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Tuesday, December 17, 2013


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there is, sometimes, a 5 seconds break between different contents, wen can find it around the 5th-6th blank, I always take a deep breath at that very moment.


My tip with this section how to tackle it is to peruse the questions in the very beginning of the listening section, while it is explained how to do, what to do and so force. It makes it easier to generate a general view of the sections to by reading the questiona quickly in thia way. When you reach that part you wont lose time reading the question.

I don't think the whole listening part is that difficult,you should be familiar with vocabulary,pronunciation and practice them ,you will get a 7+ easily.

Dear Simon ,I have taken IELTS three times before too and now i have no reading material to do practice as i have done with all cambridge ielts books. Even i have used internet resources too.Therefore,in this case what i do,how i do practice?
please please guide me.
i will be very thankful to you if you reply me.


Well noticed Sean! There is always a short break like that!


Hi Sonia,

I would just repeat the official Cambridge materials if I were you. Don't do them as tests - do them without a time limit, and study all of the 'keywords' for each answer.

Hi Sonia,

Instead of doing too much test, go and reread what you have read during these years, some may think that IELTS is simply a test and if you want to succeed you have to do tests as many as possible to achieve your goal, but what I have got is to read so many texts and then try to comprehend what do you read. I think the most successful IELTS takes those one who not only benefit from a variety of vocabularies but also those who understand the text. I guess those examiners who design tests try to design tests based on picking those candidates who already know how to use English efficiently not simply picking up some words and putting them on the paper or doing tests randomly while you do not what the text means.

Dear sir
To get 7 in academic reading. How many
answer should be correct out of 40?
I have read some website it says some 33,
32. I would like to know how many exactly.
Please let me know.thank you for this
Blog sir

@ Sana;
to get 7 you have to achieve 31,32 or 33 correct answers out of 40

I need someone who read my essay and show my mistakes.Are there anybody who have free time and want to read?Also i get 6 at writing but I need 6.5

Dear Sana,

Here you go


Just enter how many correct answers, then you will get band.


Thanks Abbas,raveen

simon thank you for your kind reply :)

Hi Sonia,

Although these are not official Cambridge materials, here you can find some interesting articles with short exercises to further improve your reading/listening skills:


I am not satisfied with this advice. Because, the fourth section can be the easiest section if questions require "one word only". I think with more practise , it is pretty simple to write e.g 8 or 9 out of 10,even 10 out of 10.
However, I think that section 2 and 3, especially 3 much more difficult than the section 4.

Dear Simon ,
I would like to ask you about the listening test, when exactly we can open the question paper? is it once the CD starts to tell the instruction or when the CD say (now look to section one)? and if the exam observer tell us the wrong one , can we complain against this?


Dear Simon,
First of all, I'd like to thank you for this extremely helpful resource.
I have a general question in the listening section. My handwriting is terrible and very often people are confused by it especially by my "s","r","w", etc. letters. Could you please advise me, whether it's possible to print all letters as capital (like the CAPSLOCK button on a computer) in order to avoid the examiner confusing and without reducing the mark?

Thank you!


Dear Simon

Hi, I just wonder about answering for listening. Even I bought a formal IELT text book (IELTS6), answer said "internet".
I think correct answer is "Internet". and also occupation usually start from capital letter such as , Engineer or Student. But answer said "engineer" despite of starting from capital letter in same sections. In like this capital letter problem, do you think I will lose a mark ? if someone who know the answer , please answer for me. thank you.

In my opinion, section four can be easiest for people who have a high level of English. one word for each blank and and words dug out are not difficult at all regardding spellings. In my case, I often get ten out of ten.
As for section three, it can be challenging and contains dialogues between two persons or more. if not careful enough, you will be easily confused and lose track of conversation. furthermore, quetions are flexible in this section,multiple choice and macthing and so on.

Hello simon,Iam having my exam in comming January11,2014 so i have a question for you...1>IN ielts listening i have written for eg:sound effect,and the answer is sound effects so does "s" will hamper my marks????its really important for me..plz tell me as soon as possible..my email.d is sujank016@gmail.com

Hi Simon,

I have got two questions.
1) Because IELTS is a test organised by Cambridge Uni, does that mean I should keep the spelling in British style? For example, center instead of centre, -ize instead of -ise (realize, realise)? Any point loose for Us style spelling?
2) As for the date, is that true all the following formats are correct?
14th March 2011
14 March 2011
March 14th 2011
March 14 2011

Thanks !


I have a question.How many answers should be correct in order to get a band 7,8,.. In listening?

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