govetnment so the local residants are paying already in terms of tax . However , it looks a shortsighted idea to me . It would be a form of prejudice and inequality to be treated like that by paying about double the amount of rates of local people. Furthermore , the visitors would get disappointed when they wil get to know that they have been cheated so they will definitly would not prefer to come again there .

Another reason for not to be charge higher prices from foriegn people becaise it will effects the economy of the country. As the tourism is one of the most important foundations of state 's economy . Travellers spend money on a wide range of goods and services , including food, souvenires , accomodation and travel . They playing a pivotal role in boosting up the economy.however , when they will have to pay more money might make them frustrated and it is more likely that they will most probably try to find another countries where the visitors are being treated fairly. we should leave the visitors with a positive impression so that they would be in willing to come again in future and also recommand others to visit such places .

I would reiterate that foreign visitors should be equally treated as local people in terms of fair charges.

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