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Wednesday, November 06, 2013


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Hi,that is a wonderful paragraph! In this article, whether I only write these three plans in one paragraph or divide them to three paragraphs?

Hi simon i wojkd like to ask wats the difference between "to what extent do you agree" and "do you agree or disagree"? Can i partial or balance my answer on do you agree or disagree?

Hi Jin,
I am sure both the questions are opinion based and it is asking for your opinion i.e either you agree or disasgree. And yes you can write a balanced answer for such ques. As Simon said you must make it clear in your introduction and conclusion. have a look at this link, it will certainly help you.

Good examples

Hi Rachel,

The central theme of the paragraph is "other factors", so you really need the 3 factors together.


Hi Jin,

I treat them as the same. You can give a balanced answer to both questions. By the way, it seems that they always write "To what extent..." in the exam anyway.

Great work

Hi all,
i have an ielts test within 2 weeks and I'm worrying about writing task2 very much. would u mind giving me some advices on how 2 do well in the test?
i tried 2 practice but the ideas didn't come 2 my mind that moment, and I'm afraid it will be like that in the test, help me please.
looking forward to ur reply

Thank you for this good example. This is a comprehensive paragraph but ıt looks like bit short. Dont we need to write longer answers?

Hi - m,
First of all please stop worrying and taking any tension about the exam plz.I would suggest that read more and more essays by Simon, really CAREFULLY,& if you have got Simon's e book that will give you plenty of ideas.And one more suggestion,plz focus more on familiar topics first.(a secret tip,be positive about yourself,and be assured that" you can do it".
Wish You Good Luck

Hi.. Simon. this writing task has two questions: some other factors should also be considered when measuring a country's success and our opinion to think one factor is more important than others. For IELTS test, should we answer both questions by writing them into two pragraphs? Thank you so much for your respond..

I had IELTS in New Zealand recently,
writing task 1 was a bar chart, writing task 2 was about university fees and who should pay students or government?
speaking questions?
- are you a patient person?
- do you live in house or apartment?
- which room is your favourite room?
talk about a rule that you had in your school, did you and other students agree or disagree with that
it was very bad because I made a mistake and thought it is ROLE.
and couldn't answer correctly my score became 6 for speaking.
after exam I found this website and it is really helpful, so I decided study this website and both simon's ebook, and take IELTS again, I need 7.5 and no band below 7.

့hello everybody...i wrote this essay with political approach,i would like to improve my writing skill,plz comment and make correction for my false.
with bunch of thanks to all.

During successive wave of globalization, economic development is just part of a country’s victory but not completely. The other crucial factors which may offer the perfect satisfaction for all citizens who live in that nation are the secured political system, standardized education and free from natural disasters.
It goes without saying that if the political rules are not stable and unfair, folk in that country can’t get peace of mind for doing other affairs. In my humble opinion, for trying to get the country’s success, presence of strong political asylum is the huge important fact.
I tend to shed light on the disadvantages that nationalism may encounter the petty or serious crimes day-and-night if there hasn’t any strict policy to mitigate the prevalence of criminal offences. The second disadvantage may lay down into the fact that internal wars can be leaded between different religions, with the citizens suffering from chaotic and frustrate emotions for their lives. Also while, the internal disturbance in own country will persuade to the social, aerial and biological warfare with the neighborhood countries.
From my political point of view, the statutory rights for offenders should be mentioned in public which can reduce the internal noises of the country .In addition, the greatest destructive weapons which may be the effective deterrents should be invented and backed up ready for security of citizens and country’s valuable treasures. If the security force of the government can guarantee the sufficient and granted satisfaction for well being living of citizens, they can motivate for their health, education, economy and other interpersonal skills with higher life expectancy more than ever before.
In a nutshell, according to the aforementioned factors, political security what is the pivotal part for each country’s progress can offer everything will be hunky-dory.

Hi Simon
I received my IELTS result today and fortunately I got the score I needed: Listening 7, Reading 7.5, Writing 7 (previous exam 6) & Speaking 7(previous exam 6.5).
I found your website very helpful and your comments helped me a lot to improve my capabilities especially in Writing including:
- How much time to be allocated to plan and how to plan efficiently
- What a good structure is
- The importance of task response and the way it can be covered
- Simple but without error essay against using complicated words and grammar
- How to write effective but short introduction and conclusion which helps to have more time left for body paragraphs
Many thanks for your generosity and knowledge sharing

Dear Simon,

I must say thank you for all of your effort in this blog. I had 5.5 in writing 4 months ago when I first took my test but now I got 7.5 and overall 8.0! Thank you again for your wonderful work and wish you have a early merry Christmas :)


Congratulations Hamid and Lee!

Hello Simon,
I would like to ask you about certain point not related to this topic. In writing should I leave a short space before the beginning of each paragraph in my essay or I can start writing directly like the style by which all essays are written here on this website?

thanks in advance.

Hello everybody,
Here is my essay for the topic:
Economic progress is often used to measure a country's success. some believe that other factors should also be considered. what other factors should be considered when measuring a country's success. do you think, one factor is more important than others.

There is no denying the fact that a country's far reaching advances can be directly measured by the economic progress it makes. However,there are various other factors that directly or indirectly contributes to the country's upliftment.

Knowledge or education is the main source of success in any field of life. An educated person can utilise his knowledge for the welfare of the nation. Hence, an increasing literacy rate should also be considered as a factor to measure country's success.
In addition to the Economic progress and Literacy rate, healthy living of people is an important aspect, as no country can attain success if the people living in it are diseased or unhealthy. Analysing the demographic records and active utilization of national programmes provides an estimate of the health condition of the citizens of the country. Reduction in crime rates, death rates, mortality and morbidity rates are some other factors that ensures the success rate of the country.
I strongly feel that all the above mentioned factors are inter related to each other and actively contribute to the growth of the country. Hence I conclude that a country's success rate depends not only on a single factor, but on various small aspects that should also be considered.

Hi Anu,
When are u planning to take IELTS.If you are interested in speaking practice on skype contact me at-anamika.khaitan,Manchester

Hi Anamika,
I am planning to take IELTS next month.but am really not sure if I am ready for it.:(

Economic progress is often used to measure a country's success. However, some people believe that other factors are more important. What other factors should also be considered when measuring a country's success? Do you think one factor is more important than others?

Relative success of any country is usually measured by its economy. Some people believe that there are other factors which can be considered to measure the prosperity of a country. In my opinion, education would be the most important of all other factors.


A developed education system, a good health care provision and a level of freedom of human rights are the factors which can be used to measure a country’s status. Firstly, a well equipped education system leads to a development of literate and numerate generation. People will be more civilized, well-behaved and well-mannered. Secondly, well prepared health care system will allow people to have more life expectancy. For instance, the average life expectancy in Japan is more than eighty percent. So it results into a low death rate due to chronic diseases. If the longevity rate is higher of any state, the government of this nation would be more resilient in terms of subsidizing the health care departments such as hospital and clinics etc.  Finally, level of human rights can also be taken into account. For instance, if a freedom of speech and a gender equality resides in any country, more chances would available for country to get flourished in its each department.


The most important factor of all above mentioned factors would be a well-known education system which certainly could be used to assess any country. It has immense effect on all other factors in a particular way. For example, a nation having access to a more reformed and well-planned education system tend to produce more doctors, engineers, and scientist.  Acquainted people tend to be healthier. Healthier nation leads to production of well trained workforce, which certainly contributes to prospectus of a country.  Established and most leading education system of a particular country would attract number of students from rest of the world to get higher education, which will have direct effect on a respective country’s economy. Furthermore, educated people will be more reluctant to crime. So the low crime rate will lead to a society with full of serenity as well as tranquility.


To sum up, there are number of factors effecting the well-being and fortunate of a country. But the most important is the education systemc

There is no doubt that country’s financial status determines its rank in the world. Nevertheless, it is argued that this is not the only factor to consider a success of a country due to the fact that other factors, like an improved infrastructure, stringent regulations, education system and health care services, are equally counterpart for the success of a nation. In this essay, I will contend this view in more detail and try to find factors over other.
Firstly, an infrastructure tends to show a face of a nation. For example, a country, that has high rise and strong building, better road structure and well preserved history and historical monuments, potentially sets an example of its richness and quality in front of whole world. Any country, that as a high banking but from inside it has poor infrastructure, would never be regarded a successful nation. Hence, somehow, this factor proves to be an important factor for a progressed community.
Secondly, rules, regulations, procedures and policies are equally necessary. These standards help to stop crime and increase organized movement in each and every sector of a society. For instance, strict rules in traffic would stop road accidents, regulation in education and health system would improve its social and economical status.
Thirdly, better education and new technological health service would help the society to live rich life. For example, if country’s education system has up to date, skilled and organized training methodologies then it would not only inspire local students but also attract foreign students to study in its schools and colleges. Hence it adds a major proportion of profit in its economy. Consequently, it also uplifts the status of country in front of whole world.
This is not an easy task to find importance of one aspect over other because each factor belongs to different categories of a successful country. For instance, just one factor from infrastructure, education, health services and regulation would never make strong pillars of a nation. I would potentially consider each factor individually to consider progress of a nation. Hence, I do have to admit that I failed to compare the importance of one factor over other.
To recapitulate, a successful and strong nation indulges and progress in a range of factors to come in successful nations categories. Here, described factors have equal importance that a prestigious and developed country should have.

Here are two main paragraphs I wrote within 60 min

I think education, public health care and individual rights can be considered to evaluate whether a country is successful or not. Firstly, education industry has significant impacts on the development of a country and a country with more civilized people tends to suffer less from social problems such as crime and illiteracy. Secondly, public health service is a controversial issue that people usually pay more attention to, compared to other factors. Indicators, such as average life expectancy and infant mortality rate, can be considered to measure the quality of medical services provided by the local government. Finally, human rights and levels of equality can be taken into account. For example, a country with severe social inequality problem, such as China, might be considered less successful than countries where national wealth tends to be more evenly distributed.

In my view, education gives more importance than other indicators as it has effects on the rests. Firstly, since most doctors and therapists usually have a relatively high education degree, the quality of public services can be affected by the level of education indirectly and invisibly. Secondly, it also affects the economy in the case that a better educated work force, which can be supplied by colleges and universities, would contribute more to the prosperity flourish of local business, industries as well as companies.

Hi Simon

I would like to ask when the above paragraph for each paragraph i didn't find any explain for the example you have been given. Such as 'A good education system is vital for the development of any nation, with schools, colleges and universities bearing the responsibility for the quality of future generations of workers.'... whereafter there is no supporting/ explain.

could you please help me with this thanks.

Kind regards

thanks Simon,

does this paragraph is suitable for an essay that starts with an introduction as follow:

It is commonly known that economy is a key factor for measuring a country,s status.Recent studies showed that education achievements,people,s health care should be firstly looked at because they crucially important place a country in higher position.

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