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Sunday, November 10, 2013


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hi Simon thank you a lot ,in this website I found a lot of materials that seem interesting to me. ... now I am writing 'task 1' essay and i am wondering whether this sentence is correct in terms of grammar : The U.S. was the leader of exporting and manufacturing with dramatically felling down to 22% in 1995 and rising up to 24 % in 2005.

Hi Simon, I took IELTS on 26/10 & the writing topic was quite confused

The rise in standard of living often seems to benefit the cities only.
What problems does this difference cause?
What can be done to improve the countryside?

So it is a problem/solution essay, not cause/solution essay?

Hi Simon,
I have the same test on the same day, and have the same question about it.

Hi Simon, I took the test 2 weeks ago, and here's my result:
Listening 8.5
Reading 9.0
Writing 7.5
Speaking 7.5
Overall 8.0
I just wanna say thank you for all of your useful lessons. I cannot say how grateful I am, I've learnt so much from those lessons. I hope you will keep up the good work!
Thank you once again.

Hi Simon,
I have got 2 questions and I would be really thankful if you could reply or explain these in any of your lessons please.1.For questions asking 'to what extent you agree'if I want to give a balanced sort of opinion,what will be the best way to make it clear in the intoduction.
2.Can you please explain something regarding the use of article'the'.I often tend to make mistake when using 'the'.(hope this time my question will get posted,as posting it second time)

Hi Thang,
Congrats. You have such a great score. I'm planning to take the test by Nov 30. Perhaps, I should seek some advices from you to be well-prepared.
Could you please let me have your contact?

Hi ausoek and Chao,

I would just treat this as a "2-part question". Just write one main paragraph about the first question, and one about the second.

I'll try to do a lesson about that question soon (maybe next week).


Congratulations Thang. Great scores! I'm glad my lessons helped.


Hi Maha,

Just write something like "I partly agree with this idea" or "while I accept that..., I also believe that..."

The use of articles is almost impossible to explain! Grammar books take pages and pages to explain the "rules", but these rules are difficult to remember and apply when you're trying to speak or write something. My advice is not to worry too much - your use of articles will improve gradually as you read, listen to, speak and write the language.

I am Grateful for your reply Simon !
Thanks a lot again.

Thank you so much for giving us in depth look at the IELTS exam. Of course thanks so much for giving effective IELTS exam tips!

Hi Simon,
is it ok if I use 'gonna' in my answers ? Thank you very much :)

Hi Simon
I need some advice how to improve reading speed
I mean read quickly and at the same to catch ideas of passages

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