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Friday, December 20, 2013


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Dear Simon,
I have already posted the comments below. I'm really stuck in this problem! (apostrophes)
plz help me ..

Sometimes,I have doubt about using ( 's ) in my sentences. like :
*Video games affects students' grades ..
*Children's parents should help them in ....
*The impacts of technology on students' lives..
*cigarette has bad effects on people's health.
* ...negative impacts on schools' curriculum.
when It comes to plural or general cases, I become more hesitant to use it.

Dear Simon

Thankyou very much for your website , please i have question

I did IELTS exam three times in this year and it was three months between them . I have problem with speaking score i got the same score in all exams 5.5.
I always try to use different vocabulary and I focus to use correct tense, but I still the same score.

Could you advise me ?

Hi Simon
I just want to thank you for your great lessons in your site and your classes as well,finally i could managed to get a 7 in writing which was just like a dream for me!unfortunately i got 6.5 in speaking this time,a real pain in the neck!
Anyway,looking at the glass half full,now i know that getting 7 in writing is not impossible.
Thanks Simon and wish you a very lovely new year

i 've so many problem in speaking..i feel hassitation when i speak english..how can i improve ???

Dear sir,
I want to thank you from bottom of my heart.Today I got my results.L6.5,R6.0,W6.0,S7.0. now I can apply Ausralian TR.
thank you and GOD BLESS YOU

Dear All,

Here are my sample answers:

1. Yes, and I think walking is one of the easiest exercises. My wife and I really enjoy walking our dog to the park nearby our home every morning.

2. Definitely. Although walking doesn’t require much energy, I think it’s important to keep your body moving on a regular basis.

3. Yes, I think so. When walking in the countryside, one can breathe fresh air, expect some nice views, and things tend to be much quieter and relaxing than in the city.

4. Mmm… I would say that one can get the best walking experience when they do it during the weekend because that’s when things are not as chaotic as work days. On a Saturday or Sunday, the city is less crowded, there is less traffic, and one can enjoy the architecture as well as the variety of stores.


Dear Simon,

THANK YOU for another year of useful lessons! Students and teachers who follow your blog regularly can certainly learn lots of things from you!

I wish you a warm, peaceful holiday season and a rewarding new year!


Hello! I just received my IELTS results today and I did it. My first time for this exam and thanks to God I made it. :)

Listening: 8.5
Reading: 7.5
Writing: 7.0
Speaking: 7.5
Overall: 7.5

This site also helped me and I would commend Simon for creating a way to help those who needs assistance to pass this exam.

Just do your part, be confident and take time to do a lot of practice. I am sure you will all do well.

God bless! :)

Dear Simon,
I would like to know if we lose some adjective for answers in listening test,for example,in cambridge4 test2, section4, question 35 and 38, the answers are specialist knowledge and illegal profit,is it correct if we just write knowledge and profit.

Thank you.

Hi, Simon,
I appreciate you keep to post useful information on this site.
I've just read your Friday, March 02, 2012's post, and I found that "try to keep speaking until the examiner stops you" is difficult once I have mentioned all questions given. How can I continue to speak without getting off the questions? I know you're busy, and can't answer all comments from us, but If you find either it's interesting or useful for majority of visitors to this site, please give us a tip on this site.

And Hope you'll have a lovely Christmas

Hi Simon, thanks for the advice.
@Tatsu, "In describing an experience, we generally describe the context, then describe events and finally explain reasons...." It is from IELTS Express Intermediate (p 62). There you can also find some advice on how to add extra information about each question on the card.
Personally, I would spend much time on the last part, while describing my feelings about that topic.


Part 2 Speaking is NOT about answering questions, it's designed to give the examiner a long piece of language. Don't worry about going off-topic: there is no real penalty for this.

You need to get used to giving details. This will help you provide specific vocabulary, and help you speak for at least two minutes.


Thank you very much for your advice. Actually your strategy is quite similar to me. I mean, I also tend to use much time to mention the last question. Hopefully, we'll get good scores with this. Thank you for recommending useful book as well.


Thank you for your response. That sounds good to me!! I'll try not to think about less important things too much, and will focus on the point of the Exam you mentioned instead.

You two really help me thanks again.

Ha, these are the EXACT questions I was asked in the test on November 19 in China. Luckily, I got an 8 for Speaking. Thank you for your effort that helps the students.

Hi simon thanks for your guide The question that I faced on the 14 dec speaking part 1 is should student be given more homework , the most popular subject in your country,the subject that should not be taught

if any one wants to chat face to face for speaking test prep add my id on skype.(haxanks123)

Hi Cindy,

Did you use extra material to gain these high score because I need to get overall 7. I do not know what I can improve my English:(

1. Yes I really like walking especially in the morning. I always give a little of my time to walk together with my dog.

2.Walking is important for me, aside from the fact that it is a form of exercise, it is also one way of giving yourself a time off to work, socializing.

3. I prepare walking in the countryside than in the city, it is more safe and there are limited cars so less air pollution.

4. I think there should be more parks in the city with lots of plants to make it more encouraging to walk and to ensure safety. The side walks should be widen also.

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