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Saturday, December 21, 2013


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and what does the phrase "I'm not one for going..." mean? please would anyone mind explaining

Abbos I was just going to write something about it while you posted your question, so I got late for few minutes.

I think it's a way of describing something when we are not much into it & but we are not against it either. Then we go on to describe by using the word BUT ...that why we support or favor that Particular Thing or Idea this time . I hopeI didn' t make it look more complicated. May be Simon can help with that...

Thanks maha a lot .I understood

No problem Abbos.

Hi Simon, would you please elaborate the phrase " i' m not one for setting for mediocrity " , by giving some examples. I would appreciate it , Thank you.

I'm not one for ...
I always prefer to use I'm not into ...
tnx Simon for these wonderful lessons

I'm not one for: I am not so much for; is not big for. i am not much in favor of

1- I am not one for sales and marketing.
2- I am not one for gossiping.
3- I am not one for traveling overseas .
4. i am not one for funding for lending.
5. i am not one for high street take away markets.


Just to make sure: the phrase "I'm not one for" means "I don't really like something" or "I don't usually do something".

"settling for mediocrity" means "accepting anything less than the best"

Dear Simon,

is " i'm not THE one for" gives different meaning?

Hi Simon,

I think as we can use such phrases and idioms in our speaking and writing exams, it is good you use more in your comments or lessons put in daily. As what most we see in lessons is based on rough academic languages that may not attract students as well as in this language. However, I appreciate all your efforts during all these years.


I think its like "surely there could be someone else but its not me".. kind of ha?

I'm not one for experiencing the morose expression

study a lot, thanks Simon :)

hmm i think i should write ive studied a lot :D
anyway, thanks Simon :D

@pennie U could've written studied a lot

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