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Thursday, November 07, 2013


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HI simon,

In writing task2 , is it better to give real world examples or personal examples is also fine??

Dear Simon,

Thanks a lot! God bless you!!! Amen,Amen,Amen

Dear Simon!
I just got my test results and got an overall of 8 :-)
Listening: 9
Speaking: 8
Reading and Writing: 7.5

Before the test day I was looking forward to getting a higher score in Reading, but after the test I felt totally unsatisfied with my Reading Test. So, now, I’m happy!

Thanks a lot for all great free tips on your blog and your amazing e-book. Eight days before my exam date I started to panic because of my writing skill. I could not arrange my ideas in task 2. Sometimes I used to write some paragraphs without even a topic sentence. So, I felt like I had to do something! As I live in Iran and I could not buy your book (we do not have credit cards or such things due to imposed sanctions on Iranian banks) I asked my sister who lives abroad to buy me the book. So, within 24 hours I received four pdf files that worked like highly effective anti-anxiety drugs for me! Also I went through all task 1 lessons on your blog.

So, thanks a lot again:-)You are doing a great job:-)

Honey - the question says you can give either one. I think that real world examples sound more convincing (and can usually produce interesting vocabulary) but honestly both are fine. I often advise people to include one of each.

Thanku so much sjm.

one more doubt can we use "from the other hand" instead of "on the other hand".I have seen on one website..but I guess we shouldn't use. could any pls clarify?

Dear Simon,

Thank you so much.

Hi Simon and all

I got 7 in L and R 8 in S and 5.5 in writing and I need 6. I will have test next week would you please help me out with this 0.5 mark.

HI Everyone,
sorry im going off the topic. I have a test tomorrow and im confused with Listening part regarding dates. which is the correct format to write answer: 5 November OR, 5th November??
Thanks :)
Good luck to all !

All "November 5", "5 November" and "5th November" are acceptable.

Hi Simon,

I took the test on the 26 October, and I got:
Listening: 8.5
Reading: 7.5
Writing 7.5
Speaking: 8.0
Overall: 8.0

I just want to thank you for everything you did on this website.
My english teacher referred me to this website and it turned out to be tremendously helpful even though I just started studying a week before the test.
I hope other students could also learn from this because you will gain a lot for sure !!

Keep up the good work and good luck for those who are having the test in a near time :)

Hi jonathan ...
Could you share with us how did you prepare to get this score ?? Especially in writting .

Hi Simon,
I got overall 7.5 this time.
L 8 R 9 W 6 S 6
i learned a lot from your site, especially in writing skills. But still got only 6, which is quite upsetting. Anyway, I will go on practising and thank you very much.

hi simon

i would like to ask why should i do if the unit is too long? taking ielts 7 test 2 as an example, the unit is “grams per person per week”. it is so time-consuming and takes up too much word count, and it cannot be replaced with other synonmy, how can i write the essay without repeating them so much?

for cambridge ielts 7 test 3, the topic is related to the percentage change in average house prices in two periods (from 1990 to 1995, and between 1996 to 2002) in five cities compared with the average house prices in 1989. can i use “the first study period” and “ the second study period” to replace the wordings of “ between 1990 and 1995” and “ between 1996 and 2002) respectively? i find it quite annoying to repeat the long words in the question, but i do not know how to avoid it.

thank you so much for your help!!


hello Simon,
I'm a little bit confused about the technique of writing task 1 , some essays on several websites do not include the overview at the begining! on the other hand , what about final conclusion , is it necessary to make a conclusion at the end of the essay?
thanks for your time and consideration

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