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Monday, December 16, 2013


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thanxx simon

Dear Simon,
thanks for your brilliant advices.

May I ask you another one?
I'm getting 6.5 in both writing tasks, but the problem is I'd like to get 7-7.5. What would it be your suggestion? Could you write a task 1 and 2 from 6.5 to 7.5 marked? Or with suggestions to improve it?

Thank you.

Valuable vocabulary

Deae S.....
I want to get 9(out of 9), how could it possible.................in academic level.

Gracious to

Dear Simon
In reading we can not use our information to get the answer but in this case I think BANANA=TROPICAL FRUIT GROWS is our information
I have this problem in reading and make mistake as TRUE ,NOT GIVEN.
Yours sincerely

Iwould like to advice me about IELTS reading test,is it necessary to read the whole chapters?if it is not show me the way . please i wait your response. yours faith fully.

wanna do ielts.

Dear Mr.Simon,

I have a question about multiple choice question in reading. Is there any answer don't have correct grammar and we can ignore it?

Thank you for your useful website.

Best wishes,

Dear Simon ,I have taken IELTS three times before too and now i have no reading material to do practice as i have done with all cambridge ielts books. Even i have used internet resources too.Therefore,in this case what i do,how i do practice?
please please guide me.
i will be very thankful to you if you reply me.

I also wanted to know that would it be worth doing again all practice tests which we already done with ???

I am getting band 6 in reading while practicing. I want to get 7. What is your advice? I have 10 days for my exam.

same here man

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