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Thursday, December 05, 2013


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How can we write if there is two different
Graph given? For eg one is line & other is
Bar diagram? Do we have to write 2
Separate paragraph?OR just compare.
Could you help me please? Thank you sir.

Hi sana
From my point of view u hab to write 2 paragraph and it's good if u show the comparison of trend in ur paragraph .

sir you tell us to write 4 paragraph.what r the 4 paragraphs? introduction,overview, body paragraph and ? please tell me.

hi sir,

just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you and your site. the information and materials here has really helped me achieve my target score.The ebook I purchased helped me get a score of 8 on my writing, and an overall band of 7.With only 3 weeks of preparation I felt this is more than enough for a first timer! so, thank you simon!

Nice tips as usual, Simon!

To all students: the first 5 tips are well demonstrated on each model Task1 essay posted on this website. You should definitely read and analyze those essays carefully to learn what to do for a successful score!!!

Question for Martin and Simon

Do you always refer to Task 1 Academic as an 'essay' in the UK?

Here in Australia I don't know anyone, at IELTS or otherwise, who refers to it as an 'essay'. We call it a 'report' (the task usually says 'write a report') to distinguish it from Task 2.

I know that IELTS materials do refer to it sometimes as an 'essay' but here it's not common usage.

Hi Sana,

In that case I recommend describing them in 2 separate paragraphs. Look through my lessons and you'll find examples.


Hi Saleh,

Just look through my task 1 lessons and you'll see what my advice is.


Congratulations Joan. I'm really happy that my lessons and ebook helped!


Hi sjm,

Yes, you're right - 'report' is a better word for task 1. I'm just being lazy when I use the word 'essay'!

Hi sjm,

I guess I've also become lazy in using the word "essay"! "Report" is definitely the most suitable word for Task1. Thanks for pointing that out!


Thanks guys - was just curious.

Thank you simon sir:)

Hi Simon,
In your sixth suggestion you wrote ""task 2 is worth more marks". How many marks? What about task 1? Some peole say that task 1 accounts for the double of marks in task2. Is that true?

Hi simon,is it okay if u start with task 2 which is worth more and the u you finish with task 1?

In my ilets writing task1 i wrote completely opposite to the graph how much band wil be reduced?

i have question that can u give me some common sentces for easy writing which i can add in any easy but its not changed the meaning of easy and its empress the checker...please...i m waiting for yours answer thanks.

Muhammad Nauman

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